Friday, October 16, 2009

Instant Win Reminders: Lean Cuisine, Dove + More!

Sweepstakes & Give-Away Reminders:

Lean Cuisine has a fun sweepstakes available. Every Friday, 125 people will win FREE lunch for a week in the Lean Cuisine Free Lunch Fridays sweepstakes. Just enter every Friday thru October 23rd. A total of 2,125 people will win FREE lunch for a week! Yay! If you win, you'll get 7 coupons for a FREE Lean Cuisine ($26.53 value). Good luck and let me know if you win! (Thanks, Freebies4Mom!)


Kikkoman has a new $10,000 Dream give-away sweepstakes to play! Just go on over here for a chance to instantly win $10,000 or various other Kikkoman prizes, such as cookbooks, celebriduck and Kikkoman products! Good Luck and let me know if you win! (Thanks, Callie!)


Shell has a new sweepstakes to play! There are 104 weekly gift card prices of $100 or more! Plus, you could win FREE fuel for a year! Wouldn't that be nice? Just go on over here to play! (Thanks, CouponersUnited!)


Play the Dove Dimensions instant win game and you could win a Full-Size Dove product! There will be 85 winners each day! Just go on over here to play and of course let me know if you win! (Thanks, FrugalRIMama!)


Pace is giving 129,000 first price winners a coupon for a FREE Pace product, with a maximum value of $4! The odds of winning seem better then most sweepstakes. 1 in 20 will win a FREE jar! If you win you'll receive the coupon in the mail.

Wanna try?!?
Just go on over here and register or log in to play. If you need a code you can use SAL235.


Ashley, from ShoppingFrugal, emailed me about this fun instant win game! The Honey Nut Cheerios Sweet Rewards Give-Away will have a new $5 gift card winner every 10 minutes, 100 winner's a day! They will be giving away a total of 40, 608 $5 Gift Cards between June 1st-March 9, 2010! Wow!

Just go on over here and register to play. You will need to enter a cash code found on specially-marked packages of Honey Nut Cheerios or if you don't have your own code, use this free code: K30FR-H4F3H-7720 .

You may enter a code up to ten times per day. You may use the same code more than once too! The best part--you can win up to 10 time during the promotional period! That's a total of $50 in FREE money you could win!



Anonymous said...

Haven't won the Dove insant win game yet (the spin one). I doubt I ever will:( Did anybody else win anything. I wish I did!!!

Megan said...

I entered all of them with no luck:( I will try again soon:)

Anonymous said...

I just won the pace for the 5th time. Havent recieved a coupon in the mail yet. I hope there is not a limit.

heidi said...

I just won Pace for the first time. Yay!

agemomof2 said...

I just won pace for the first time..very cool!

Anonymous said...

I think you can win the Pace one up to 4 times. It takes a while to get the coupon but you will receive it. I know mine took way over a month to receive.

ILona said...

No on the Pace..
No on the Dove..
WON on the Cherrios!
Thank You!

Anonymous said...

I won Sheraton earlier and won Pace twice. hmmm not bad :)

Anonymous said...

I have won Pace quite a few times. I guess I got lucky, but ya..I think it's 4 or 5 times per email address.

NEVER won the Dove, or Cheerios...or VS undies...or the sauce...and I play everyday. All I ever get is "Sorry! You didn't win today. But come back tomorrow for another chance!" lol

MalibuBeachBum said...

Haven't won jack! Well, not yet anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't won the Cheerios yet either:( Always says "Sorry. Maybe next time." I never have any luck with these types of game. Guess I just have to keep trying and maybe one day I'll win. Hopefully!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Heather said...

I won a jar of PACE! sweet.

Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

Did anyone try the Shell one? I filled everything out, took the survey, clicked submit and the next page was blank. Huh? Anyone else have the same problem?

Julie in KnoxTN said...

I won the Lean Cuisine during the first week it was ever posted, before it made the rounds of ALL the blogs. And my 7 coupons showed up within maybe 10 days!

Tiphanie said...

Wish i could be luckier. : ( congrats 2 winners!

NattyA61 said...

I won the Pace one the other day! Yay! That's all so far, though.

Anonymous said...

and I lost..........again lol :)

Anonymous said...

I won the Lean Cuisine!!! YAY!!

Shian said...

I've won Pace three times and just won Cheerios. I couldn't sleep, so I played at 2:30 am which I think increased my odds.

On Shell, the screen is blank for me too, but if I scroll up there are words.

Anonymous said...

I play as much as I can ut have never gotten any wins. The other day I finaly won a pace coupon but when I clicked on the link to retrieve the coupon it said sorry you don't qualify. I was so pissed so I wrote the company and asked why this was. The letter is below and I feel pretty insulted.

Ms Patricia Maley, we received your message and appreciate your taking the time to contact Campbell Soup Company.
We invite you to our website where you can view the official rules regarding this promotion. As stated in the official rules;

Instant winners will receive immediate notification online from sponsor after they play the game if they have won a prize. Winners should print out the winning game play message to keep a record for their files. To redeem their prize, click on the link provided on the winning game play message. Follow the instructions to receive your coupon. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of offline coupon. In the event that the coupon is offered online, printing of coupon must occur in one transaction, and should be completed immediately upon winning of prize.

Unfortunately, throughout the duration of the Pace Hand Pick and Win 2 promotion, the Consumer Response Center cannot grant your request for a coupon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for visiting the Campbell Soup Company website.

Campbell Soup Company Web Team

Kristianne said...

You said to let you know if anyone won, so I thought I'd post to say I did! I opened the letter tonight and was so surprised to find seven coupons for free lean cuisine. I plan to give the coupons to my good friend who's husband eats these every work day for lunch. My friend and I both got into couponing this year and love your website! Thanks so much for posting about this game. =)