Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walmart: FREE Kotex & FDS Sample Pack!

Wahoo! More great Walmart freebies are available! Snag a FREE sample kit of Kotex and FDS products! Just go on over here and click on the "Get Your Sample Kit" link.

This Kits includes the following:
1 Kotex Ultra Thin Overnight Pad
1 Kotex Maxi pad
1 Kotex Lightday Pantiliner
1 Kotex Security Tampon regular
1 Kotex Security Tampon super
1 sample new FDS feminine wash

**This sample pack will include coupons too!

**Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery!

(Thanks, Tressa!)

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mrs. b said...

awesome, thanks!

aussie said...

I love FREE samples. It makes going to the mailbox so FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great, with all the free samples I have been getting of these types of products I hardly ever have to buy any :-)

Shelly T. said...


Maryanne Gobble said...

Today in the mail I received this kit from Kroger. Some good coupons.

I posted about it here:

Lynne said...

I received mine yesterday and it is a very nice freebee! Mine came with one coupon for a free full size box of pads 16-18 count! No other coupons, but I am not complaining!