Friday, June 19, 2009

Amazon Toy Deals + Free Shipping!

Amazon has lots of great Toy deals available right now! I just came across this great deal and knew I had to post it:

Techno Source Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader Electronic Table Top Game

Was $29.99, now ONLY $9!
Plus, ships FREE on $25 or more with Super Saver Shipping!

In addition to that sweet deal, there are also quite a few other bargains:

Hulk Smash
Was $21.99, now only $9.21!

Fisher Price Higglytown Vet Center
Was $36.99, now only $11.10!

Wild Planet Purse Pals Poppy the Puppy
Was $19.99, now only $6!

Planet Toys Planet Earth Digital Microscope Kit
Was $49.99, now only $17.17!

Like I've said many times before, stock up on these type of toy deals while you can. It will save you from having to pay full retail price ever again! Stash these away for Christmas or those unexpected Birthday parties!

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DowntownFTL said...

ONW refreshed

rbabe1 said...

Damn...I was over at WAGs using my RR, lol. You can still get the 25% off of $50 by putting the guy's arm back on.

Jaime said...

Yep - you click the squirrel to get the big Q. My friend got one but it was gone within a minute, she said. :(

T said...

missed onw....

Lisa said...

the reviews on the 5th grader game aren't that great. Read them over before you make a purchase.

Anonymous said...

Does Amazon pay you to do these posts? I'm not criticizing; I hope somebody pays you, because you perform a great service. But I noticed the Amazon ad in the upper left corner and it made me wonder.

nicole said...

Its really none of your business how she makes her money. Do you think she spends all this time on the computer everyday for free and not get paid in some way for it??

Anonymous said...

If you read past the first line of my post, I specifically said that I hope somebody pays her.