Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Earth Fare: FREE Pantry Makeover Promo!

Do I have any readers who live near an Earth Fare? If so, I have some excited news for you about an awesome FREE Pantry makeover promotion they're running!

Just take any of these "unhealthy" products:

Peanut Butter with hydrogenated oil
Any Soda
Cereals with High Fructose corn syrup
Salad Dressings

...And trade them in for the Organic Earth Fare brand version for FREE! The best part is that it doesn't matter if the unhealthy products you're trading in are full... they can have a couple teaspoons left inside... it doesn't matter!

Just go here and register to print your coupons!

**Earth Fare stores are located in GA, SC, NC, and TN. You can check locations here.

(Thanks, SouthernSavers!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! fine print reads "Pantry makeover valid for one exchange item per CATEGORY", so it looks like we could get 5 items exchanged.

Sarah said...

i live near one! thanks

Anonymous said...

Someone post if they try it. I am curious to the size you get.

Anna said...

Wahoo! Thanks for this! I LOVE this store! They opened here in Johnson City, TN last October, and they are fabulous, just a little pricey. I still get certain things there regularly, though. I will be trying this out by Friday for sure and will post to let everyone know what I got!
Thanks, Collin!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO jealous!!!

Kristin said...

I can't wait to try this!

Hi Anna! I'm in JC too!