Monday, April 6, 2009

Printable Coupons: All Small & Mighty, Fiber One

WOW! Another high value coupon:
Save $2 on ALL Small & Mighty Laundry detergent
Coupon available TODAY only-Print now and save for a sale!
(Thanks, Laurie!)

Other new coupons:
Save $1 on Fiber One Complete Pancake Mix-IE or Firefox
Save $1 on Fiber One Box Muffin Mix-IE or Firefox


The Deal Fanatic said...

Hi there, I got your Detergent coupon link through Coupon Chic. Thanks for the great post, it's so hard to find good Detergent coupons.

Party Plannin Momma said...

If you read the small print at 11pm the coupon goes to $1 instead of $2...I got my $2 ones though! YAY! If people still have the $5 off Bolt coupons this week they are on sale at Target for $13.99 so you would get it for $8.99 then use the MIR and only end up paying $4.99, too bad I used mine last