Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sears Update & JCPenney $10 Coupon Code!

Well, I just wanted to update you all on the $10 Sears Juniors apparel coupon. Sear corporate sent a letter to every single Sears store telling them NOT to accept anymore printable versions of the $10 coupon. I guess too many people were abusing the coupon.

Please note the coupon found inside the October issue of Seventeen magazine is still being accepted.


On a positive note, though, it looks like JCPenney is offering up a new $10 of your purchase of $10 or more coupon code! Just go on over here to shop online and then type in this code ( ENJOY10 ) at checkout. Shipping starts at $4.50. Find an item on sale or clearance to get a sweet deal!

Remember to go through! You'll get a $5 sign up bonus if you're a new member and 5% cash back from your JCPenney purchases! The $5 sign up bonus will make shipping FREE!

(Thanks, SheSaved!)


Anonymous said...

Would have been nice if Sears posted the sign on their door that they weren't accepting the coupon. Instead I spend my rare moments without a child shopping there, just to find out it was a waste of time! I'm very disappointed in Sears.

Nicole said...

Ah that's suxs! I was going to use my first one today! I knew I should of went during the week!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed too. It seems like more and more companies are putting out promotions that are just too easy to abuse and then pulling them when they get in over their heads. I mean, offering what amounts to a $10 gift card with unlimited prints and then being surprised when people use more than one just doesn't make sense to me. Just like the hot sauce issue and any number of other deals that got pulled. Oh well. One of my errands for this weekend was to go to Sears and get my free stuff, but I also need a new toaster and baby clothes, and you can bet that'll happen at another store now.

Melissa said...

Anyone know if there's a JCPenney $10 coupon to be used at the stores instead of online? Dont really want to pay for shipping :(

MyNameIsPearl said...

I'm furious that Sears is blaming the customers for this. It's not anyones fault but the person/committee that released the coupon in the manner that they did.
How can they say the coupon was being abused? There were no restrictions on it-so no one could have abused it. That's lame-and I think they should have taken the fall for it.
I agree with the first poster-there should have been an employee at EVERY door alerting customers and explaining that corporate would not allow them to accept the coupons and that they understand how frustrating it is, but there really is nothing they could do about it at a store level, and maybe offer like a 10% off or something. Unfortunately, after being treated the way I was when trying to redeem the coupon, and given the speech about how its the fault of other customers-I will probably never set foot in a Sears again.

Anonymous said...

To those upset about the coupon being pulled:

Look if a company puts out a coupon that gives you $10 off a purchase, do not take in 5 coupons, even if no limit. THINK and be grateful - use one or two coupons and be grateful - do not blame the companies when people go in with 10/$10 off coupons then they do not pay anything and thousands of people are doing that.

A company should have to say not to do that - shouldn't that be common sense????

Anonymous said...

Not real sure what paying tax has to do with the Sears coupon, and I've never heard anyone here complain about paying tax on a store transaction. In any case, stores and manufacturers don't give out coupons because they're kind and generous; they get people to try the product and buy at full price later or buy a product that they may not otherwise, or to come into their store instead of another. Nothing wrong with that at all, but coupons aren't gifts. When companies offer really good deals, lots of people will want to take advantage. That shouldn't be surprising. It also shouldn't be surprising that people abuse them. It's not right, but it's predictable. If they don't make the effort to put some sort of control on it (like only offering the magazine coupon in the first place), I kind of think they need to eat their mistake and learn for next time rather than making their customers suffer.

Anonymous said...

On that note - continued:

So many people do not care and do not see the error in their ways. People in AMeria are raised these days to do for themself regardless who they hurt, but god forbid anyone screws them over.

I see a lot of people here alone on this blog posting how they got great deals from their coupons and their final balance was $-0.30 (for example) and after tax they paid $1.25 (for example) and their before coupon total was $35 (for example). What erks me is everyone here knows for a FACT the coupons say YOU, NOT THE MANUFACTURE MUST pay the tax. Why is it so hard for people to throw in something for 50 cents extra and pay that darn tax. It is just change people!!!!!! You are alredy getting an awesome deal. But, nooooooo everyone wants more and will abuse the terms if need be and if the cashier will let them.

