Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rite Aid Deals 9/20-9/26

**Remember you can go here and print a $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon that will make all the below deals that much sweeter! Also, don't forget that you can go on over here and participate in the Rite Aid Video Value program! Watch videos to earn various Rite Aid coupons--including a $5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon! ... And finally make sure to read this post about the new Rite Aid Gift of Savings Program that started on 9/13!

Single Check Rebates
(Rebates below are a limit of one unless otherwise noted)

Aquafresh Iso-active Toothpaste $3.49
Get a $1.50 Single Check Rebate #1
Plus, use the $1/1 coupon from here or here
Final cost $0.99!

V05 Shampoo or Conditioner 10 for $10
Get a $5 Single check Rebate #8 (on 10)
Use 3 $1/3 coupons from the Kmart coupon booklet
Final cost $0.20 per bottle!

Chemistry Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers $6.99
Get a $3.50 Single Check Rebate #63
Final cost $3.49!

Boost Nutritional Drink (6 pk) $6.99
Get a $1 Single Check Rebate #33
Use the $2/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Or from here
Final cost $3.99!

Proantinox (7.5 oz) $6.99
Get a $6.99 Single Check Rebate #23
Use the $3/1 Rite Aid Adperks coupon from here
Final cost FREE + a $3 moneymaker!

Huggies Baby Wipes tubs 64 ct, soft pk 40 ct, Wash Cloths 20 ct 2/$5
Get a $1 Single Check Rebate #40 (on 2)
Use 2 $2/1 Huggies Diaper Product coupons from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost 2 for FREE!

*HOT* Huggies Diaper Deal
Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Pull Ups or GoodNites 3/$33
Get a $10 Single Check Rebate #4

Coupons available:
$2/1 Pull Ups from the 8/16SS or from here: IE or Firefox
$2/1 GoodNites from the 8/23SS or $1 coupon from here
$2/1 Huggies Overnite diapers from here
$3/1 Huggies Pure & Natural diapers from here or here
$2/1 ANY Huggies Diaper Product from here: IE or Firefox
$2/1 Huggies Supreme or Pure & Natural Jumbo Packs or higher from here
(This is a Rite Aid Ad Perks store coupon--get friends and family to sign up for this program and they can share the additional coupons they don't want with you!)
**There is also a FREE Huggies vouchers you may have from a Single Check Rebate that was available last month.

Deal Scenarios:

Buy 3 Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers for $33
Use the $5 off $25 coupon from Rite Aid Ad Perks
Use 3 $3/1 coupons from here
Plus, use 3 $2/1 Rite Aid Ad Perks coupons
Pay $13
Get back a $10 Single Check Rebate
Final cost ONLY $1 per package!
(Thanks, ForTheMommas!)

**If you're worried about using that many Ad Perks coupons in one transaction, then you'll definitely want to check out the post Shannon over at ForTheMommas has here. She actually took the time to go to 2 separate stores and discuss with 2 different managers if this was allowed. I was pleasantly surprised to hear what they had to say!

Buy 2 Huggies Supreme Jumbo packs of diapers $11 each=$22
Use the $5 off $20 Rite Aid Perks coupon
Use the FREE Diaper voucher coupon (if you have it)
Use one of the $2/1 Huggies coupons from above
Use two $2/1 Huggies Rite Aid Ad perks coupon
Pay tax--if you don't have the free voucher coupon, then just use an additional $2/1 coupon from above. Instead of just tax, you'll have to pay $9.

Then do this transaction...

Buy 1 package of Huggies Pull Ups $11
Buy 1 Proantinox $6.99
Buy 6 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on sale buy one at $0.88, get one FREE
Use the $5 off $20 Rite Aid Ad Perks coupon
Use $3/1 Proantinox Rite Aid Ad Perks coupon
Use the $2/1 Pull Ups coupon from above
Use 6 $0.55/1 Reese's coupons from the 8/23SS
Pay $7.33

BUT then get back a $10 Single check Rebate for the Huggies purchased and a $6.99 Rebate for the Proantinox! Final cost all of the above FREE + a $9+ moneymaker! If you don't have the free Huggies voucher coupon, then your final cost for all the above will still be FREE with a few cents in overage too!

(Thanks, IHeartSavingMoney!)

**Let us know if you've cooked up any great deal scenarios in the comment section! If you have a blog, then feel free to leave a link!

Other Great Deals

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups buy one at $0.88 get one FREE
Use 2 $0.55/1 coupons from the 8/23SS
Final cost 2 for FREE + overage!
**There's also buy one get one free coupons in the 8/23SS (they're only up to a value of $0.79)

Mentos Gum $0.99
Use the $0.55/1 or $1/1 from the 6/21, 8/16 or 9/13SS
(the value depends on your region)
Final cost as low as FREE!

