Friday, August 21, 2009

Target: New Coupon Booklet in Comforter Sets + $0.99 Milk-Bone Dog Essential Plus Biscuits!

Two more Target finds:

In select 09 College Collection comforter sets there are Target coupon booklets available, "Smart Scholars, SAVE DOLLARS". The booklets have $14 worth of in-store Target coupon available and all expire on 9/30/09. These comforter sets are priced right around $14-$19, so you'll basically be getting that back with the coupons inside!

Here's a list of the coupons:
$1 off with purchase of two 4-pk IZZE
$1/2 Breakfast Products (Pop-Tarts, 12 ct or Kellogg's cereal)
$1/2 Nature Valley granola bars
$1 off 14-oz or larger M&Ms bagged candy
$1 off 46-oz or 4 pk Ocean Spray Cranergy Juice
$1/2 frozen meals (Lean Cuisine, Lean Pockets or Hot Pockets)
$2/1 Gillette razor or cartridges or Fusion or Venus Embrace
$2 off 16-oz or larger Dove Body wash
$1/1 off Tide Laundry Detergent
$1/2 Progresso microwave soup bowls (lots of these on clearance at my store)
$2 off Herbal Essences hair care product

**Remember that these are Target coupons, so you can pair them with manufacturer coupons to save even more!

(Thanks, $30WeeklyGroceryChallenge!)
Also, I had an anonymous reader email about finding boxes of the Milk-Bone Dog Essential Plus Biscuits with $2 peelie coupons on them. They were on sale for $2.99, so with the $2 coupon she snagged them for just $1! You can also print 2 $2/1 additional coupons here: IE or Firefox. Plus, there is also a $2/1 coupon available on! Sound to me like you can score lots of $0.99 dog biscuits!


Anonymous said...

Where are these Target coupon books? I have never seen them. Help.

Anonymous said...

hey, I went to target and I cannot believe what I got! I was in the young guys row when a middle age lady waved me over to her aisle. I was worried because I didn't want the hassle and like clockwork my first coupon beeped. She called the manager over (who was very young) and she said just push them through. So she pushed EVERYTHING through I couldn't believe it. Even the skittles!!! I got 10 cheerios and cinnamon toast crunch cup, 3 nexcare bandages, 2 all trial size, 10 skittles, 3 papertowels, 2 charmin to go, Matilda the movie, 4 dove deodorants,6 boxes of crackers,two carmex, and a glad candle for $5.55 including tax!!! After that I went to walgreens and all hell broke loose!

Anonymous said...

What happened at Walgreens Anon?

mrs. b said...



Katie T said...

Last night my target had the Eddie's single dessert things on clearance for $0.57! woo!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I found the leapfrog tag reading system on sale at taget for 24.98 and used the 10.00 off coupon- great deal. I also found several tag books at Kmart on clearance for 5 and 6 in change. I had to dig a bit to find them, but if you do- it's a great deal. I used the 3.00 of coupons the first round and then used my 5 off of 20.00 (I had to have 20.00 after coupons, but still a good deal). The best part- I found that my Kmart had a catalina coupon printing for 5.00 any tag book- even those on clearance so I went back through the line 3 printed each time. The books ended up being .70 to 1.30. Yeah! Christmas and birthdays are now covered. :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad my Target doesn't accept printed coupons. The manager treated me like an outlaw last time I pulled a bunch of printed coupons. He yelled in front of everyone: "There's too much fraud!!!"

Anonymous said...

I was at Target today and stocked up on the GM cereal cups, I also found the Milk Bone Essentials PLUS Long Lasting Chew Item and also the Chewy Treats for $2.99 each. I used the coupons and scored some new cheap treats for our dog. She'll be thrilled to get some yummy new treats!

Anonymous said...

Where are these booklets?

Anonymous said...

ahhh they are INSIDE the comforter or blanket packages.