Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Arby's: FREE FruiTea with Sandwich Purchase!

Today, August 19th ONLY, you can snag a FREE FruiTea with ANY sandwich purchase! NO coupon is needed! This is part of Arby's FREE Wednesday Summer promotion. Every Wednesday, all summer long, they will be offering up a new freebie! However, I do recommend calling your local Arby's ahead to make sure they are participating!

August 19th
Free FruiTea with sandwich purchase

August 26th
Free Roast Beef 'n Cheddar with soft drink purchase

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(Thanks, Kari!)


Jen said...

To save some time, be sure to call your location ahead of time. We have a new store I was sure would participate in this freebie Wednesday deal and they tell us everytime that they didn't get word that they needed to participate and that since they were a new franchise they were not going to participate because they were losing money. I really liked the idea of being able to feed my huge family on next to nothing for wednesday night meals.

trash2cash4u said...

My Arby's is doing the roast beef sandwiches today. Weird, but we only go there when only a drink purchase is required, so it worked out well for us!

ShortOnCents said...

Just got back from Arby's with a friend and did the 5/$5.95 deal and yeah they stated they could NOT give us a FREE FruiTea because a sandwich had to be purchased for full price-so just be careful some of these stores are weird about their ways of giving away a FREE $1.99 FruiTea-GEE I think it might have broke their bank to do that!

JaninB said...

I contacted Arby's customer service after failing to get the free sandwich last week. They e mailed that I should sign up to be an Arby's club member so then the local store would e mail (which we should print out) telling of the free Wednesdays. They said that if we do not receive the e mail it means our local store is not participating. No mention whatsoever of a deal sans coupon.