Nabisco Cookies & Crackers (4-8 oz) $0.99
Use the $0.75/2 coupon from the 8/23SS
Final cost just $0.62 per package!

Nestle Pure Life Water 24 pk $3.88
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $3.38!
**Don't forget about the Nestle Pure Life Rewards program too!

Clean & Clear products 2/$9
Use the $2/1 Clean & Clear coupons from here: IE or Firefox
Plus, use the $3/1 Rite Aid Ad perks coupon
Final cost FREE + $0.50 in overage!

Tag Body Spray buy one get one 50% off
Use the buy one get one free coupon from the 8/30PG
Plus, use the $2/1 coupon from the 8/2PG
Final cost possibly 2 for FREE!

Revlon Cosmetics buy one get one free
Use two $1/1 coupons from the 9/13SS
Final cost ?

G.E. Extra Soft White Light Bulbs (4 pk)-starting at 2/$4
Use the $3/2 in ad coupon
Final cost $0.50 per 4 pack!

**New to Rite Aid shopping?!? Check out this post!

For more Rite Aid Deals and Rite Aid Coupons visit the new


ilja said...

Where did you find the $3/1 Rite Aid Ad perks coupon!


Anonymous said...

concerning the diaper deal - How do they know it is a Rite Aid Perks coupon? When mine printed, it says manufacturers coupon. Do you think they'll let me use them all since they all (6) says manufacturers coupon?

Amber said...

In the 2nd deal scenario for the Huggies (in the 2nd Transaction) you're purchasing a pack of Pull-ups. Wouldn't that also qualify you for SCR #41 - $2 SCR. If so, it's an even better deal :)

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason that the Rite Aid $5/$25 is not working. I can not get the computer to go to from your link. I went there another way, but there was no RA coupon.

Mom Who Cares said...

TO anony 3:17pm:
THey say manufacture but they are obviously store coupons. You can use store coupons with manufacture coupons.

To anony 4:30pm: You do not go to to get it. You use her link and it takes you to riteaid and then you have to go to the adperks link to earn the coupons by watching quick videos.

Mom Who Cares said...

You know I read the bottom of them and they say that the coupon redemption is paid by the manufacture, not vaid if duplicated - does this mean you can use only 1 - not lets say 3 like in
Deal Scenarios:
"Plus, use 3 $2/1 Rite Aid Ad Perks coupons

Or, would I have to use different computers and emails??

Unknown said...

There is no 5/25 this week on Darn it!!!!


I love these

Lisa said...

how do you get more then one of the $2/1 huggies coupon to print on the rite aid ad perks? Should I create another account or can you print it off again with the same account? Thanks for all you do I love your site!

Mom Who Cares said...

that is my same question - it says for security reasons to only print once and then they remove the coupons.

When you select the print button it pops up a print screen and you can choose the amount of pages to print - so you would be able to print more than one copy. But, on the coupons they say not to duplicate as that voids the multiples. So, I have the same question as you

Seth & Heather McGary said...

What is the number at the bottom of your coupon? I'm curious to see if they are different for each person. If they are all the same I would think you could use more then one. I have the same question as you. I am also wondering how you can use it along with another manufacturer coupon.

Anonymous said...

my $5/$25 is:

My $2 huggies is:

Let's see if they are different or the same :)

Anonymous said...

My huggies is the same number as yours. Have I used multiples of the same multiple perks coupons before in a single transaction with no problem. Hopefully this works, it's a great deal for diapers!

Anonymous said...

opps..I meant to say I have used multiple coupons, not have I...sorry

ilja said...

Where did you find the $3/1 Rite Aid Ad perks coupon!


Anonymous said...

Question-I've never done the Rite Aid thing, don't know why, but whatever. Are the Single Check Rebates actual checks that you get back or are they Rite Aid checks for you to use only there? Thanks in advance!

Seth & Heather McGary said...

My number is also the same. Hopefully they will take more then one. The only thing that I do see that might cause a problem is if they only allow one per customer like the coupon says at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

from anony 4:30pm: What confused me was you said the blog said there was a $5/$25 so I assumed it was a coupon - but it was the video values and they are $5/$20.

Tara S said...

if you ask questions...its easier if you make up a name instead of using annonymous so they are better answered. just make up whatever you want you dont need to put your real name... so annon who asked about the checks....i just found this out cause i got my first check the other week and emailed rite aid to find can either cash them at the store or cash them at your bank. I thought that was pretty cool getting actual cash back.

Unknown said...

1) Single rebate checks (SRC) - sign up online, enter ALL receipts, rite aid applies your receipts to any current promotion/rebate. (the fall of savings thing is great too!)

