Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IKEA: FREE Kids Meals thru 10/25!

This week, October 19-25, participating IKEA stores are offering up FREE kids meals--NO adult purchase necessary! Kids can choose 3 items from these choices: five meatballs, mac & cheese, PBJ sandwich, kids yogurt, two cookies, chocolate milk and more!

We don't have an IKEA store nearby, but I've heard fantastic things about IKEA. My sister absolutely loves all their furniture, especially the prices! From seeing some of the pieces in her house...well, I'm guessing I would like their furniture too! I've also heard IKEA has a nice kids play area! If only all furniture stores did this!

(Thanks, The Bargain Jargon!)


Mom Who Cares said...

I was just telling my husband we could cut back on eating costs by only going to places with free kids meals!! lol -

Hey to anyone interested:
You can order completely free Snuggie Blanket. It arrives in about 6 weeks. No s&h nothing! They may call you and ask how you like it, that is it.


Anonymous said...

I love, love Ikea!! It is a good thing the closest one to me is about eight hrs away LOL When I used to live near one they even provided babysitting in the kids play area so that you could do your shopping without kids!

Anonymous said...

sweet!! we were thinking about heading there anyways, now an even sweeter trip!

Lynne said...

Mom who cares: Thanks for the snuggy heads up! It does say that you agree to let them know how you like it. In six weeks, it will be welcome!

Jannel said...

Mom who cares: Thank you for the info. I just ordered one to try. I hope all you have to do is the phone survey!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Snuggie info. I ordered one and then also ordered one for my mom!