YOu know whoyou are I am talking about here! And, then I see sooooo many people complaining when companies refuse or deny coupons and give people a hard time using them. Geeeee I wonder why?? Anyone and everyone who even abuses the terms even slightly are stealing from the companies and are the ones at fault for angry managers.

So, do not complain when great offers are retracted if you are one person who has even ripped a company off .30 because people that .30 adds up when even only 1/3 of you are doing it. I am sure you would be irritated if I came into your home and took .30 a day from your money jar and turn me into the police. It is the same thing. So, when your sub-total ends in a negitive ($-.??) Show the business you apprieciate their taking coupons and pay the difference up to a positve. Many of those coupon manufactures will not pay that tax and it will be a loss on the business you went to and they have to pay it for you. THis makes the managers mad and it is those peoples' fault when the managers treat you and others badly.

So, to anonymous - what is surprising it that people abuse these offers to being with, and don't see it as abuse. Don't blame the companies - blame the americans who think they are more important then anyone else and can't limit themselfs when something nice is offered to them.

Take a stand and show the business you shop at your care and pay the tax, also do not take in more than 2 - x amount off with no limit coupons :)

Make the managers happy - make it a point to let the cashiers know you are willing to do so if you see your subtotal hits the neg.

THis info goes back to the managers, and as long as they see people care, they realize not everyone is ripping them off and they tend to be nicer to coupon shoppers. All because they see I pay the tax and treat them with respect and ask them how their day is when I come in. Respect goes both way - spread it !!!

I think the blog ower should write a short post about paying the tax to encourage her readers to do so. She is a leader here and people love her, it makes sense she should.

:) take care everyone and teach others to pay the tax when you see them post they had a neg and didn't bring it up to a positve. ALso, do not print more than 2 or 3 pdf coupons that are money off, no limit - limit yourself.

Anonymous said...

opps _ I thought I deleted that first post. darn it wont let me....

Anonymous said...

I will ask the blog owner to delete my first post that was an accident to submit it before I editied it.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to make it in on Thursday evening and got four new shirts! They were having some issues scanning the coupon but the manager approved to manually key it in as $10 off. It's sad that they had to revoke the coupon because a few people decided to abuse them! Makes us couponers look bad... :(

Anonymous said...

Has anyone used the coupon that is inside the magazine at the store yet??? I might buy the magazine and go get some more clothes.

Anonymous said...

To Melissa I got the actual coupon in the mail to us in the store so you need to be on their mailing list. I am on it but do not have the credit card. Not sure how I got on it though. HTH

Kelley said...

I was at Sears Thurs. morning, and after my daughters fell in love with a couple of shirts I found out that they wouldn't take the online coupon. Thankfully I had my free $10 mall gift card from Collin's earlier post, so I was able to get them their gear with no tears. The checker had to get on the phone with her manager when the coupon was beeping as expired, and I heard her say that no, the coupon wasn't from a magazine but was printed on paper. This tells me that they are indeed taking the magazine coupons still, as those are from a much more limited source. I hope that helps, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The JC PEnny coupon isn't taking:

Carter's® Newborn 6-pack Washcloth
Item# FK340-1255B
Color: Yellow

Original $17.00
Sale $9.99

In Stock $17.00
Savings ($7.01)

Please use this area for any
Special ordering instructions:

Total Savings: ($7.01)
Subtotal: $9.99
Shipping & Handling: standard $5.95 express $17.00
Gift Wrap: $0.00
Tax: $0.60

Order Total:
I selected something on clearance for 9.99 - it took the code, but is still charging me 9.99 + shipping.

Any advice???

Jessica said...

Yeah, when I went to the store this past Thursday the sales lady told me that the coupon was not meant to be used for a whole order. I ended up buying a full priced $20 dress for $10 (the striped one with black belt) and the coupon had gone through fine. However, the lady in front of me bought a huge load of clearance items and her total was $12.00 and some change but the coupon beeped b/c the coupon was meant for ONE item over $10.

