Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New $0.75 Daisy Cottage Cheese Coupon!

There is a new high value Daisy Cottage Cheese coupon available: save .75 on ANY Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese. Just enter the Freshen Up Your Fridge contest to access the coupon. This is a higher value Daisy brand coupon than most. They are usually only for $0.40 off, so I'm definitely excited to use this one.

I absolutely love cottage cheese. It's healthy, filling and in my opinion, yummy! I know a lot of people tend to not like it--my hubby for one... BUT (our little secret) I have snuck it in different recipes before and he has never even noticed. I put cottage cheese in pancakes, smoothies, lasagna and even use it in pudding and salad dressing. I love how versatile it is!


Melissa said...

Wow, really? I don’t care for cottage cheese even though I love yogurt. I’ve tried a variety of ways to disguise the taste but never found anything that worked well enough. Like adding fruit, by the time I add enough fruit to suite my taste I end up with a whole bowl of just fruit. Maybe sometime you can share some of your cottage cheese containing recipes with us.

Anonymous said...

I'm not too fond of cottage cheese, but I do use them when making lasagna instead of ricotta cheese for a low cal meal. Btw, where do you find these at the store? I live in the DC area and could never find these at our local grocery stores.

Hip2Save said...

I may have to share some of my cottage cheese recipes soon!:)

I find the cottage cheese next to the sour cream and yogurt in the dairy section of my grocery store.

Wendy said...

Coupon wouldn't work for me :(