Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amazon: Cuisinart Cookware Set 76% Off!

Wow! Amazon has really dropped the price on a quality Cuisinart cookware set:

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless-Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set
Was $400, now ONLY $97.95
Ships FREE!

The reviews are all pretty positive too!

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Laura said...

Just did this and am SO excited to get my pots! The Cuisinart line generally get reviews from Cooks Illustrated that are equal to or better than All-Clad. So for the price of 1 All-Clad pot or pan, I can get an entire set of Cuisinart! I have some All-Clad pans, and may yet buy more - but this allows me to replace all my Calphlon non-stick which are in very bad shape after 7 years.

colleen said...

fyi, I was investigating this deal this morning and found that the reviews are all very positive but I think the 'savings' that amazon advertises (400$) is inflated. This same set is on and the regular price listed is $199.

Anonymous said...

I got this same set on sale for $225. a year ago. It is an awesome set! My brother actually burned the skillet in the bbq. I thought it was ruined, but with SOS pad and some elbow grease, it's like new! The single pots sell for about $75 each separate. It's not non-stick, which is what I wanted, those coatings aren't healthy for people. Cleans easily if you read directions and use as directed.

pami said...

does anyone happen to know if this set will work OK with a smooth glass stovetop? I recall looking at a different cookware set (KitchenAid, i think) a while back and realizing that it was a no-no to use w/ glass top. could break the glass, etc.

Any input is greatly appreciated! I just may buy this if i can figure out this detail... thanks all

Anonymous said...

Just bought this today and the price is now down to $94.96 with free S&H. Good deal!