Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tryology: Try FREE Products by Creating Product Review Videos!

Have you heard of the ExpoTV.com Tryology program?
I hadn't before, until reading about it on Freebies4Mom. Basically Tryology is a word of mouth marketing program that wants you to create product review videos. The best part-- you'll get to test out FREE products, possibly before the products hit store shelves.

Right now they have a new offer available to try out a Vaseline product that is not available in stores yet. To apply, you'll first need to go on over here and register on ExpoTV.com. Once registered go here and click on "Apply Now". You'll then have to take a 3-5 minute survey. I took the survey and at the end it stated they would email to let me know if I qualified!

Good luck and let us know if you qualify!

(Thanks, Freebies4Mom!)


Jannel said...

I have been doing video reviews for a month now with Expotv.com and it is great!! I love it!

Susan said...

I also have been doing video reviews for expotv.com. They have sent me opportunities that aren't posted on their site, so it's definitely worth signing up and doing one or two videos to get the ball rolling.

Shannon said...

I have done some reviews through tryology program.

They are fun and its a full sized product you get!

Anonymous said...

dont see the apply now