Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kasil Designer Denim 80% Off + Additional $50 off + Free Shipping!

If you're a designer denim fan... I have to admit that I sure am, then you may want to get in on this awesome deal! Right now Billion Dollar Babes is offering up some sweet deals on Kasil Designer Denim! There are 16 different pairs of Denim and shorts to choose from and most are 80% off! The best part-- use this code WWWD50 when checking out to get $50 off your purchase of $150 or more! You'll also get FREE shipping if your order is over $100. If you decide to only spend $75, then you can use this code FWD612 to get $25 off your order.

Wanna get in on this deal?!
First you'll need to go on over here and create an account with Billion Dollar Babes (it's FREE)! Billion Dollar Babes currently holds three sales per week, each lasting just 48 hours. They’ll email you every time a new sale starts.

Once you're registered you'll be able to browse through the Kasil denim they're offering up. Keep in mind that this sale will end in the next 15 hours (from when this is posted). When I was browsing it still looked like quite a few sizes were left.

I snagged 4 pairs of Kasil Denim priced at $39.60 each (down from $198)! My total was $158.40 and then I use the code to get an additional $50 off. Final cost $108.40 with FREE shipping! I am pretty excited considering this would have cost me $700+!

**When placing your order, please keep in mind that they only offer store credit if you return your items within 14 days from the date the items were shipped!


Anonymous said...

I entered the $50 off code and this came up:

The use of this promo code has negated the free shipping promotion.

So, I got the $50 off but am being charged $13.95 for S/H +tax.

Just wanted to alert others.

Subtotal was: 167.20
Total: 143.28

I did not submit the order due to lack of savings.

Glad you were able to score some jeans Collin! Thanks for what you do!

Isra said...

I guess they just changed the promo, the promo code is negating the free shipping..darn!

Tiffany Dirks said...

Still that promo code for $50 off $150 is sweet! It's like getting a pair for free! I got 5 pairs for basically the price of 1 pair of something else at Nordstrom Rack! Lack of savings, whatever! Over $700 is significant in my book! Thanks for the tip! Between the Tulle sales you post and now this, I am one hot looking momma! Nordstrom quality at Wal-Mart prices is what I say:)

Anonymous said...

My total was exactly the same as yours 158.40 but when I entered the promo code they wanted to charge shipping.

Total 120.35

Good deal but not as great when you pay shipping.

Just wanted everyone to know!

Sarah said...

Hip2Save.. are their jeans true to size? I've never ordered from them and an crossing my fingers! I only spent $79ish and the 25 off worked!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you, your blog is my favorite! I only spent $70 on two pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts. I hope they fit (does anyone know how their sizes run?) but if not plan to sell on e-bay. Great deal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I am in for 2 pairs--hope they fit! I just saw their referral program after I checked out :( Wish I could have sent $25 your way for referring me!


Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for posting this!

I've put off getting "good" jeans since I've "outgrown" my other pair of Kasils ( day they WILL fit again :)) but at this price I went ahead and treated myself....

For those of you wondering; the sizes on this brand are very true; and the jeans are very comfortable since they all have a little bit of stretch to them. And they are VERY cute too, and make your butt look good!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

you should also check out and
great places to shop for high end stuff!

Ms.Dee said...

Can anyone tell me how to get to the shopping page on this website? I signed up and I can't view any clothes. Thanks!