Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walgreens: New 4 Day Special Sale ad 8/26-8/29 + $5 off $25 in-ad Coupon!

Wahoo! I'm super excited because Walgreens has a new 4 day special ad--valid 8/26-8/29! The best part--inside the ad is a $5 off $25 coupon! There is also other sale items and Register Reward deals advertised. You can check out all the details and the ad scan here.

UPDATE: Not only is the $5 off $25 coupon available in the 4 day ad, BUT you can also print the $5 off $25 coupon here.

Please keep in mind that the $5 off $25 coupon does state that the $25 total has to be after all manufacturer and store coupons. You can still get some pretty sweet deals. Check out the deal scenario I've put together below.

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 select Kellogg’s Cereal $2.50 each=$5 coupons from here
Buy 2 select Listerine products $4 each=$8
Buy 2 Reach Prevent Toothbrushes $1.79 each=$3.58
Buy 2 Sudafed PE products $4.99 each=$9.98
Buy 2 boxes of Cheez its $2.50 each=$5
Buy 2 boxes of Keebler Fudge Shop Cookies (11.5-15 oz) $2.50 each=$5
Buy 1 Goody Ouchless Accessories $2.99
Buy 1 Dryel 4pk starter kit or 6pk refills $8.99

Coupons to use:
Use the $1.50/2 Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats or Raisin Bran coupon from here
Use the Listerine buy one get one free coupon from the 8/2SS
(will deduct $4)
Use the Reach buy one get one free coupon from the 4/26RP
(will deduct $1.79)
Plus, use the $3/2 Listerine & Reach coupon from the 8/2SS
And use the $1 Walgreens Agent Cool Blue/ Smart Rinse coupon from the coloring book
(will deduct $2)
Use the in ad coupon that will make the Reach toothbrushes $0.99 each
(will deduct $1.60 total)
Use 2 $2 Sudafed coupons from the 8/2SS
Use 2 $0.75/1 Cheez It coupons from here
Use the $1/2 Keebler coupon from the 8/2SS or from here
Use the Dryel $2 coupon from here
Then use the $5 off $25 in ad coupon

Pay $21.07

BUT then get back $2 for the Kellogg's, $3 for the Listerine, $5 for the Sudafed, $5 for the Keebler/Cheez its, $2 for the Goody accessory and $2 for the Dryel!

Final cost ONLY $2.07 for ALL THE ABOVE and that's a lot of items for just $2 bucks!

For more Walgreens Deals and Walgreens Coupons visit the new Hip2Save.com


Anonymous said...


Where exactly are we getting this 5 dollar coupon? I'm confused.


Hip2Save said...

Hi Leslie,
Sorry for the confusion! There will be a 4 day special ad available on 8/26 in-stores. Inside the ad will be a $5 off $25 coupon.

Casey and Kimberly said...

I am having a little trouble tih Walgreens. Last night the manager told me that I could not use coupons ans still get the RR. I was doing the 4/10 crest toothpaste deal and I had 4 coupons plus I used two filler items so I had 6 items. He told me I could not have the 5RR. I discussed it with him for a while adn finally returend the items and got my coupons back. Then I contacte the customer service and they said they didn't think I could do that either, she said she knew for sure that I could not pay with RR adn still get RR. So they sent my info. to the RR dept. Am I wrong??? I have been using coupons ans still getting RR's for a long time. Now I am afradi that maybe it is wrong and they will stop allowing it at all the walgreens in this area. ???Maybe Ishould have left things alone. But I have been doing it for along time.

Kristy said...

Casey & Kimberly I have not had a problem using coupons and RR's and getting my RR's. The only time I have a problem is when I accidentially use a RR on the same item I am buying than it won't print out, but that is my bad, otherwise I don't have a problem. And most of the time, if my RR's don't print I will show the manager the ad and they look to make sure I have the items, then they re-ring them and it prints the RR and then they void the transaction and I am good to go. They have been so friendly lately. I had a great day yesterday, I was at $96 before Q's and RR's, then it went down to $29 with $10 back in RR's. I was very happy.

Sarah said...

I went to Walgreens yesterday trying to do the Mascara deal and they told me because I had 2 items and 2 coupons I could not use my RR from last week too. So then I have to buy something over priced(b/c walgreens is normally overpriced anyway) to be able to use my RR. I was upset and left with my coupons and RR to try at another store. Walgreens is just not my fav store to get deals at I would rather skip the deals. I mean how are you supposed to use your RR then, because I always shop with coupons. Love all you do HIP

Anonymous said...

The RR is considered a coupon and you can't have more coupons than items when using them. So, you needed a filler, like a bag of m&m's or something small, then it would work.


Casey and Kimberly said...

thanks Kristy....I just went and tried at another walgreens and it worked fine. very pleasant people this time guess the night manager last night was in a grumpy mood! Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi, just saw poppycock on sale in 4 day ad $1.99 and back to school walgreens coupon book has $1 off and this past sunday had a .75 off so,
= .24 a bag that is a good treat for the mom to enjoy :)

Chrissy said...

