Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Coupons: Pull Ups Wipes, Pedialyte + More!

SmartSource.com has a HOT new coupon available again: Save $2 on any 2 Pulls Ups Flushable Moist Wipes. Use this coupon to snag the small soft pack of Pull Ups wipes for just $0.64 each at Walmart!
(Thanks, Nikki!)

Other New Coupons:

Save $3/1 Pedialyte
This is a high value coupon and should make for a sweet deal!
(Thanks, MamaCheaps!)

Save $1 on any one Del Monte Fruit Chillers Tubes or Cups (New Link) Click on the "Special Offers" link. These go on sale for $1.99 or less quite often, so just $0.99 after the coupon!
(Thanks, PrintableCouponsAndDeals!)

There are new Cellfire ecoupons available as of today, 9/22!
If you're unsure what Cellfire is, then read all about it here! The best thing to do is load all the coupons to your card. If an unadvertised sale or clearance deal comes along you'll be prepared! Plus, there is no penalty if you don't use the coupons.

Various L'Oreal coupons
Click on "Special Offers and Savings" in the bottom right hand corner
(Thanks, Rose!)


Anonymous said...

I cannot get into the L'Oreal website I keep getting an error message. Is anyone else having a problem?

Hip2Save said...


I just updated the link. Now see if it works.

Amber said...

Thanks for the heads up on Cellfire coupons - I love my e-coupons :o)

Denise said...

can anyone tell me when cellfire and shortcuts update their coupons? Colling do you know?
I went to the store yesterday stocking up on pillsbury products - shortcuts coupons and MQ's. Well wouldn't you know that cellfire released coupons today for all the items I purchased last night! I could have saved $6 more dollars! Does this happen to anyone else? just when you think you are an awesome couponer, you have something like that happen?? So frustrating!

Denise said...

ooops! sorry about the "g" in collin!

Anonymous said...

A few good Q I use found on Coupons.com if anyone is interested :)

$1/1 McCormick item
$1/1 Land O Lakes Seasoning

Use zip code 28451

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is the small pull up wipe pack? I have only seen the tub at walmart so far....

Thanks! Rachael

Anonymous said...

I think they are located down the aisle of the liquid hand soaps? i think i saw them there.

Hip2Save said...

The Pull Ups Wipes are in the personal care section next to the hard pack of Pull Ups wipes. I actually show where they are in the Follow Me Monday video.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh thanks!!! Someone must be buying the heck out of them because that slot is always empty at our walmart!

Dana said...

That happened to me yesterday. I missed out on the Nut Cluster $1.60 MQ last week so I decided to go to Vons with my $1.00 coupons, also the $1.00 Nutcluster coupon from cell fire wasn't there yesterday either. When I got home I saw the $1.60 was reset and then this morning the cellfire coupon was there. I still got a good deal but was a little frustrated that I could have profited instead of spending a couple of dollars.

Denise said...

Thanks Dana for making me see it isn't just me! Sorry about your timing too!

Shaylasr said...

I can't find the pull up wipes - can someone give me a zip please? Thanks. LOVE THIS SITE!!!

Anonymous said...


I see them in SmartSource.com and I typed in 90210 though I think they will come up for any zip :)