Anyway, it is kinda sucky though that they pulled the coupon. I was gonna go back and get one of those Hello Kitty Tees.. they seemed to cute!

Jessica said...

*to Anon above.. it has to be $10 or above.. not $9.99.. find a small filler item to make it over the $10 subtotal to use the coupon.

Anonymous said...

thnx jessica

Anonymous said...

I too had the unfortunate experience of shopping at Sears yesterday with children just to be told at the end that my coupon would not be accepted. Which was fine. I am an adult and understand. I am, however, furious with Sears as a company for not posting signs or filling in their own employees in on the matter. I waited for 20 mins. at the checkout for the manager to finally come down and fill her employee in on the coupon situation. She was THE rudest person I have ever dealt with. I will never shop at Sears again.

Anonymous said...

I agree that people should not abuse coupons! You are all basically saying that because someone in corporate made a mistake by making the coupon and PDF file and not putting an amount that you had to spend that it gives you the right to go get $100's of dollars worth of FREE stuff???

To me, that is just like saying if a cashier "accidentally" left her drawer open then I have a right to lean over and take the money.

I knew this coupon was too good to be true, and I would have felt like a criminal just to have tried to use it, so I never even attempted.

I did however, go to Sears last night (without the coupon ;) because I heard of all the Clearance stuff being an extra 40% off. So I was able to get 2 pairs of nice jeans for $10 CASH. I never used a coupon, and I still got an awesome deal.

I would have felt so guilty using that coupon, and for those who used multiples should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

To each their own, but they are still taking the magazine one. I went today and used mine.

Unknown said...

I spent over an hour finding something that fits and then I find out they were not accepting it. Not a happy camper......

Anonymous said...

That is good they are taking the magazine ones. They probably stopped taking the printed ones due to people abusing the print button.

What magazine is it in? - so others here know where they can get one they can use. The magazine ones limit people - so that may be why.

Hopefully, those people who "each their own" don't cause more companies to stop making and accepting printed coupons. Because they affect everyone else - so it isn't their "own" if that is what you meant?

I am a firm beliver in do what you wish - (that is) as long as it doesn't hurt my family or others.

And, abusing coupons hurts everyone!

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is they will let you buy 10 mags and use the coupons from there but they won't accept 10 of the printed coupons. Where does that make sense. I think its Sears fault for putting the coupon PDF not us customers. We didn't make the coupon. But I guess its easier to blame us.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't use mine last night either. Today I tried to use the $10 Things Remembered coupon and it was the same thing. They will only accept their coupons now if they are emailed to you.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have to buy, key word is, "buy" magazines - which most people will not do. I mean how much do they cost each, where printing coupons is a click of your print button.

So, anyone who blames the company is someone who didn't learn to "only take one piece of candy and leave some for others" when they were a child.

I know when I would trick or treat, some people woul dleave a bowl of candy at their door when they were not able to be home to pass it out.

This is called an honor system, have you ever heard of HONOR?? I have seen people take a whole bowl and dump it in their bag and leave none for others. THis is wrong there is no justification for it, blaming the person for "leaving the bowl" out is plain ignorant and is no excuse for being greedy.

They were being nice to share candy when they couldn't be home and leave it up to the bad apple to ruin it for everyone else!

Again, wrong is wrong and blaming the company for using an honor system, does not justify the failure of the greedy americans who could not limit theirself and just be polain thankful.

Anonymous said...

Yes, maybe people should think twice about abusing such coupons and maybe it isn't entirely the company's fault but if they are going to put the coupon out there without limitations, then they should wonder if maybe it's just too easy for people to abuse and might have thought twice about adding limitations to the deal. Now they've got a bunch of angry customers that may take their business elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I am sure most of those who abused the coupons, didn't shop their anyways - So, If it were my company the ones who are mad, can go elsewhere - the others understand the company was being abused and are probably loyal and honest shoppers.

