Monday, September 21, 2009

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store 50% off Coupons!

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores are having a fantastic "Coupon Commotion" week! Thru Saturday, September 26th, you can use these coupons available here to save quite a bit!

Coupon Highlights:
50% off any one regular priced item
40% off any one regular priced fabric
and more!

**You can check Jo-Ann Store locations here.

(Thanks, Jennifer!)


Amy said...

The 50% off coupons are good from set 27 - Oct 3. All the rest are good sept 20 - 26

Kristen said...

My Jo-Ann's will take multiple coupons in one transaction as long as they are from different sources. So theoretically you could use one coupon from each of the following:
Direct Mail Flyer
Competitor (Michael's)
In-Store Flyer

Shelley Beaches said...

I used a 40% off to get a new coupon organizer!

Unknown said...

don't forget michael's accept these coupons also!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Joanns, does anyone know where I can purchase a small sewing machine for basic stuff like shortening pants for a good price? I see you can't use their coupon on the sewing machines or that dept. I'll looking for something that won't break the needle or jam up each time, yet just to do my basics to savec money on shortening pants, fixing seems, etc. Any ideas ladies? Thanks! You guys are always so helpful.

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