Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Menards: 6 FREE after Rebate Items!

Menards has 6 Free after Rebate items available this week! You can get FREE Wood Laminate Cleaner, Cutter Wipes, a Rain Poncho and more! Check out all the details here.

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Anonymous said...

Had a great night at Menards, so many rebates it was amazing.

Here is my trip:

5 Mini Blue Ice Packs = Free with Q from monthly Menards statement

5 Cucumber Melon 2pk Air Freshners = Free with Q from monthly Statement

3 7pc Handy Driver Sets = $6 - $6MIR = FREE

3pks of Jig Saw Blades = $6 - $6MIR = FREE

Pledge Multisurfece Wipes = $3.48 - $1Q - $2MIR = $.48

Irwin 20" Hand Saw = $10 - $10MIR = FREE

16' Tape Measure = $3 - $3MIR = FREE

Quik Grip Clamp = $3.99 - $3MIR = $.99

Crayola Wonder Paint Set = $4.99 - $3MIR = $1.99

Crayola Giant Coloring Book = $5.99 - $5MIR = $.99

Crayola Spongebob Chalk Set = $5.99 - $5MIR = $.99

Now that was all of my rebates and coupons, so to reach my $10 limit, of course I brought the DH with me, so it got a little out of hand but I did get some things that I had been needing as well below.

Sander $12.98 (on sale, of course)
Sand Paper $3.87 x 2
Work Gloves for DH $5.49
Lock Tite $5.98
8" Flexible bit $2.99
Socket $2.98

Total after my Menards and Manu Q's was $93.17 but I have $43 in MIR, bringing the total to $50.17 for all of the above items, and now I have my sander to work on my projects, and birthday presents purchased for next weekend for $4 after the MIR.

Plus my receipt says I have a total savings of $42.52, that must be from my coupons and the sale prices!!

Great day over all, I believe.

I just might go back to the original Menards motto of "Save Big Money at Menards", instead of my motto, "Spend Big My At Menards", LOL!! Too many house projects, I used to think that I lived there and spent every hard earned dollar there.