Thursday, July 30, 2009

FREE Betty Crocker Gluten- Free Dessert Mix (Call-In)

You can snag a FREE Coupon for Betty Crocker Gluten-free Dessert Mix ($4 value)! Just follow these simple steps:
  • Call General Mills Consumer Services number: 1(800) 446-1898. At the main menu, hit #4 or say “four.”
  • This will take you to a customer representative.
  • Tell the representative that you are interested in the free gluten-free baking coupons.
  • He/she will ask a few questions: Zip code, whether your household did not limit gluten ingestion, limited gluten or was gluten-free, how many people live in the house and where you normally shop for gluten-free food (the name and street address of the store) and your address.
  • That's it!

**Please keep in mind that the customer service Representatives are only available from 7:30 am-5:30 pm Central time.


CM said...

Thanks Collin, got it! Will mail in August. Since we do not limit gluten, they didn't ask me anymore questions.

fran said...

Thanks Collin,
I got're the best...hope you are enjoying your summer.

Honey Diva said...

Gracias! Your awesome.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much...I have been checking out a diet for my son that this will go great with!

Anonymous said...

my son can't have milk so My father-in-law boght the brownies they were really good

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I just called and got mine. I'm thinking about having my mom call too since she gives me all her coupons (even with all the money I've been saving she still doesn't care about using coupons. lol)

Lowry517 said...

on hold now...under 4 min. wait it says...everyone must be calling.