Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hooked on Phonics: Huge Overstock Sale with Additional 50% off Promo Code!

Yay! Hooked on Phonics has another great overstock and clearance sale going on! Plus, you can use code SLICK50 to get an additional 50% off! Wahoo! Shipping starts at $5.

Bargain Highlights:

Learn to Read Kindergarten-1st Grade (2007 Edition)
Was $139.95, now only $39.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $20!

Learn to Read - Pre-K Premium Edition (2007 Edition)
Was $64.95, now only $19.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $10!

Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read - Second Grade (2007 Edition)
Was $46.95, now only $14.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $7.50!

Hooked on Spanish
Was $64.95, now only $19.95
After 50% off code--ONLY $10!

Hooked on French Deluxe
Was $99.95, now only $24.99
After 50% off code-- ONLY $12.50!

Lots of their products have already sold out, so hurry!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I had just priced the prek version at Toys r us and it was 70.00, thanks to you I got it for a total of 16.08 shipped!!!! My daughter is going to love this for Christmas...she is wanting to have "schooltime" like her big sisters! Thank You!

Anonymous said...

what store is it, the link on my computer is not working?

Sara said...

That is SO awesome. I got the Pre-K one for my daughter for Christmas - $16! I wanted to get the K-1st grade for my niece's birthday, but it is already sold out!

Jon and Christine Knecht said...

i found the Pre-K on clearance at target last fall for $9.44. Also, if you want to save some money ;) ;) try this website.

my son taught himself to read with this site. Plus, you can sit with them and help them learn how to work the computer too!

Anonymous said...

Hooked on Phonics

Anonymous said...

This is awesome, thanks sooo much! Got my prek edition!

Anonymous said...

I could never get my daughter to do any of it.

Theresa said...

I ordered the Advanced Reader set about a month ago for my 8 year old son who is a little behind on his reading. Since getting started he has improved so much. Yes you do have to sit down with them and it does take some time. But I must say it's working for us. I'm seeing a lot of improvement.

Miss Mouthy said...

I've been getting deals here and there from your site, but this is the best one yet! Thank you so much for posting all these great deals!

Carrie said...

I have been eyeballing the Pre K for awhile. I went ahead and got this, it's such a great deal. I'm going to replace some of our story time with Hooked on Phonics in hopes that my daughter can get started on reading.

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten 1st grade is sold outalready

Carla R. said...

OH MY WORD! THANK YOU Jon and Kristine for the info on! I just checked it out and it looks AWESOME! My girls (4 & 5-Kinder) are going to have so much fun with that, and of course learn at the same time! Wow! Can't believe it's all free! I love it!

I found the Kindergarten H.O.P. set at Shopko on clearance for $10 about a month ago, and I love all the books that the kids can color as they read! TONS of tools for the money! I was interested in the Hooked On Spanish, but it looks like a lot less content. Has anyone used this?

Hillary said...

I just ordered the pre-k edition and some workbooks and games for 37.96 I saved over 64.00 dollars. The shipping was not five dollars still low shipping cost of 7.00. I think it will be good for my little girl for Christmas. Yeah!

Jannel said...

Jon and Christine- Thank you for posting that site. I added it to my favorites. My son loves playing on the computer, so I think he will enjoy learning to read while "playing" on the computer!

Andrea said...

I have the Learning to Read K-1 I bought last time Hip posted it. I am willing to sell it to someone for what I paid for it. I was really wanting the prek one last time but could not find it. Now I am going to get it but I don't want both. I paid $30. email me if interested.

Mandi said...

We own both the Hooked on Spanish and the Hooked on the Bible and have loved both. This is a really great deal!