With the exception of the rude cashiers - that is never acceptable. It wasn't the ones who honestly came in with a coupons fault that this happened and they didn't know and the notice must have been jsut getting out, that the cashiers didn't learn yet. So, absoluty I can understand being upset and not returning, but I jsut call corportate and they usually handle it real nicely with me and I generally stay a local customer.

Their are 2 kinds of people - people who appreciate the value of a dollar and the hard work that goes into running a company, and the others who want a free ride.

Nik said...

If you go to JC Penney's website and click on Today's Store Ad there is then an option for View Coupons. They always put up all their current coupons to print off and take with you. The $10 doesn't start until Sun, so I'd check the website then:)

Anonymous said...

If they didn't want people to get "free" stuff or practically free stuff. they should have worded the coupon differently. I will NOT take the blame for their error. I'm grateful for the coupon, but their ploy did work....I bought something in addition to what i could use my coupon with.

Anonymous said...

i wasted my time 4ever there, found 3 tops b/c they had a horrible selection waited 20 minutes because it kept saying that it was expired. they had not seen them at all yet 2 days ago. She finally after i had waited and gone through 5 people said you got this out of a magazine on printed paper...I was so sick of all the drama I just said yes. she then said she could manually over ride it but i would need to spend 50 more cents instead of just taking off 9.50, I just left they can keep the FREE clothing if I have 2 work that hard. The 1st words out of the managers mouth were NO MINIMUM PURCHASE, that's good, however i needed 2 spend 50 flippin cents. Sometimes people act like u r a criminal b/c u r using a coupon,. I know a girl who makes over $300,000/yr she says I don't care how much $$ i make I will always look for the deal and use the coupon. I have had it up to my ears with kmart and sears and their coupons. Kmart announces right over the intercom consumables are anything to make u look or feel better( even ur favorite soap). they give u a coupon $3 off edibles OR consumables, I tried 5 different ones before I said to heck with it. Then the last round of super doubles I bought 2 nail files $2 a piece and had a coupon for $2 off, doubles to for as it has always, I do 6 trips each week during super doubles. They tell me it won't go past the price of 1 item. Therefore it doesn't double at all. Tell me how this makes sense. They change the rules every time and from person to person. You know the rules better than they do and they treat you like a flippin criminal. Sorry for the rant it just ruins my day, going through all this. Hope your luck is better than mine. Dawn W.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

everyone must place a blame, get over it, the company made a mistake and now it is over, how is using a coupon that a company has on its OWN site abusing the coupon. I used the coupon on several visits not one visit. I asked the manager when i went in and she said great deal and i used one that day and went back another day. Blaming the consumer for something you have in place is silly, they pulled it after realizing they were not making money off of it and now it is gone. Move on people. and make sure when you print something that you dont do it more than once unless it is clearly stated on the site that you can use your back browser to get that second q..or better yet next time you go into target to get those great deals. Please read the fine print of your target printable q and use just ONE because that clearly states one per transaction.

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

That's too bad about the Sears coupon. I was going to use it when I went to get some clothes for my husband, but now I guess I'll probably go to Kohls (it is closer!)

Thanks for the heads up about the Penneys coupon! I just bought two badly needed t-shirts for my son for $7.05 total!

Anonymous said...

I say that is both the customers and Sears fault. If they post a coupon online and have unlimited print, then people are going to abuse it. But what's worse is when people abuse the coupon and ruin it for everyone else. Iwas not planning to pritn the online coupon since I had a coupon from Seventeen magazine, nor did I plan to bring more than 1 coupons, because Sears was generous enough to give the coupon in the first place. Also on another post, I saw comments where people said they used the same coupon 5 times and paid 30 cents. Whoever those people are should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

When Sears first put the coupon out everybody was so excited to see it PDF. But now that they took it off your saying we abused it. I got some much needed clothes and I'm not ashamed.

discount guy said...

thanks so much for the discount code :D every lil bit counts :)

Unknown said...

The darn coupon is still available on their site! This is a doubt about it! I won't be shopping there ever again, not that I do any way.

coupon guy said...

figures a printable coupon would get used this much :P they should have a way to regulate the amount printed