Tuesday, October 6, 2009

$75 Worth of Hasbro & PlaySkool Toy Coupons (New Link)

Did you already reach your print limit on all the great PlaySkool and Hasbro toy coupons on Coupons.com? Well, guess what?... You can print out another set of $75 worth of toy coupons! Just go on over here to access these! Remember, you should be able to print 2 of each coupon per computer.

These coupons will make for some sweet deals... especially paired with Black Friday deals and after Christmas sales and clearance!

(Thanks, Denise!)


Amber said...

SO many coupons, SO little printer ink! :) Thanks for all of the great high value coupons! You can tell I'm a coupon geek, because it almost feels like Christmas printing these all out. :)

Cathy in Pa. said...

Wow, is the shelter and orphanage going to be happy with all the toys my husband and I will be dropping off for Christmas this year.

Thanks for all the great posts.

Anonymous said...

I second Cathy. The Shepard community Christmas store will be all stocked once I hit the black Friday sales.

But one page per coupon? How about 3 per page?

Anonymous said...

Anybody having problems with coupon getting cut off at bottem of page becauce of art taking up whole page.