Monday, September 14, 2009

Soup Plantation & Sweet Tomatoes Club Veg!

Sign up for the Soup Plantation & Sweet Tomatoes Club Veg and you'll get $75 in savings throughout the year! Plus, all September long you can play in their Club Veg Celebration Garden to win all kinds of money saving restaurant coupons! I played and just won a coupon for a $19.99 Family Dinner!

(Thanks, Michelle!)


Cathy in Pa. said...

I joined and played should of checked for locations before hand.

I played and won a Family Dinner for $19.99 which I can't use.

If you are interested in this coupon, please mail me at: in subject line please put Hip2save.


Anonymous said...

won the same thing

Anonymous said...

The family dinner isn't really a great deal - i just called to find out the dinner prices and the "family dinner" would only be $22 normally. Does this really count as "savings" ? :) haha.

Becky said...

I did this and picked the tomato (on the far right) and it said I won a free tomato timer and then asked for my address and then gave me the same coupon as everyone else.
Thanks hip2save!

JP said...

we get these types of coupons all the time in the paper.. plus a bogo free meal with p of 2 drinks..

Anonymous said...

I won a BOGO Adult meal coupon (not requiring purchase of drinks). They often have coupon flyers in Wednesday papers, but those are only valid with purchase of 2 drinks, so this coupon was a bit better.