Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walgreens: FREE Crest + $5 Moneymaker!

Another great Walgreens Deal:

Breeze 2 and Contour Meters are on sale for $14.99 at Walgreens this week. When you purchase one you'll get a coupon for a FREE Crest Pro-Health (6 oz.) toothpaste. Of course that deal by itself isn't so sweet, so here's how to make it that much sweeter:

This will require s few transactions, but you can do them over the course of this week or just purchase them at a few different Walgreens.

Transaction #1:
Purchase 1 Breeze 2 or Contour Meter for $14.99
Use the $30 coupon from the 6/1 or 3/16SS (These expire today!) or you can use the $30 coupon from the 2/1 or 10/26RP
This coupon will be adjusted down to $14.99
Pay nothing... but tax!
After your purchase a coupon will pop out for a FREE Crest Pro-Health (up to $5) courtesy of Bayer for the meter you purchased.

Do 3 more transactions (just like the one above).

Transaction #4:
Purchase 4 Crest Pro-Health toothpastes-6 oz.
Use 4 FREE coupons that you earned above
Pay nothing... but tax!

Then you'll be able to submit for the $5 EasySaver rebate #5!

Final cost for all the above (besides tax) FREE + a $5 moneymaker! YAY!

**Remember free clinics and senior centers LOVE donations, so if your not going to use your meters, definitely think about donating them!

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Lubby25 said...

What do you do when the store says they won't mark coupons down to the sale amount? I was at Walgreens yesterday with a $4 coupon for an item on sale for $3.99 and they refused to change the coupon to $3.99.

Hip2Save said...

Yes, that has happened to me in the past. I usually have corporates number programmed in my phone and I will call them if I have any issues.

The Bayer Meter $30 coupons, though, are a little different. When they're scanned they will usually beep for the cashier to enter the price. Bayer knows that some of their products will end up being under $30, so they code their coupons that way. When the cashier scans the coupon I let her know that she'll need to enter the price of $14.99. As of yet, I have not had any issues using the Bayer coupons.

Anonymous said...

"After tax" is the key. Where I live the tax for all of those items makes it only a 50 cent money maker. But you still get the tooth paste and monitors for free!

ThriftyPuppy said...

It's not a moneymaker for me either after tax. If only I needed more toothpaste... NOT!!! I still have over 30 in my stockpile. :-)

I like to use those coupons as "fillers" at CVS when the meters are on sale (free) because they help me get to $30 when I have a $5 off $30 coupon.

Anonymous said...

For it to be a "money-maker", you would need to have more than one Breeze2/Contour coupon, correct? I only have the one that expires 9/09. Should I use it now, or hang on to it for a better deal?

Party Plannin Momma said...

Soy Joy Bars are on sale 2/$1 if you take the B1G1 coupons and the $2 off 10 bars you can get an AWESOME deal! I got 42 bars (which are pretty dang good btw) and they came up to $0.05 each! There were several boxes a one of my local wWlgreen's so it should be pretty easy to get these before Saturday when the sale ends :D

Hip2Save said...

There will probably be more Breeze Monitor coupons available again in the coming weeks.

If I were you I'd probably use it. You'll still get the monitor and a tube of toothpaste free... not bad!

Unknown said...

Question ... what do I do if I have bought the monitors but no coupons for free toothpaste were printed? It had been a long day and I had a couple other transactions to do using RR's and such so I wasn't on top of the game. I did buy each monitor separately but didn't get anything besides a receipt :) Since it wasn't "advertised" I didn't know how I would show that I was supposed to get a coupon for toothpaste. Is there anything I can do now after the fact? Thanks!!

Hip2Save said...


That's so strange. I wonder if their Catalina machine was broken or out of paper. Go ahead and call the Catalina company with your receipts in hand (1-888-8COUPON). Let them know what happened and they should be able to mail you out the toothpaste coupons. The only downside is that it may take a couple weeks to receive them.

Rhonda said...

Thanks! I went and got one today. It wasn't a moneymaker for me, but I was able to help someone out and all I had to do was pay the tax. Oh, and I got free toothpaste:-) And, I made friends with the cosmetic counter lady<--the best part of the deal.


Anonymous said...

I bought seven meter machines, paid no tax, and received 7 coupons for $38 worth of free toothpaste.I later went to another Walgreens and picked them up and paid nothing. Not bad at all.

thanks for the info :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know if I will be able to use the receipts from my free crest to get the easy rebates for this month?