Monday, September 21, 2009

"Follow Me Monday": Walmart Shopping!

Today is Monday and that means my first edition of "Follow Me Monday"! Before watching the video, I want to let you know that I am aware of the simple fact that I'm a dork, so bare with me!:) I also want you all to remember this is the first video I have done, so I know a lot of improvements need to take place, such as shortening the time on the video. I'm hoping, though, you can still enjoy the video and get something out of it. It's in a way like a visual Walmart deal list. I will also be posting the details of all the Walmart deals I snagged later today--with coupon match ups and more, so stay tuned for that.

My goal today is to go in to Walmart, snag lots of great buys and spend $50 or less. Can I do it? Watch below and see:

UPDATE: If you cannot see the video, then just copy this link into your web browser:

NEW UPDATE: Due to some technical issues the video has now moved to my personal You Tube account. If you have chosen to follow me on You Tube make sure to follow me on the link provided above or go here. Thank so much!

Here's a snapshot of what I got:

Here's two detailed pictures of my receipt:
(Remember the $187 before coupons total you saw on the video was with tax and the pre-tax subtotal was $179.19)

Hope this helps you save at Walmart!

For more Walmart Deals and Walmart Coupons visit the new


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Betty Bird said...

In my area walmart won't let you use the $1 off .97 trial size because the coupon is more than the item you have to sneak it in a whole pile of groceries lol

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