Thursday, February 5, 2009

Get Paid To Complete Offers... Is it Possible?!?

Get paid to complete offers at The Cash Grab!

I know I talk about saving money all the time and that's basically what my blog is about... BUT wouldn't it be nice to make a little money too?!?

From now on, every Thursday I will have a NEW way for all of us to make some money!

There are quite a few programs out there that pay you to complete offers. I have made so much money over the years doing this and thought it would be great to show you how to do this too... and trust me its not that difficult.

My Favorite program that offers you cash to complete offers is The Cash Grab. The reason I like this program the best is...
  • They offer a $3 sign up bonus!
  • You can cash out your money as soon as it reaches $10. Most companies don't let you cash out that early.
  • Payments are sent out twice every month!
  • You can get your money sent via PayPal. It usually will be in your account the SAME day the payment is issued. You can also request to have a check sent to you too.

Alright, so before you get started there are a few steps you need to take:

  • First create a new email account. I use Yahoo and Google since they are both free. This email account will be used for all the offers you sign up for. That way your personal and business emails wont be filled with spam. I use a separate email account for freebies and samples too.

  • Next get a calendar, notebook or a sheet of paper out. This is the most important part. You will need to write down all the info for each of the offers you complete. From your account number and their customer service number to the date you need to cancel, so you wont be billed. You can usually print off the information you need as you complete different offers too.

  • Make sure you have a credit card to use. In my opinion this is the best way to go. You can always call your credit card company and dispute a charge if an offer accidentally bills you after you have canceled. This has only happened to me a few times and has been an easy fix. Most of the time I just call the company directly and they apologize and remove the charge.

  • Make sure you have Roboform. When signing up for numerous offers this makes it sooooo much easier and will save you sooooooo much time too! Roboform will automatically fill each form with just the click of your mouse. You can sign up for the free trial and you will never have to upgrade or pay anything out of pocket.

  • Alright... now all you need to do is set aside a couple hours to "work"! Follow my instructions below and that's it! Have fun!!!

Are you ready to start making money?!?

Sign up for The Cash Grab here. They will send you a confirmation email. Make sure you click on the link in their email to verify your account. Within a few minutes your FREE $3 bonus should show up. Don't you just love free money?!?

Alright, next you'll be able to start doing offers, so make sure you have your pen and paper ready. I always start with the biggest paying offers first and then work my way down. You will have to pay a little money out of pocket for some of these offers, but you will GET more money back in return!

Here are a few offers to get you started:

ShopDani-You will get $18 for completing this offer. You will be required to pay $9 for apiece of sterling jewelry and upon signing up you will start receiving shipments every 2 weeks after your introductory order arrives. Just make sure to CANCEL after your first piece of jewelry arrive-1-888-747-3254. After all is said and done you will have made $9 and snagged a FREE piece of sterling silver jewelry!

Work at Home Solutions-You will get $16 for this offer. Purchase their Auction Success Kit. Its free with a $1.97 shipping fee. Your kit will be sent in 3 to 5 business days. This offer includes a 14-Day Free Trial to the The bonus offer can be cancelled at anytime during the trial period By calling 800-931-3083. Once your kit arrives make sure to call the number and cancel, so you don't get billed for anything. You will have made $14.03 and gotten a FREE Auction Success Kit.

EZ Grant Source- You will get $16 for this offer. You will have to pay the initial shipping and processing charge of $3.95 which includes the Government Grant Kit as well as seven days worth of access to the online directories and training. After 7 days, you will automatically be charged $59.69 recurring monthly fee for the EZ Grant Source membership... SO you will NEED to cancel before the 7 days by calling this #866-631-1599 and then you will not be billed anything. You will end up making $12.05!

The Work At Home Solution-You will get $15 for this offer. Sign up for their kit and pay $1.97 shipping. This offer includes a 14-Day Free Trial to the website. After the 14-Day Free Trial period you will be billed $39.95 per month. Cancel within the 14 day trial period by calling this #800-931-3082. You will end up making $13!

Credit Check Total- You will get $13 for this. Order 3 Credit Reports and 3 scores free when you enroll in their free 7 day trial membership. Cancel your membership within the trial by calling 1-866-506-7894 and you will not be billed the $19.95 monthly fee. You will end up making $13 from this offer!

Pacific Coast Feather Company-You will get $17 for making a valid purchase. I purchased the Bais Pillow Protector-item #901 for $12.99 (I think this is the least expensive item). Shipping is $3.99, so your total purchase will be $16.98. After you get the $17 back you will have snagged a FREE Pillow Protector!

If you do the 6 offers listed above you will have made over $60 and snagged quite a few freebies! There are numerous other great offers to complete. These are just some ideas to get you started. Make sure you always read the fine print under the offer or click on Terms & conditions, so that you will know all the details before completing the offer. There are also quite a few free offers, where you wont need to use your credit card at all. If you stick with it and fill out a few offers everyday you will easily acquire FREE products and make a few hundred dollars too... possibly even more!


