Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red Plum: 2 New High Value Starkist Coupons!

Yay! I'm super excited about these 2 additional new coupons available on

Save $0.75 on 1 StarKist Sandwich-Ready Tuna Salad Pouch
This is higher value then the $1/2 coupon in the 9/20RP.
Does anyone know the regular price of these?

Save $1 on any 2 StarKist tuna pouch products
The smallest size StarKist pouches are priced around $0.89 at Walmart, so possibly just $0.39 after the coupon!

**If you don't see the coupons, then try zip code 47140.

(Thanks, Melissa!)


Unknown said...

At Harris Teeter they are $1.59 in Northern VA, so $.09 or free plus $.66 overage, though I am not sure if the coupon is doubled or tripled. We got $.75 off coupons in our paper.

Anonymous said...

The albacore is slightly higher - I want to say closer to $2. My HT was already out of the albacore when I went tonight (also in DC suburb.) But I was able to get a few of the lights.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget HT is tripling coupons until Wednesday this week (at least Wednesday here in NC). However no overage. Their coupon policy has changed and now they will only double or triple up to the purchase price of the product. I was dissapointed in this but still better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

These are on sale at Albertson's right now for $1. YEAH!!

Joyce said...


Just saw this earlier and they are on sale here in Target Jax, Florida until 9/26.

Starkist Pouch - Tuna Salad $1.33
Starkist Pouch - Albacore $1.33
Starkist Pouch - Tuna Creations $1.33

Hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

What zip code is being used for the Starkist Tuna?