Monday, October 5, 2009

Bank Of America: $35 in FREE Money for New Online Bill Pay Customers!

Do you have a Bank of America account? If so, you can snag $35 in FREE money if you switch to online bill pay and make 3 online payments within a month! Just go here to check out the details and fill in your banking info. I already use online bill pay and absolutely LOVE it! I schedule all my payments and never have to worry about forgetting to pay a bill!

**Please keep in mind that this is a special limited time offer available to existing consumer and small business customers who have not made a bill payment with Bank of America Online Banking within the last 6 months.

(Thanks, MojoSavings!)


Mom Who Cares said...

Yeah know - I haven't opened up a new bank account after I moved back to Idaho; I have been using my old one. I went the other day and finnally opened up a new account and read that. I use bank of america bill pay anyways. I am making 3 of my normal bill pays this week on the new checking account for the free money!!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't apply to me b/c I already use the service, but it anyone is on the fence about trying it, go for it....! You can save a ton of $$$. First, it's fast and easy. Second, they either wire the money OR send the check for you. With stamps at .44 a pop, that adds up fas.t If you send 20 bills per month, you could save $105 in stamps over 12 months.

Staying Lean said...

Most of mine are automatic debits that I signed up for on the website of each company however there are a few I pay with check I will have to scrape something up to get this deal for sure! I need it!

Mom Who Cares said...

awesome - I just noticed that Collin posted this applies to small buisness customers too. thanks collin!

I opened up a small business account at the same time. I will do 3 bill pays on both accounts in hopes for free $70!! Both accounts are new, but I read my packets they gave me and they do save that if I do bill pay in the next 30 days I get the free money!! cool!

Mom Who Cares said...

opps - say not save

Anonymous said...

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