Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kmart: FREE Kiss Nail Art, Hartz Dog Biscuits + More!

More Kmart Doubles Deals:

Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.39
Use the $1 coupon from the Kmart coupon booklet
Final cost .39!

Kiss Nail Art stickers $1.99
Use the $1 coupon from the Kmart coupon booklet
Final cost FREE!

Hartz Crunch & Clean dog biscuits $3.59
Use the $2 coupon from here
Final cost FREE!
**Plus, a Catalina coupon for a FREE Milkbone dog treats ($3.99 value) will print out when you pay!

Select Nexcare Bandages $1.99-$2.29
Use the $1 coupon from here
Final cost as low as FREE!
(Thanks, Sheila!)

Johnson’s Soap Buddies $1
Use the $3/3 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost 3 for FREE!
(You can snag these FREE at various other stores such as Walmart & Target) too!)

**I will add all of these to my extensive Kmart Double Deals list!

(Thanks to MoneySavingMadness & ForTheMommas!)

I hope you all aren't getting tired of all my Kmart Double Deals posts! I'm just so excited for all you lucky ones who get to snag all these great freebies!

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Kelley said...

The Johnson's coupon does not list soap buddies as one of the allowed items. Will it still work with the soap buddies?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone successfully used the Kiss coupon? (It says it is for the artificial nails.)

wendy said...

NEVER get tired of K-mart deals!
Went twice yesterday,and once today.
Used over $100 in coupons. Wish I had more! LOL!

Joanne said...

I also noticed the Johnsons coupon doesn't list the Soap Buddies. Does anyone have more info on if this works?

Anonymous said...

I did not receive a Milkbone catalina when I purchased the Hartz dog biscuits today.

Michelle said...

I got the milkbone catalina this morning...and a lot of other fantastic freebies. Loving the doubles at Kmart! Thanks a ton!

Anonymous said...

I got four boxes of raisin bran for $9 and used the $1.00 off two kellogg's from the newspaper - got a rebate form for a $5 KMART gift card! Awesome deals today!

Deidre said...

I found an Herbal Essence Shampoo in the clearance section for $1.79. I used my Buy One HE shampoo and get a styling product free. The styling product was on sale for $3.00. My coupon doubled making the savings worth more than the styling product! I ended up paying $1.10 for both products!

Loreli said...

Today I used the Johnson's coupon for the soap buddies...it worked fine.

I am still wondering how people are saving 100's of doallars at Kmart with the double coupons. There is a limit of 10 coupons with a max. value of $2. That is $40 total savings. Is it being done in several trips?

MommyKate said...

My kmart let me use as many coupons as I wanted within reason... every store and cashier is different sometimes you just have to feel them out...

Anonymous said...

I think every store makes their own rules. Last time I went to my Kmart they stuck to the rules very precisly only allowing 10 coups and no more than 4 of the same. The scrutinized every signle coup.

This time, same Kmart, I did three trips and had no probs. They allowed me to use as many coups as I wanted (I only ventured to use about 15-20 at most). Every coup doubled right and one time I only had $20 of stuff and they still doubled my coup's.

I spent about $15 today (all mainly tax) and when I got home and counted everything there was about $130 dollars of stuff! WaHoo! I'm just wondering what I'll do with the 14 cans of NeutraAir!

Kim said...

No Nexcare bandages at our Kmart..Boo! Kim

Bonnie said...

Our Kmart has been great this week, they are saying the same thing about the limit, "As long as you are using a reasonable amount of coupons, they aren't sticking to the 10 coupon limit." I used 34 in one trip and they didn't blink an eye. I don't ever get tired of the Kmart lists, I come back looking for more. I bought the Hartz clean & crunch and go my free milkbone cat, it prints out before your order is completed so if your cashier is cool, just ring up your bones then and use the coupon. It saves them a transaction. Also, we found $2 Garnier Haircolor coupons on a tearpad and they are on sale this week for 2/$10, $1 isn't bad for haircolor in my book.

Mander said...

I have been to Kmart 3 times this week. Once because I bought some beef jerky and got home, it was expired. Yuck! They let me use as many coupons also. I had one total to $120 with tax and I came out paying $19.19. My hubby loves double Kmart coupons and so do I.

I will mention that after we grabbed 3 of the coupon books that were laying on the customer service desk, the next day when I went to return the jerky, they were all gone. Hmmmm.... Oh well, I enjoyed the freebies from the books. I think they may have pulled them for this week.

Does anyone else ever notice that on double coupon weeks, they don't restock the shelves as often?