2) You can use multiple Video q's. When I watched mine I got multiple nexxus q's. I used them in the same transaction, with the on sale nexxus, - q's, - scr ($5 back on a $10 purchase, up to 4 rebates per person).. got a great deal in nexxus..


Different scenario!
Buy 2 @ $11 each- $22 total.
- $5 off 20
- 2 $3/1 from huggies
- 2 $2 off/1 from RA.

$6 OOP

transaction 2
2 huggies wipes @ $2/5
1 huggies diaper @ 11
1 clean and clear product

- $5/20 video q.(my mom gave me hers)
- 2 $2/1 huggies product q
- 1 $3/1 pure and natural diapers
- 1 $2/1 huggies video q
- 1 $3/1 clean and clear video q
-1 $$2/1 clean and clear man q.

total was 20.50
q's = $19

OOP - $1.5 (+ $6 from trans 1)

total OOP = $7.5 AND you qualify for the $10 huggies diaper SCR, and $1 huggies wipes SCR

so you MAKE MONEY! On diapers! whoohoo!

Tara S said...

amber...i just check about the pull ups rebate and they are for the mega packs and this one is for the jumbo pakcs....drat!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for sharing your transaction idea. It will save me even more money than what I was planning for!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the clean n clear video anymore.

Kirkham Family said...

I cannot find the pure and natural $3/1 huggies coupon what zip code do I use??

Anonymous said...

just got back form Riteaid- what a BUMMER trip. Clean & clear was not on sale, the mgr would not let me use the Huggies "diaper product" coupons on the bath products & also I could only use one $2 riteaid coup for the diapers per trans.

I could have used 1 per order, but then forfeit my $5 off $20. I did get the diapers & it was still a good deal, but what a bummer on the rest. Glad I got up early to nab the deals :(

Live Free ~ Love Free. said...

I have two $2 off and I can't remember which printed as the Rite Aid perk coupon - but neither of them have the numbers suggested here. I was anonymous 3:17 (couldn't remember my password) and my coupons look exactly the same as the regular manufacturers coupons. My Rite Aid is not exactly very friendly so I don't want to cause problems and would like to have a clear picture of things before I go in. Maybe I'll just get brave and try it out. I'm going to have to really figure out which scenerio will work best for me. Thanks for all the great tips and advice. are the numbers I find on my $2 off coupons (not sure which ones y'all need):



Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this but in my free issue of Self magazine today there were 4 RiteAid coupons on pg 76. $2/1 olay definity color recapture, $1/1 sensodyne pronamel gentle whitening, $1/1 tylenol 8 hr and $2/1 zyrtec all expire 11/01/09.

Live Free ~ Love Free. said...

OK - now I'm really confused...I just signed up my husband for an account for the perks videos so I could get an extra coupon and the screen that appeared was very different than the one I got yesterday. It actually showed coupons that had Rite Aid on them and the RC I'm hopeful that the correct ones will print out (our printer is next door at our business and I haven't gone over there to get them). I'm excited that i may have the right ones now!

Anonymous said...

You can't use the huggies diaper product coupons on the huggies wipes - it beeps. It only ;lets you use them on diapers

Hey Anony:
Next time grab the rite aid ad when you go in - they clean and clear sale is specifically on the ad on the back page I believe. It says they are 2/$9> he has to honor it. I always grab the ad and chek everything as I buy,

Live Free ~ Love Free. said...

fyi - i used my huggies diaper product coupon at walmart with no problems.

Live Free ~ Love Free. said...

sorry - meant to say I used them on wipes and changing pads at walmart...for free and nearly free products!

Mom Who Cares said...

thanks bonnie - I know wipes are only about 2.49 at walmart - I was thinking of doing the same thing.

Suzy said...

I just had a great trip at Rite Aid. I did 2 transactions:

Trans #1: Bought 2 packages of huggies diapers ($11 ea.) and 1 clean and clear cleanser ($4.50). Used $5 off $20 Rite Aid coupon, Coupon for free pkg. of huggies diapers, $2 Rite Aid & $2 Manufacturer Huggies coupons, & $3 Rite Aid and $2 Manufacturer Clean and Clear Coupon. Total before coupons was $26.50, Paid $1.50 OOP

Trans #2: Bought 1 package of huggies diapers ($11), 1 clean and clear cleanser ($4.50), and some filler items to get my total up to $20 (mentos gum and lipton tea bags that I had a free coupon for). Used $5 off $20 coupon and same huggies and clean and clear coupons mentioned above. Total before coupons was $20.87, paid $2.38 OOP.

So, total I spent $3.88 and I will get a $10 rebate on the huggies. My cashier was really nice and she didn't have any problem with me using all of my coupons.

jenn said...

