Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Walgreens: 4 Day Ad (8/19-8/22) Deal Scenarios!

As promised, here are a few Walgreens scenarios to go with the 4 day weekly ad special that advertises a $5 Register Reward when you spend $25 or more! Remember that the $25 amount just has to be reached before any manufacturer coupons are used.

Deal Scenarios:

Scenario #1 (Back to School Pantry Stock up)
Buy 5 boxes of Pop-Tarts $2 each=$10
Buy 6 Zone Bars $1 each= $6
Buy 4 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups $1 each=$4
Buy 2 Nabisco Chips Ahoy (select varieties) on sale 2/$5
Buy 1 Starbucks Frappuccino $1.25 with in ad coupon

Coupons used:
Use 2 $1/2 Pop-Tart coupons from the 8/2RP
Plus, use 1 .55 Pop-Tart coupon from here
Use one .50/1 Zone coupon from the Walgreens Back-2-School coupon
(will deduct $3)
Then use 2 .75/3 Zone coupons from the 6/14SS
Use 2 buy one get one free Velveeta Shells & Cheese coupons from the 8/9SS
Plus, use the $1/4 Walgreens back to school coupon
Use the .75/2 Nabisco coupon from the 7/26SS
Plus, use the $1 Chips Ahoy Back-2-School coupon
(Will deduct $2)
Finally use one $1 Starbucks coupon from the 6/21SS

Pay $12.45
BUT then get back a $5 Register Reward for spending $25, a $5 Register Reward for the Pop-Tarts and a $1 Register Reward for the Velveeta Shells & Cheese!

Final cost-- all the above for ONLY $1.45!

Scenario #2 (Diapers & Wipes)
Buy 2 packages of Pampers Easy up Training Pants $20
Buy 2 packages of Huggies Wipes $2.99
(The wipes may be higher or lower in price depending upon where you live)

Coupons used:
Use 2 $1.50 Pampers coupons from the 8/2PG
Use 2 .50 Huggies coupon from the 7/19SS
Plus, use the $2 Back-2-School coupon
(will deduct $4)

Pay $17.98
BUT then get back a $5 Register Reward for spending $25 and a $2 Register Reward for the Pampers. Final cost ONLY $10.98 for 2 packages of wipes and 2 packages of diapers!

Scenario #3 (Personal Care products)
Buy 2 sets of Dr. Scholl's massaging gel Insoles $11.49 each=$22.98
Buy 1 Soft Soap Nutri Serum $3.99

Coupons used:
Use 2 $2 Dr. Scholls coupons from here
Use 1 $2 Soft Soap coupon (NO longer available)

Pay $18.97
BUT then get back a $5 Register Reward for spending $25, a $10 Register Reward for purchasing Dr. Scholls and a $3.99 Register Reward for the Soft Soap.

Final cost all for FREE!

Remember that these scenarios are just to get ya thinkin'! My advice is to have a few scenarios written down before you go. That way your calculations will be more accurate and you'll most likely spend less money out of pocket. Also, remember that the best thing to do is try and roll different Register Reward deals. For example in the first scenario I provide, you could use the $5 Pop-Tarts Register Reward and $1 Velveeta Register Reward to lower your out of pocket expense for Scenario #2.

One more thing to note is that when you are using Register Rewards be aware of your coupon to item ratio. Register Rewards ARE manufacturer coupons, so they need an items to attach themselves too. For example, if you're buying 3 products and already have manufacturer coupons for each item, then you'll need an inexpensive "filler" item to use an additional Register Reward in this transaction. I hope that makes sense.

If you all have any great deal scenarios to share, then please let us know in the comment section!

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Anonymous said...

i HAVE A $4.00 RR from the softsoap.Can I use this and do a scenaio with a Softsoap in it or it will not generate the RR?

Anonymous said...

it won't generate another $4 RR unless it's rolling and to my knowledge this is not rolling

Hip2Save said...

Yes, anon #2 is correct. You cannot "roll" Register Rewards from the same deal because it will not generate a new Register Reward. However, you can use a Register Reward from a different deal and it will generate a new Register Reward.

Born2Save said...

I used the Back 2 School coupon before and it rang up as a MQ so I could not use another MQ with it. Anyone else have this problem?

Anonymous said...

Always give your MQ's before any Walgreen's coupons. That should eliminate the problem.

emelyn said...

Hi! I was wondering if I bring my total before coupons to $25, but pay with Register Rewards to lower my OOP, will I still get the $5? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The October issue of All You (pg 155) has a coupon for $1/1 off any Soft Soap Body Wash. The body wash is $3.99 and you get $4 in register rewards, making this a money maker. I just received the magazine today.


Anonymous said...

Oops, it is the September issue. It has Halloween stuff on the cover.

Anonymous said...

My walgreens in the Atlanta area had Aquafresh White Trays on clearance for $10.74. These are normally around $40.00. There is a $7.00 coupon on aquafresh.com so it makes it $3.74. Good one to use to get up to $25.00

doelhaggan said...

I have a question: Should the $25 be before or after coupons? Thanks

Sarah said...

when I used back to school coupons with mq's it said I had more items than coupons when I had way more filler items than needed. I think the back to school q's are counting as mq's and you need extra fillers to use a bts q and a mq. Anyone have the same problem or know anything about this? Thanks!

