Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Walgreens Pharmacy Coupon Booklet is Back!

Tired of hearing about all these fabulous Walgreens deals?
If so, I'm sorry to say that I've got a couple more!:)

Remember the Walgreens Pharmacy coupon booklet from last year?... and all the FREE diapers we were able to score? I've got good news, wait, actually GREAT news! The Pharmacy coupon booklet is BACK and has another $2 Walgreens brand diaper coupon inside! The coupons in the booklet are valid through 6/30/09!

(Thanks, Judy for letting me know about this great find!)

How do you get the coupon booklet?
You will need to head on over to the pharmacy and ask for a $50 Walgreen's saving booklet. It is a red booklet (similar to the previous booklet). These are FREE to anyone that asks about the new prescription savings plan. You don't have to purchase anything.....just ask about it to get the booklet. The coupons in the booklet are similar to any other Walgreens coupons. They will only need to be scanned once and will still deduct the amount off each qualifying item purchased. If your not familiar with Walgreen's this is how most of their store coupons work. For example, if you buy 8 packages of diapers, and have one $2/1 Walgreens store coupon, then the coupon will end up deducting $16 off your total. Also keep in mind that since these are Walgreen's store coupons they don't have to take them from you after their used (just like the EasySaver coupons).

You can score an awesome deal this week on diapers... that is of course if you can get a hold of the Pharmacy Coupon Booklet!

Deal Scenario:
Walgreens diapers are on sale 2 for $9 this week
Buy 2 packages=$9
Use one $2 Pharmacy coupon
(will deduct $4)
Final cost ONLY $2.50 per package!

**Here is one more clearance find:
The Vaseline healthy hands & nails conditioning (3.1 oz) retails for $2.99, but has been reported by a few of my readers on clearance for ONLY $1.61! The best part is this works with the Vaseline Register Reward deal.

Deal Scenario:
Purchase the Vaseline Healthy Hands & Nail Conditioning (3.1 oz) $1.79
Use the $1.25 coupon from the 3/1RP
Pay .54
Get a $2RR
Final cost FREE plus a $1.46 moneymaker!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reporting this! I have REALLY missed that diaper coupon since it expired at the end of the year. I wondered if there would be another released... YAY!

Anonymous said...

Another cleareance find I saw in a couple Walgreen's was the Cureal Life Stages Lotion. It is on clearance for 3.49, and there is a $2 off in the Easy Saver and $1 manf from a few weeks back. Ending up with a big bottle of lotion for 50 cents.

Anonymous said...

where can i find the pharmacy book i have a new great granddaughter born 2/17/09 and i would love to stock her up with diapers i can use any baby coupons as of right now her mom is on unemployment ty gerri flint 28 wyman st stoughton,mass 02072 if u have any bay cpns to let go

Hip2Save said...

Hi Gerri,

You can find the Pharmacy coupon booklet at the pharmacy counter. You'll have to ask the pharmacist for one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this great deal! I have two kids in diapers (one is a newborn) and I can use all the cheap diapers I can get. I just hit up two walgreens and was able to get 15 packs! Thanks again:o)

Anonymous said...

i couldnt find the diaper coupon and i asked the cashier and she said she didnt know of one

Ling said...

I got one from my Walgreens pharmacy, but there's no diaper coupon in it.

Hip2Save said...

I've heard rumors that there may be 2 coupon booklets available and one doesn't have the diaper coupon in it. Do your coupons all expire on 6/30/09. If not, then you have a different booklet then the one I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

My hubby went on a mission looking for the coupons last night after our kiddos were in bed. He hit three Walgreens and they all had the same book. The coupons in this $50 book end 3/31, so unfortunately the 6/30 has not come out in our area yet. I will certainly be looking for it.

WiJoyMom said...

Today when I talked with the pharmacy gal, I found out they had 2 coupon books (one ending March 31st/no diaper coupon and the other ends in June/has diaper coupon!). They had the June one somewhere else, she had to ask for it (I got mine, I'm in WI). They were trying to keep them in 2 different places (less confusing for the staff) so, that at the end of March...they would throw out the expired ones.

I also asked the store manager when I purchase the diapers, will I be able to keep the coupon & use it again? He didn't know but went to check...and came back & told me 'no'.

Anonymous said...

I asked for the coupon book at the pharmacy yesterday and the cashier had NO IDEA what I was talking about! They had no coupon books. I was so disappointed! Is anyone willing to obtain a book for me and send it to me? I will certainly pay for it and would really appreciate it! I am in PA and we have two Walgreens stores - neither of which has received these books. Thanks, Michele

Hip2Save said...

It will depend on your cashier if they let you keep the diaper coupon... some won't, some will.

What I do is NOT cut out the coupon. Instead I open up the booklet (just like I would the EasySaver catalog) and have them scan it like that. For me that alwasy helps.

Anonymous said...

I grabbed booklets at my Wags yesterday (they were right on the counter) looking at them now, they ALL expired 12/31/08! Ugghh!

Anonymous said...

I asked about this booklet at my walgreens and the pharmacist told me I needed to purchase a prescription for $10 or more to get the book. Is this right?

Hip2Save said...

No, that is totally wrong. These are FREE to anyone that asks about the new prescription savings plan. You don't have to purchase anything at all. They even state that when their advertising the booklet! I would call and speak to a manager about this. The pharmacist should have given you one.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem...I asked about the plan and then asked about the book and they said that I had to purchase the prescription plane :(

Anonymous said...

I also cannot find the coupon book walgreens has never heard of! I would love to use my huggies rr to load up on some diapers this week so if anyone has a spare I would be willing to pay for it so please email me @ Thank you! Love this site helped me score tons of freebies so far!

Tracee said...

I live in ohio and I went to the pharmacy to get the coupon book.They said they never heard of such thing.

Anonymous said...

The pharmacy coupon for the WAG diapers is off the regular price and has a limit of one. They can not be used on 2/$9 sales!

Hip2Save said...

I disagree and think this is a grey area. Yes, the coupon does state limit of one, but so do the EasySaver coupons.

Do people follow the limits on the EasySaver coupon?
NOT usually

Does Walgreens enforce the limits?
NOT usually

Anonymous said...

So why do you think they are getting rid of the Easy Saver program?
You told me that if I didn't like your site to quit reading it. I use coupons and I also like to know about the deals but I follow the rules and I use coupons the way that they are meant to be used. I've personally been a witness to customers that hassle cashiers for one reason or another and it always is because of coupons. They are just doing their job. Corporate is getting stricter on how coupons are to be received. My store has been told that the pharmacy diapers are not for sale diapers. And as far as getting more than one coupon flyer, it is one per person when they inquire about the prescription plan. Those coupons are to be kept, the cashier is not to return it to the customer after it has been used. Whether the stores you shop at follow the rules or not is not up to me. I just posted a comment about the correct usage of that coupon. The cost on those diapers are roughly 3.00 a pack so why would any store allow the use of that coupon that on a sale item when they end up losing money. Just as consumers are cutting corners and looking for ways to save, walgreens is doing the same thing. Assistant manager's hours were cut along with other employees hours.
And it will get worse as time goes by.

trash2cash4u said...

I'd love to know if anyone finds a new pharmacy coupon booklet since the exp of the old one was 6/30!