Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Target: Always Infinity Pads Gift Card Deal!

Wow! Target has had some awesome deals this week and here is yet another one! Purchase two packages of Always Infinity pads (28-36 ct) on sale for $8.99 and get a $5 Target gift card. Pair with the $4 coupons from the 5/3PG to get these for only $2.49 each!

Deal Scenario:
Purchase 2 package of Always Infinity Pads (28-36 ct) $8.99 each=$17.98
Use two $4 coupons from the 5/3PG
Pay $9.98
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost ONLY $2.49 each!

**This gift card deal runs thru 5/18!

(Thanks, Maria!)

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Anonymous said...

Our Target has the deal but it is buy 2 Always pads and get a $5 GC back. They are still super cheap but not free.

Anonymous said...

Sweet deal!! And these are the good ones!

Anonymous said...

no listed in my ad :(

Anonymous said...

not in mine either- are we sure you get the gift card with only1 purchased? thanks

Lowry517 said...

They are not in my ad here in east TX. Is it buy 1 or 2??

Anonymous said...

It's definitely purchase 2 boxes instead of one to get the $5 GC. Works out to be about $4.98 after GC & two $4/1 coupons.

Anonymous said...

They are not in the ad- but are advertised in the store with the product. It is buy 2- not buy 1.

Hip2Save said...

One of my readers emailed me this and said she received the $5 gift card when purchasing one, but after researching this deal it does look like you actually have to purchase 2.


I will go ahead and update the post with this info. Sorry about that.

A Thrifty Mom said...

I was happy to offer you a blog award on my site...here is th link to check it out

Anonymous said...

This is probably a stupid question, but I don't usually shop at Target..but looks like I should lol :).

When it says you get a $5 GC when you purchase a item, does the cashier just pull out a card and hand it to you? Or do you have to grab a gift card for her to load?

Hip2Save said...

It's actually pretty easy.

For example, if you were to do the deal posted above, then you would bring up your 2 Always infinity packages. Once the cashier scans the 2nd package it will prompt her to give you a $5 gift card. She will take a gift card and scan it then hand it to you! That's it!:)

Decker said...

I got this deal last month with the $3 off coupons. Now with $4 off coupon, it is even better. Btw, our target has the"buy 2 get $5 GC" tag.

Look out for the bonus package!!


AClockPhotography said...

This did not work for me! :( Any ideas why? I bought two of the 32 count packages one had bonus and did not recieve a gift card.

Kalee said...

Didn't work for me either. Any ideas why?

BTW-Customer service at the Layton Utah Target is less then desirable.

Katie said...

Didn't work for me, not in the ad or advertised in the store. bummer!

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me either. I did not get a card so I went back in to customer service, we looked through the printed add and it wasn't listed so I went to see if there was a sign by the product and there wasn't. So does Target do regional advertising?

Hip2Save said...

Did you try to purchase them and they didn't prompt for the gift card? Or did you not purchase them because they weren't advertised?

If you didn't try to purchase them, then you might want to scan the boxes at the price scanner. If they are part of the gift card promo it will say that when you scan them. Sometimes Target doesn't advertise all their promos.