I did a deal with 3 pullups, since that's what we needed.
3/$33 on sale

$10 rebate
$5 of $20 video rewards coupon
3 $2 off pullups (total $6 off)
Paid: $23 oop
but after the $10 rebate it will be $13.

Got each pack for about $4 which is so GREAT or three packs for the price of ONE.

C and G said...

can anyone tell me how long it takes for the RA perks confirmation code to come to your inbox (typically)? I registered this morning and did 20 pts worth of videos for my $5/$20 purchase coupon but I am still waiting for a confirmation code to come to my inbox so I can get my coupon . . . and yes :) I checked my spam :)

Caitlin said...

My transaction
(3) huggies pure and natural
(2) huggies wipes
(2) clean and clear facial scrub
(8) reeses peanut butter cups
Coupons used
(1) 5/25 coupon
(1) 5/20 coupon by accident!
(3) 3/1 pure and natural
(3) 2/1 huggies RA video
(2) 2/1 clean and clear
(2) 3/1 RA video
(2) 2/1 huggies diaper product
(4) B1G1free reeses coupons
Total was $11.03 which i paid for with gift cards I got through SCR in July.
Getting back
$10 diapers
$1 wipes
$1 clean and clear
$10 fall savings
I was VERY HAPPY this morning!!!

Kathy527 said...

I have a question...yesterday I went to RiteAid and they had a BOGO CoverGirl going on and I had a BOGA CoverGirl coupon making my entire purchase FREE (Wahoo!). So today I went to the store and they were offering a "Buy a Fusion razor cartidge...get a Fusion gel free". I had this exact coupon. I am new to couponing so I thought I had stumbled upon another great deal to share. However, when I tried to submit my coupon, the salesclerk told me that all I would get for FREE were (2) Fusion gels and I would still need to pay for one Fusion cartridge. Why is this different from yesterday? Can you straighten me out on this? I did end up going to another RiteAid to question the purchase and they were quick to tell me that I shouldn't have even been given an additional gel for FREE and that this coupon should not have been honored at all. They even told me that yesterday's deal should not have happened. Sad to say...I ended up returning my first purchase of the cartridge and the (2) FREE gels and left disappointed :(

GSR said...

Hi Any body , any idea whether the rebate # 4 for USD 10 is valid on "Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants"

Lynne said...

Old Deal Good Again! Soy Joy Bars are on sale again 10 singles for $5. I still had four of the $2 off ten single bar coupons - I think they were SS. I purchased twenty bars for $6 tonight along with the toothpaste, Mentos, Nabisco, Dove and Viva deals.

MamaMataUSMC said...

Does anyone have a copy of the Rite Aid coupon policy?

Annalee said...

Can you use more than two $5 off $20? If you spend $40 in the same transaction? Or do I have to do them separately?

Anonymous said...

As far as the coupon policy goes all I know is: If you call RA Corporate they will tell you that you are only allowed one internet printable coupon per transaction (this is also posted next to all the registers at the store I shop). However, For me it depends on the cashier that I get. I essentially know who works when and so I only shop on days that I know I can use my IP coupons

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what sizes are the Huggies Jumbo packs are? I did not find any packages that say Jumbo.

Lynne said...

Hi: Does anyone know if you can use the $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon with the new 20% off Rite Aid Brand Items coupon in the same transaction??? Thanks!

Annalee said...

I went to Rite Aid Yesterday and they allowed me to use both coupons $5 off $20 in the same transaction as long as my total was over $40. Just FYI

SavininPA said...

PS-There is a SCR for Nabisco ($1 back when you buy two--limit 3) that works with the small boxes. In the nabisco back to school mailer was $1 off two , they are 99c each====free cookies

SavininPA said...

correction to above, coupon was in 8/23 SS NOT the booklet, that one was for multipacks

Tara S said...

kathy527 the reason it didnt work is you would need your coupon to say buy the shave gel get the cartridge free. then they both would be free. both coupons stated that you had to buy the cartridge first. so they were right on that. however the covergirl is correct the way you did it. i did the stayfree pads like that i while ago. its the same as combining a store coupon with a mani coup. some managers might not allow it though so i guess ymmv on that one. hth

Anonymous said...

the mgr would not let me use the Huggies "diaper product" coupons on wipes --me neither.
I did get cheap Alavert--on clearance for $2.74 (regular $10.99) -$1 RA Video Q and $1 IP = 74 cent Alavert!

trash2cash4u said...

The Huggies jumbo packs are eligible for a .75 rebate per pack from Caregiver's Marketplace. Every little bit helps!!!

Jen said...

Anyone else not able to find the revlon coupon in either of the SS inserts for 9/13???

Nina T. said...

Well I did my diaper deal yesterday! Worked out great!