Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coupons.com: 3 $1/1 Playtex Gloves Coupons!

Coupons.com keeps dishing out new Playtex coupons! I posted yesterday about the $1 Discover Playtex GreatLengths Disposable Gloves coupon. Well, now they have 2 additional coupons available:

save $1 on any new CleanCuisine Disposable Food Prep Gloves

Save $1 on any Discover Playtex Living Gloves

**I think I've seen the Playtex gloves priced around $1-$2 at Walmart, so they should be very inexpensive after these $1 coupons!


Cathy in Pa. said...

ShopRite had the Playtex Living Drip-Catch Cuff gloves on sale this week for $1.49, making it .49 after coupons. Great price.

Thanks for the post.

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

yeah!!! I JUST saw these at Walgreens...they are $2.99 but they have an in-ad coupon that makes them 99cents ... I used the $1 off coupon from 10/4SS with that to make them FREE ... it was on the Handsaver gloves, but I think this could still work, right? anyway ... thanks for the great coupons!!

Amber said...

We don't have a dishwasher and I use rubber gloves religiously when I am washing dishes. I'm so excited about these coupons.

While I was there, I noticed that the Lactaid milk coupon reset for me - yay!

Michele Clarke said...

Gloves are 10/10 at Acme.

Anonymous said...

Any confirmation that these will work at Wags???? TIA

Anonymous said...

Keri Lyn

The coupon that you used. Was it for those or did it just work on a over site?
Please Advise i would really like these. Dishes kill my hands.

Tori said...

I used them at Wags today. Just be sure to handover
the $1 manufacturers coupon before you give them the
walgreens in ad coupon to make them .99 cents. If you don't the coupon will beep and they won't let
you use it.

Gina S. said...

Gloves are 10/$10 at Albertson's in SoCal starting tomorrow. I just got the ad in the mail 10 minutes ago and then saw this post. Yay! Thanks!!

Unknown said...

Albertsons sale starting 10/7
Thanks to couponsdealsandmore for the heads up....
On sale:
$3 off instantly WYB 10 ($10; $1 each)

(10)Playtex Gloves $1
- $3 off instantly
= $7
- (10) $1 Playtex disposable gloves coupon (from the 6/28/09 SS inserts)
= FREE! (actually should end up a $3 moneymaker as the gloves will adjust off $3 in price)

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

I wish I knew what coupon I used, I don't have any Sunday inserts left with that coupon ... but I have in my notes (I have to keep notes...I am not very sharp, lol...that is why I always check Collin's site!) that there is a Playtex Glove - $1 coupon in the 5/3, 6/28 and 10/4SS. (the 6/28 must have been regional, because I didn't have that one) ... hope that helps!

Lauren said...

Hmm, not sure if they have these ones at Walgreens, but it is worth checking :D

And you don't have to hand over the coupons before the in-ad coupon, it works either way :D Very nice! I have some cashiers who really insist on doing the in-ad coupons first and I was worried, but no problems at all!

Anonymous said...

Albertson's has them for .97 this week.