Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bath & Body Works: FREE Travel-Size Item!

Bath & Body Works has a new coupon available: Get a FREE Signature Collection Travel Size Item with ANY purchase (up to a $5 value)! This coupon is valid through October 21st!

Also, don't forget that the coupon states ANY item, so look for an inexpensive product. Think clearance, a small hand sanitizer, nail file or any other product priced around $1-$2!

(Thanks, Mary!)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this! great coupon

Anonymous said...

In OK the Bath & Body Works are selling a 2 ounce lotion trial sample for $1 (trial sample for a new line of products call Twilight). I buy the trial size lotion for $1 when I have a coupon for a FREE item with any purchase. I have a nice supply of Bath & Body items for Xmas now.

Anonymous said...

I had a recent experience there where the cashier said it HAD to be a lotion the same price in order to get the travel size lotion free! I said, NO it states with any purchase." She wouldn't let me get a hand sanitizer at all. I should have spoke with a manager, however I was in a hurry and there was a line behind. So beware of rude cashiers!!!

Sarah said...

When I was there today using this coupon, the cashier gave me their Christmas Gift Guide booklet. Inside are three coupons:
(1) Free item of your choice (up to $13) with $15 purchase (thru 11/8)
(2) $10 off $30 purchase (11/9 to 12/13)
(3) Save 20% on your entire purchase. (12/14 to 12/124)
Make sure to ask for it if your cashier doesn't offer one!

Anonymous said...

i hope i have enough time to stop by there today =)!