DESJ and Company said...

Have you done these offers? Does it really work/do they cancel when you call or does it become a huge headache?

Hip2Save said...

Ive done numerous offers from all different companies and they DO pay! I really have made quite a bit of money. It is like "work" and it does take some time to complete each offer. In my opinion, though, its well worth it!

When you call to cancel the trial offer 95% of the time they will be canceled. Out of the 100's of offers Ive completed I have only had about 3 charge me after canceling. It ended up being an easy fix, though. I just gave them a call and they were able to remove the charges pretty quickly.

The only part of the process that may give you a headache is when you call to cancel and they try to change your mind. I just firmly say over and over again NO cancel my membership. I also always ask for their name too, in case there are any problems.

Your Best Friend said...

I used to do something similar with MyPoints, but for points not actual cash. This is even better! I put my cancellation info, phone number, account number etc on my calendar (I use Yahoo!)a few days before the actual date it should be cancelled. This way I don't forget.

Anonymous said...

I went to try one of the offers you listed and when I got to the page to put in my credit card number I noticed that it was not a secure page. I am just wondering if you have any concerns about identity theft since the site asking for credit card information is not a secure site.

Hip2Save said...

If you dont mind me asking, which offer is it?

Also if you are ever worried about a secure checkout, a lot of credit card companies now offer virtual numbers. A virtual number basically means a one time use number that can be used instead of your "real" credit card number.

Your Best Friend said...

How often are the offers updated?

Hip2Save said...

It seems like they update the offers on a weekly basis, but it really just depends.

Some of the really great offers go super fast. You will notice when you click on some of them that they are already unavailable.

Anonymous said...

It was the work at home solution. I just chose one that you listed at random. I went through and when I got to the check-out page to pay the $1.97 I was a little hesitant as it was not a secure server.

I did not know about the virtual card number...I will check into that. Thanks for the information.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm just wondering how long you can keep doing these? Is there a point where you run out of offers (I assume they will only let you do a free trial once)? Are some of these offers the same as in the bigger $500 gift card type of on-line offers, so if I did these smaller ones to test the waters, would I eliminate my ability to try for bigger offers down the road? This seems like a great way to get started in on-line offers so I'm excited to try the free & minimal OOP offers first. Thanks!

Hip2Save said...


Yes, you are right. Some of the offers you complete will be the same as on other sites, so if you do them you probably will not be able to do them again, although, it does depend on the offer.

If you already have in mind a $500 type offer you want to complete, then you can actually go to their site and before you enter even your email you should be able to scroll down to the bottom and see all their offers. Usually they will have categories to click on (gold, silver). Then just click on the category and it will bring up all the offers that are available to choose from. Then you will be able to see what offers you would like to do and what offers you have already completed.

a busy mom getting through life said...

When you sign up for these offers do you have to use the same email as you used to sign up for cash grab?

Hip2Save said...

Yes, you can use a different email account. The way they credit your account is by you clicking through the link they provide to the companies website; so the email address you provide, if different, should work fine.

a busy mom getting through life said...

Good morning, I did this one(ShopDani) over the weekend right before the power went off from the snow( glad to have the power back on), but I have a email saying item being mailed.

Thanks for the tips that you give!

What do you do if you can't find a phone number to cancel one of them with?

Hip2Save said...

I've never had a problem finding a phone number. I guess if you really can't seem to find the phone number the next option would be to email them. Are you having problems finding a phone number on one of them?

Chris said...

I'm really thinking about starting to do some of these offers but I am scared of the cancellation part. If I could get over my fear of the cancellation part this would be awesome to do. I guess I feel that I am not holding my end of the bargain knowing I am not going to keep the product and I few guilty about getting the gift cards and not staying with them. Maybe after I do a few cancellations I will start feeling more comfortable on them and get over it. Did you have any of those issues when you started and how did you get over it if you did? Also I was wanting to do three or four of them. So want is your best strategy knowing that you are going to do many of them? Do one at a time and wait till it is over and start a new one or do you think it is ok to do a few at a time? One more question and I will be done I promise:) You probably have been doing this for a while now so do you have trouble finding deals to do now since you have done quite a few?

Hip2Save said...

Hi Chris,

In my opinion the companies that advertise this way KNOW full well that there will be people like us taking advantage of the offers for the money or other incentive. Since they are choosing to market themselves this way, then well, I don't really feel bad. I also do give the trial offers a chance... of course most of the time I cancel. Occassional, though, I find one I like (Netflix) and keep it. To answer your question, no I don't feel guilty. I feel I'm doing exactly what their asking me to do, which is try out their offer while getting paid. If I cancel that's my choice and I don't feel bad about it.

When you're starting out I would not do more then 3 at a time. Sometimes it's overwhelming when you do too many at once. Just stay organized and you'll be fine.

