Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earn FREE Gift Cards & Cash from My Points and Inbox Dollars!


Looking for some legit ways to make money and earn rewards online?
Here are 2 ways to do just that:

My Points
This is a great program that offers quite a few ways to earn FREE gift cards! My Points offers points for various things you do online already--shopping, reading emails, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, and more! Just for signing up, you'll earn 100 points. Once you acquire enough points, you can use them to get gift cards for close to 100 different stores and restaurants! The gift cards are also delivered to your door, free of charge!

There are lots of easy ways to earn points and it really doesn't take that long to build up your earnings. Some ideas to get your points up fast: sign up for Netflix or and you'll get 1,000 points! Currently, you can also get 2,000 points for purchasing $35 or more on + you'll get a free makeup bag and 4 samples`with your purchase! The best part--the 2,000 points you earn will already qualify you for a FREE gift card!

You can snag quite a few $10 gift card for just 1400 points and even a $25 Amazon gift card for 3,750 points! There are various other $25 gift cards you can snag for 3,500 points too! Take some time to scroll through all the gift cards they offer--trust me there are quite a lot!

I really do love this program and have earned quite a few Amazon gift cards through them! If you're already a member of My Points, I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback too!

Inbox Dollars
I have been a member of Inbox Dollars for a few years now and over time the money you can make does add up. Just for joining, you'll receive a $5 sign up bonus. There are also various other ways you can earn money: reading emails, filling out surveys, signing up for trial offers, shopping online and more! Once you have earned $30 you can request a check to be mailed to you. This is a legit company and they do pay!


Lindsay M. said...

I really like MyPoints ... I have been on there for about 7 years now. The emails are an easy way to earn 5 points each time.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of MyPoints as well. I have only earned points by clicking on the eMail links (5pts) and doing surveys.

I am not much of an internet shopper but, that is another way to earn points.

Easy and effortless. I have yet to use my points to purchase a gift card. Overall, I like it and recommend anyone to give it a try.

I haven't heard of the other program.

2migirlsmom said...

I am a member of both programs. I have found that it takes a lot of time to add up money on on Inbox Dollars as I don't sign up for everything. However, I have earned over 40,000 points on mypoints and redeem them for great gift cards. They also have some times where they give you an extra gift card if you redeem and I did that this past February. They always have great games to play to earn points too and for coupon printing on their site which we all do.

Lisa said...

I have done Inbox Dollar for about 9 months and have earned $50.

I think I may try MyPoints.

Deborah said...

I am a member of both. I really like MyPoints and have earned some
really nice gift cards. Inbox Dollars takes a long time for me to get to the $30 cash out, but it's still free money. Thanks for you great site. I have saved so much money by coming here.

Tashena Lynette Gonzales said...

I am also a member of both. I don't really have time to spend on those types of things but occassionally I find something to try. Currently I'm at about $15 for Inbox (payout $30) and 900+ for mypoints just for clicking emails and doing surveys. So like someone else said it takes a long time to pay out but just seconds to click on the emails and earn free stuff.

Carolyn said...

My husband and I have done MyPoints for a LONG time (I think we started in college, which we started 10 years ago). Anyway, we love it! We use it to shop through when we do online shopping, and the free email points are super easy - why not?! I also love that they offer the and printable coupons so I've started printing them through there because I think I can get more points that way?

Anonymous said...

I like MyPoints too. I redeemed my points for Walgreens gift card and used that to pay for tax when I shop & roll my RR. Thanks Collin for all the great deals.

Anonymous said...

i save up my points at MyPoints all year long and then redeem around October for a bunch of giftcards that I give as gifts at Christmas time to my brother-in-laws, cousins, ect...those that like giftcards! They are super jazzed and I know how much I saved! I think I gifted about 150.00 in gift cards last year! :)

Anonymous said...

We love mypoints. I don't even know how much we have received in gift cards over the last several years from that site. Currently we have been cashing out for home depot cards. Basically Mypoints is going to buy me a new kitchen floor!

I think I was a member of Inbox but I liked mypoints better.

FrugalMama said...

I LOVE MyPoints, and have been a member for 7 years. I use their search engine all the time to accumulate points even faster. I like to save them all year and cash out to do my Christmas shopping. Since they have been around so long, I don't really worry about them going under and losing my points like I do with other programs.

Unknown said...

I'm a member of both as well. Mypoints for about a month; InboxDollars for a few.

Haven't earned anything yet, but I don't make a HUGE effort. I mostly just click on the emails from both.

My favorite part of MyPoints is being able to earn points for printing and coupons to earn points! I've already earned the coupon bonus for August thanks to the Kmart Doublers!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Mypoints! I have been a member for 10 years and have gotten hundreds of dollars in gift cards over the years. If you do alot of online shopping it is great and you can print off your Smartsource and coupons and get points too.

Nina said...

I've been a member of Mypoints since May and I already love it. They offer many different and easy ways to earn points.

thegirltolove said...

I happen to really love MyPoints. Even when I was deployed to Iraq, I was still able to accrue points. I love it. Like another reader said, I will be redeeming mine for gift cards to give away around Christmas time.... or maybe just be a little selfish and get Amazon gift cards for