Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Target Deals: Crystal Light Clearance Find + More!

Cherissa emailed about finding a great clearance bargain at her local Target. She found the Crystal Light individual packs by registers on clearance for just $0.68. She used the $2/2 coupon from the 9/13SS to get 2 for FREE + score $0.64 in overage!

**As with all clearance, it may or may not be available at your local Target.

(Thanks, TheFrugalMuse!)

A couple other new Target Deals:

Archer Farms water crackers $1.49
Use the $1/1 Target coupon
Final cost $0.49!
(Thanks, Lara!)

Celestial Seasonings Tea bags $1.77
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 9/27SS
Final cost $0.77!
(Thanks, Kay!)

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Anonymous said...

Yes I found these on the end cap near canned goods. I posted in another comment area about them last night :)

Lori said...

My Target (Temple, TX) will not let me use the coupon on these Crystal Lights. The cashier told me the coupon picture has to match the item. She refused 3 other coupons as well (trial sizes) telling me I couldn't get those items for free. I haven't been back since :(

Ashley B. said...

I bought those almost 2 weeks ago, I wonder if I can get a price adjustment? Also I bought the Bertolli frozen dinner since I had $1.50 Target coupon + $1 MGR coupon, now they are on sale for $6, so I'll be heading to get $0.59 back per bag!

Anonymous said...

found these a week back. and manager would not adjust coupon down... uuuuggggggg

Chrissy said...

I found these at my Target about a week ago on an endcap with the groceries, and I did get the overage! :)

Unknown said...

I found the clearance Crystal Light packs in the clearance end cap by pharmacy at my store. My cashier adjusted the price of the coupon down to match the price of the items... no overage! :(
At least I got them, though!! It looks like some people couldn't.

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

I used the coupon on them a week ago got overage and found them by the checkout chips. It was a miracle day for me at Target I swear.

Amy said...

the target in Syracuse NY would not allow the crystal light coupon either.

Anonymous said...

The coupon beeped at my Target in Taylors, SC and the manager said that the computers have been reprogrammed to automatically adjust the price down if the coupon is valid. She also said that the item must look like one of the pictures on the coupon no matter what it says. So they wouldn't let me use them.

30 Rocker said...

I got this deal also today, but sure had a fight with the cashier in order to get it. Luckily I had the policy printed out and informed the cashier of her own policy. A nicer younger cashier came over and even though she didn't understand coupons, she finally adjusted it down and allowed me to use all 3, so i was able to get 6 of them just for free! I suggest to take the policy in and keep insisting until they do it!

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Rachael said...

I bought these coupons on ebay...I have 20 of the $2/2 for the crystal light. I've been sending my husband to the target by his work every day armed with three of the coupons...and whatever else we want to score. They've given him overage EVERY time. It's been fun! :) He cracks me up because he said the trick is to keep the cashier talking and then they just push through anything that beeps. I'm so proud of him...he's turning into a couponing husband. =D BTW- this would NEVER work at the target in our town. They're WAAAY to picky!

Lynne said...

Heads up on Gillette Men's Hydra Body Wash tonight saw it on clearance at my Target for $2.72 - I used the $2 coupon that came in a razor and got it for .72! Also I know there were $1 body wash coupons in last Sunday's newspaper insert. Also small travel size Kleenex tissue was clearanced further to .18 a packet! These are the orange, green yellow packets with butterfly, frog, bird or lizard on them. I've seen them in the travel section and on clearance endcaps at the two Targets near me in CA.