Thursday, September 3, 2009

Win a Marc Jacobs Bag or Kate Spade Clutch!

Kaboodle has a fun new giveaway to enter, the Back to Classics Giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a Marc Jacobs handbag! Plus, four weekly winners will receive glamorous accessories too--this week you could win a Kate Spade Clutch! Just go on over here and create a 1980s-themed styleboard! Good Luck!

Other Fun Sweepstakes to enter:

Pace is giving 129,000 first price winners a coupon for a FREE Pace product, with a maximum value of $4! The odds of winning seem better then most sweepstakes. 1 in 20 will win a FREE jar! If you win you'll receive the coupon in the mail.

Wanna try?!?
Just go on over here and register or log in to play. If you need a code you can use SAL235.

Ashley, from ShoppingFrugal, emailed me about this fun instant win game! The Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Give-Away will have a new $5 gift card winner every 10 minutes, 100 winner's a day! They will be giving away a total of 40, 608 $5 Gift Cards between June 1st-March 9, 2010! Wow!

Just go on over here and register to play. You will need to enter a cash code found on specially-marked packages of Honey Nut Cheerios or if you don't have your own code, use this free code: K30FR-H4F3H-7720 .

You may enter a code up to ten times per day. You may use the same code more than once too! The best part--you can win up to 10 time during the promotional period! That's a total of $50 in FREE money you could win!


Anonymous said...

The new Pace Salsa game does not let you print your Q like it did the last time. This time they are mailing out the Q's.

Anonymous said...

I won $5 on the honey nut cheerios giveaway! Thanks for the tip!

nicole-ohio said...

Hi, Collin
Just wanted to say thanks so much for all your postings you do for us. I have saved so much money reading your blog 3-4 times a day. I have seen some negitive post on here lately and hope that doesn't get you down please dont stop posting we need you. Please people you dont have to point out every little mistake she makes or misses its just unnecessary!!!If It wasnt for her I wouldnt have 3 closets full of free items. thanks again.

fran said...

I won the Pace contest today...actually I've won 3 times with the new contest. I've won 4 times with the Honey Nut Cheerios...this is fun, especially when the coupons or checks come in the mail.
If you don't play, you can't win:)

Anonymous said...

lucky! I've played Pace many, many times and won once. Once is good..but more would be great lol.

Cheerios I've never won :(

Anonymous said...

tried to design a 80's style about 4 times..but page freaks out and say an "oops" pop up and erases all my work..oh well..not for me, but someone might have more luck! :)