Chrissy said...

I had a problem using the Walgreens coupons - I was trying to buy 10 packages of Nabisco cookies. I used 5 $1/2 manufacturer coupons, and then handed over the Walgreens coupon. It would not go through because "I had too many coupons for the number of items." Clearly, I had more items than coupons. Anyway, my cashier was really nice and let me rering it, paying for 6 at one time, and then for 4 (with another copy of the Walgreens coupon). I have no idea why, but it didn't have any trouble then! :)

TeRetta said...

I've not had any trouble with the Back to School Q for Easy Mac and my MQs. The cashier offered the B2S Q to me the first time. I'm going to try tomorrow or Saturday again after I get a good deal in mind.

Anonymous said...

The Zone Perfect coupon states "one per transaction" or at least the ones I have used and the ones that I wanted to buy on ebay. If this was not the case I probably would have bought 40 coupons on ebay and stocked up.

Unknown said...

just did the diapers/wipes ones! thank you so much

Anonymous said...

If you use the $5 Register Reward for spending $25 on a second transaction over 25.00 will it generate another $5RR for spending $25? Thanks!

TeRetta said...

I have a question RE the scenarios listed. It says the system will take off $2.00 when the $1.00 Velveeta/Easy Mac Q is scanned. Has anyone experienced this? I have not.

Unknown said...

I was just wondering the same thing the last Anon asked. Can I use the $5 rr from spending $25 on another $25 transaction & still get another $5 rr? Just checking before doing it!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I would doubt that you could use the $5 RR from the $25 transaction on another $25 transaction and get another $5 RR...it is the same as buying a soft soap, getting a RR-and you woldn't get another one back if you bought another soft soap. Get where I'm going with that?

Anonymous said...


Just make sure your OOP total is $25, then hand over your coupons (making your OOP as low as possible for the best deal) and you should be able to get the $5 RR.

cksknitter said...

I called Walgreens customer service this morning and they said that you had to pay OOP $25 to get the $5 RR. That means $25 total after coupons. Let me know if it works differently for anyone else.

Heather said...

I got some great delas today. Here is what I did. By the way just found your site and love it.


Heather said...


I just did it this morning and I got the $5 RR and my total after coupons was not over $25 (was like $14) but it was before coupons. Worked fine for me.

Here is what I did

Anonymous said...

I did this deal this morning and my total was 25.26 BEFORE coupons and the $5 Register Reward printed no problem!

Catherine said...

I tried to roll the 5 RR I got from the first transaction into a second $25 transaction and I did not get another 5 RR for it. If you are going to do more than 1 $25 transaction then just keep the $5 RR for later.

Melinda said...

Umm... I don't mean to be rude, but there's a slight problem with the math on the personal care scenario. $26.97 - 3 $2 coupons is $20.97 (not $18.97). So final cost is $1.97. Excellent deal, I'm hoping to get the Dr. Scholl's and Softsoap either today or tomorrow, even though I don't have a Softsoap coupon (but I do have an RR from another deal to make this extra sweet). I want to be gellin', hee hee! Thanks for posting the scenarios!

Pollyanna said...

Really pissed off at walgreens, i wont be shopping there again. The manager wouldnt take 3 of my coupons, and then told me that i had to purchase more than 25 even after all my coupons were taken off! She refused to take the walgreens coupon for Kotek that was in the back to school saver AND the manufactuer coupon i brought with me from coupon.com. And then When I asked for the number to corporate she refused. I immediatly sent a customer comment that was on my receipt but am not happy with the service or the lack of knowledge of their coupons.

Unknown said...

Woohoo...spent $10.90 OOP and got back $9RR!!! I'm loving the 9 cent Huggies wipes!

3bettins said...

the BTS q's do say man q on them, but good only at Walgreens....

Sarah said...

Anybody know a final answer on whether or not the BTS q's are counting as manufacture coupons and you need extra fillers? thanks

Anonymous said...

Had a horrible time with this at one store today. My before coupon total was $26 & post coupon total was $11 something. The RR did not print & the manager told me that in order to receive RRs I had to pay full price for everything with a total over $25???!!! He refused to print the RR. Did the exact same transaction with coupons at another store & the RR printed no problem. Ugh!

Ali Smith said...

Hmm...I shopped at two different Walgreens today to do two easy ups/wipes scenarios and had no problem either time getting the $5 RR to print even though my OOP was 17.58 on one (had a bunch of the summer clearance items in that transaction) and the other was $20.27. I wonder why some are having issues with this at their store. :( That's no fun! Sorry guys!

trash2cash4u said...

The Gillette Fusion Phenom razor was on clearance for 2.89 at my Walgreens today. They only had 1 left and unfortunately, they did not have corresponding cartridges so I couldn't do the $5 RR deal. I did use one of the MQs for buy a Fusion razor, get body wash (4.99 value) free and also a $2 off Fusion razor (too bad I didn't have a $4 one, although it probably would have been a problem @ WAGS). So I paid .89 but had 7.88 worth of product toward my $25 for the $5 RR. Actually, from reading previous posts, the regular price might have gone toward the $25 but I didn't want to chance it!