Friday, June 12, 2009

Seattle's Best Coffee: FREE 12 oz. Beverage!

Yay! A new HOT Seattle's Best coupon is available:

Head on over to Borders and snag a FREE 12 oz. Beverage from Seattle's Best coffee! This coupon expires on 6/18/09 and NO other purchase is required!

**Check Borders locations here.

(Thanks, Sue!)

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Kate said...

The last time they had a coupon like this, the cashier asked me if it was a reward for using my Border's Rewards card. I said I got it off the website, but kind of wondered what it was supposed to be for. I had never been to a Border's before.

I tried to get to this coupon just from the Border's site and couldn't find it. I totally want to go use this coupon, but can you let me know first where it is from and if it is okay that it's public? Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

I love Seattle's best but have never used a coupons. I printed out four coupons as there were four in my family. My daughter(7 years) and I went today. She got a soda, bottled, Root Beer and they did not charge her and I got a iced caramel mocha! Yum! They did, however, look up my Borders number and did not charge either one of us! It was a great treat for us both and they were great about it! My daughter was super happy! Those two coupons saved us about $5! Thanks hip2save!

rbabe1 said...

Kate, I'm a rewards member and I get e-mails weekly with these types of coupons.

I would just sign up for the Rewards program - It's free and easy to do at a store register. I don't think I've paid for my Sat. coffee in 1-2 months as they keep sending me Seattle's Best coupons!

*There's also a 25% off your whole purchase coupon for this weekend.

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

I went and yes, I had to use my rewards card but they always ask for it anyway! Thank you for the heads up, I wnet tonight and have copies printed up for the next couple of days - cha-ching!!!

Elizabeth said...

I used this coupon (as well as my family members) the last time the link was up on here, with no problems at all.

Tonight, however, my three daughters and I went in (each with our own coupon) and the cashier said that she would only take one coupon. She said "it's only one coupon per customer". I replied "yes, one per customer, there is four of us with four coupons. We each have our own coupon". She said "I can't take them, it would be breaking the law." I said, again, that the coupon specifically states one per customer; there were four of us with one coupon a piece. She said "you are the paying person of the party, and unless your kids come in with little checkbooks, to pay with, then they are not customers."

I was really surprised, as I usually NEVER have problems with any coupons I try to use. This, however, kinda scared me off from trying to use these again.

Thank you, though, Hip2Save, for your awesome site. It's the first one I check in the morning and the last one at night (and several times a day in between!)