I did a ton of deals last year and made quite a bit of money. I have since slowed down a bit. There are still various offers I could do at this point, but I just have been focusing more on this blog.

a busy mom getting through life said...

thank you first of all, I have 21.00 showing in my acct. The jewerly I guess will be here anytime.
I click on some of the ones you listed and I get a blank page, does that mean it is done?

Hip2Save said...

Yes, it means that the offer has ended.

a busy mom getting through life said...


a busy mom getting through life said...

I called today to cancel with shopdani and got a voice mail each time I called. I left my name, mailing address and email then I ask ask for a confirmation number if possible send to my email.
Did you get a voice mail when you called to cancel?

Hip2Save said...

When I called I spoke with a real person (this was a little while back). I would just keep trying until you're able to speak with someone.

a busy mom getting through life said...

hi, I tried to call this number and had no luck(1-888-747-3254).
Then I called this number same number but instead of 3254 it is 3264.
I right got through.
I don't know why but it did and I talked a super nice lady and I have email confirmation of canceling the acct.
Thanks for walking me through this.

Hip2Save said...

Oh great!
I'm glad you were able to talk to someone!:)

dymphna said...

just signed up today cant wait to get started

Jennifer said...

Do you set up a seperate paypal account for payment? I'm always worried about giving the paypal account out to people.

Thanks for the great tips! I'm new to your blog and have been reading past items. :)

Hip2Save said...

Paypal is very secure, so I don't have a seperate account. You could set up a seperate account, though. Whatever makes you feel comfortable!:)

LibraryDiva said...

Do we need to keep some kind of record of the payouts for tax purposes? Just curious since this is the time of year for such things. Thanks for letting us know about such a great site!

Hip2Save said...

Yes, I would go ahead and keep a record of all your payments. I have a filing box dedicated to all these kinds of offers with a copy of all the payment receipts I've received.

Anonymous said...

I just signed up and so far this is my experience. Two offers paid fantastically. One offer, Magazine Burst, which was supposed to be $27 for 5 magazines which I could cancel, charged my credit card $86.94. The terms and conditions did say there would be "small handling fee" per magazine but that is quite a big difference. I found out because my Visa card called me wondering if I authorized the various charges I incurred last night. I had to explain I was keeping records and knew what I ordered. We reviewed each charge and this was the only one that was way off. Just to let you know. I'm wondering if I should tell Cash Grab. On a positive note, I called customer service and they very politely immediately refunded the charge. I didn't even ask. All I did was inquire about why the charge was so much and he said he would cancel the order without my even asking. I received a confirmation email immediately. C'est la vie.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to post a follow-up.

It all worked out great. Magazine Burst immediately processed a refund and appologized without question and no sales pitch. I still earned $12 with Cash Grab for this offer. In combination, I've earned $34.55 on my first try with Cash Grab and time involved was only a few minutes. And yes, the money was deposited into my PayPal account. It was very quick and easy cash!

I've cashed out $22 so far with $12.55 still earned. The next pay out is April 10th. Perhaps I shuld try it a few minutes again this weekend!

Thanks for posting this Hip2Save!

Mary Beth said...

This sounds really interesting & I've just put in for my first offer. Thanks for the info!

Just one question: in your experience, how long does it usually take for an offer to go from pending to paid. I did a medical billing course (there weren't a lot to choose from -- it was that or alcohol recovery!) and it only has a 7 day trial period.

Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Cool-gotta try this site!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hip,

Just one question. I was wondering, in your opinion, how long does it usually take these to post on your account.

I did Usenext (or something to that account) and My day to cancel is in like 3 days. It, as well as my other two( Psychic Spell, Passion Search), still have not posted. It's been a few weeks. I contacted the CashGrab about the charges and they did credit me for Usenext just to ease my mind, altough they state they haven't been credited yet.

Also, was wondering if you've ever done free ones and they end up charging you anyway. This one above(Usenext), I thought was free but they've charged my CC $4.95.

If I cancel at the end of my trial, will I still get credit? Kinda worried.


Anonymous said...

I did the SHopDani and ordered a necklace on 8/02/09 and I recieved three packages on 8/11/09 that is when I discovered they charged me $9.00 for the necklace on 8/02 and then charged me $68.00 for a new necklace every two days 8/04, 8/06, 8/08,8/10 for a total of $272.00, plus the orginial $9.00 for the first necklace that was NEVER sent, I had to call the company who agreed to take the charges off and call my credit card company,who when theysaw all these charges cancelled and gave me a new card. now i a filling out paper work like crazy for the fraud investigation. BEWARE of this company.

Anonymous said...

DO NOT DO THE SHOPDANI.COM, THEY ARE A RIPOFF. I had the same thing happen to me that happen to the other poster. I received two packages the next day after my first package came and my card was charged $136.00. That was in May, and I am still fighting to get my money back. I have to file all this paperwork with my credit card company. I sent the packages back in May and they keep sending stuff to my credit card company saying that I never sent the packages back. I even have a Fedex tracking report and a Proof of delivery. PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T DO THIS OFFER. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN WITH IT.