Here is a tip for people who have trouble using a maunfacturer coupon on a register Reward producing item - keep an eye out for weekly Walgreens ads that show a RR promotion and also have a "Coupon savings in most Sunday papers!" banner on the picture in the ad. I have shown advertisements like those to a few managers when they give me trouble for trying to use a coupon, and they usually go ahead and let me use it when they see that yes, Walgreens advertises that you can use a coupon on the RR item. HTH :)

Deerie said...

I was sad because my $1.50 off Kellogs cereal is not good on the 'flavors' that are on sale at WalGreens...
Is still a good deal with the RR, but would have been better with a coupon!

Also, I didn't realize this, but you cannot use your RR for milk!
It says right on there, not for tobacco, alcohol, dairy, ....

That was a bummer, too!

Anonymous said...

I also tried to return a couple of items recently that I had paid for with RR and was told that there was no cash value for the items. It was $20 and he said I could only have $3 which was my OOP amount after my RR. Doesn't seem right that I should lose them. I took the items back home

Ali Smith said...

Good to know about the milk! I actually almost ran down last night to get milk there so that I could use my RR and get it free, but then wound up going to the gas station because I had to return a redbox movie...so definitely a good thing to know for future reference.

For all of those who feel that Walgreen's does not have great enough deals...I HAVE to disagree. This week already I have spend only $15 out of pocket on $97 worth of items and still have $20 in RR's to use! I LOVE Walgreen's. The only thing I dislike is that they are NEVER well stocked for sales and unless I go early Sunday morning (which I do) they are out of everything by the end of the day...very frustrating.

Melinda said...

Just a thought, I don't actually subscribe to my newspaper so I usually use my extra RR's to buy my 4 papers, which is $10 a week for me.

Anonymous said...

you can use cvs coupons on milk though. Just thought I would let people know. Can't remember what those are called right now LOL. EC or something. I haven't paid for milk in 2 months!!!

Anonymous said...

There will be a friends and family discount coupon for friday if you have any frinds that work at walgreens ask them about it

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Collin! This is also a great time to stock up on the monthly RRs that end on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

If my total has to be $25 after coupons, can I still use RR to pay that $25 or do I have to do that out of pocket?


Anonymous said...

I tried to buy the cheez-it crackers with the coupon posted, but the ones on sale do not match the description on the coupon. The coupon is for a larger size and the whole grain version, which they do not carry. Bummer!

Anonymous said...

I also am having lots of problems with the Rrewards. Mine have specific minimum purschase amounts now-my $3 one has min. $15 purchase and my $5 one has min. $25 purchase. Tried to use one today with manufacturer's coupons and 2 extra items which totalled $19 after 2 coupons but register beeped. Manager wasn't helpful so I will have to try another Walgreens store.

pattil24 said...

I LOVE this website! I just got back from a great trip at Walgreens, using Colin's deal scenario as a 'starter'. And it helped that my sales assoc. was awesome -- I was able to use the $5/$25 BEFORE coupons and combining a few things like the Huggies wipes and Rimmel Mascra ($2.49 after 40% and $2 coupon in Portland stores)still only spent $9.39 for 4 Huggies Wipes, 4 Rimmel mascra, 6 Poppycocks, 2 Reach toothbrushes, 2 Frosted Flakes, Goody headband, 2 Cheez Its, 2 Keebler cookies, 4 Velvetta cups, 3 Listerine Mouthwash, 2 Sudafed! And I got to use my RRs so they don't expire on me! YAY! Thanks everyone!

WiJoyMom said...

can you use the $5 RR from last week or will that void the $5 off on the transaction trying to do?

Anonymous said...

I ran into walgreens this afternoon to buy the poppycock but it was not marked on sale. When I asked the clerks about the 4 day sale they had no idea what I was talking about. They even asked the manager and he had no idea either! I decided to check another walgreens and again they knew nothing about the sale. I decided to have them scan the poppycock anyway to see if it would come up on sale and it did! I bought six bags!

pattil24 said...

I used several of my RRs from previous weeks -- as long as it wasn't for the same product it should work -- and as long as you don't have more coupons than items. I even made three back-to-back purchases to use 3 $5 coupons and was able to use the RRs from the previous purchases on the next one. It was a great day! My family just shakes their heads and laugh and then argues over who gets what! :0

reggierhy said...

I'd like to know where these stores get off trying to regulate the use of coupons! They get reimbursed! Not only do they get reimbursed but they also get a handling fee making coupons a money maker for THEM! And remember register rewards are not rewards at all, they are just manufacturers coupons too.

If these problems persist, i won't go to Walgreens anymore, their deals are not that great anyway. At CVS I never run into these kinds of problems.

Another rant not necessarily specific to Wags, why don't personnel know their stores coupon policies? How can that be? How many stores have we visited that still don't get that their own corporate policy allows for combining store and manufacturers coupons?

Anonymous said...


I was not able to use the $5RR from last week with the $5/$25. I bought Alli 120ct after Q $44.99 and 2 Reach prevent after Q $0.98ended up $45.97, the $5RR worked but the $5/$25 beeped, the manager said I can only use one and suggest me to use the $5/$25 and use the $5RR with no minimun require like $25 purchase. Still cheaper than Walmart anyways.

Unknown said...

the $5 /$25 coups says it expires 8/8 will it work ? has anyone had a problem using it? plmk mark