Friday, August 28, 2009

Cascadian Farms: $5 Worth of Coupons + More!

Wahoo! Cascadian Farms, one of my favorite brands, is offering up $5 in printable coupons when you sign up for their email newsletter! Please note that it says you'll receive the coupons in July via email--that is a misprint and we should receive them soon!

The coupons you will receive:
$1 off Any Cascadian Farms product
$1 off Any Cascadian Farms Cereal
$1 off Any Cascadian Farms Granola Bars
$1 off Any Cascadian Farms Frozen Veggies
$1 off Any Cascadian Farms Frozen Fruit

There is also a $1 of any one Cascadian Farms printable coupon available here: IE or Firefox. The Cascadian Farms Frozen vegetables are priced around $1.50 at Walmart, so with the above $1/1 coupons--ONLY $0.50!

(Thanks, Stretching a Buck!)


Unknown said...

Does anyone know what other stores carry this brand?

FrugalMama said...

Kroger stores do, in the health food section. I've also seen it at Meijer, but both are more expensive than Walmart. Kroger has the Cascadian Farm cereal and granola bars as part of the Mega Saver event this week.

Anonymous said...

I saw Cascadian Farms cereal at SuperTarget yesterday.

Tasha said...

When I signed up it said that I should receive an email with the coupons some time in July.

Has anyone received the coupons even though it said July?