Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Target Deals: Archer Farms Crackers, Chex Mix, Eggo, Bagelfuls & Ocean Spray!

Wow! Thanks to Sarah over at Give Me Neither, here are quite a few more Target deals to look for while shopping:

Archer Farms Classic Water Crackers 4.4 oz. $1.49 (reg. price)
Use the $1/1 Target coupon
Final cost $0.49!

Archer Farms Snack Crackers- various flavors $2.19 (reg. price)
Use the $1/1 Target coupon
Final cost $1.19!

Chex Mix $1.99 (reg. price)
Use the $0.50/1 Chex Mix coupon from here
Plus, use the $1/1 Target coupon
Final cost $0.49 per bag!

Eggo Mini Pancakes 2/$4 price cut (through 10/12)
Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 10/4RP
Plus, use the $1/2 Target coupon
Final cost $0.95 per box!

Eggo Mini Waffles Homestyle 2/$1.84 price cut (through 10/12)
Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 10/4RP
Final cost $0.37!

Bagelfuls Strawberry Cream Cheese $1.89 price cut
Use $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.89

Ocean Spray Cocktail drinks $1.98 price cut (through 11/30)
Use the $1/2 Target coupon
Final cost $1.48 each!

**Don't forget that you can snag Pop Secret for $0.65 per box, FREE Pond's Towelettes and more Target deals here and here!

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Amy said...

I actually got the Turtle Chex Mix today for free + an overage b/c my store had it at a price cut for $1.34, keep your eyes peeled! Thanks Colin for all your help!

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I wanted to say that I just came back from Walmart disappointed coz the cashier did not accept Nature Valley Nut Cluster coupons ($1.60off 1 printed from So I ended up buying 2 bags for regular price ($2.48). I spoke to Customer Service but the lady could not explain why they couldn't accept the coupon. Anybody else had a problem using this coupon?
- Jane

MomDG said...

The Nature Valley Nut Cluters, nut lover variety, are on rollback at Target for $2.50. I had no trouble using the $1.60 coupon at Target. Anon, you are a nicer person than me. I would have told them to take the product off my ticket! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Target has a 50 oz snuggle on sale for $3.99 and there was a coupon last sunday for $3 off (RP). I thought 99 cents was a great price.

Anonymous said...

Was the Eggo coupon from the RP a regional coupon? I don't think we got it here in TX.

Anonymous said...

Anybody tried using the $1 off dove shampoo coupon on travel size? Walmart did not accept it.

Heather said...

i cant find the redplum eggo coupon here either, utah

Kristin said...

To Anon 9:26 - Are you referring to the Dove coupon in last weeks insert? If so the coupon specifically excludes the trial size. HTH

Anonymous said...

Walmart in Twin Falls,ID had Bagelfuls for $1.58 so $.58 after coupon

Abby said...

I just left Target and although I did get some good deals that cashier was so rude to me. He told me that we just don't get any money when people do things like this. I said yes you do you get money from the manufacturer. He glared at me and said only when they do it correctly. Oye I think I am going to be calling their customer service I didn't do anything wrong!

Anonymous said...

I always have problems at target. the last time i went i was i couldnt get things for free. so they charged me a penny for some items.

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't complain to the cashier, demand the manager and call corporate when you were charged a penny.

Anonymous said...

Wow I found this other website and it is an exact copy (almost of Collin's) She, however, gives no credit to Collin. How strange... Take a look for yourself

Anonymous said...

Nature Valley Nut Clusters are $2.50 and the bricks $1.60 coupon has reset yet again

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks..I went into Target y'day, and actually I don't usually shop there..but w/the recent coupons and seeing how I can save, and Learning that they do accept the web coupon & manuf. I was in luck. :)
That is not to say I had troubles, b/c the first thing the lady cashier spurted out was 'we can't take but one coupon.' I was prepared, (as Collin tells us to do by printing off the Target coupon policy and keeping it w/you-taking it w/you) all it took was showing the cashier, but she still had to have confirmation from the CSM or other person over her. Luckily, then I had no problems. It feels great to go in and be able to walk away w/deals, but better yet, free ones or those close to that. Oftentimes, I know it is just fear that they are doing something wrong by granting our coupons and in essence, the item(s) become free or for pennies. I think overall, in all of this, we won't always get every deal for every price aforementioned, everytime. Things & prices are sometimes different in diff. towns, ads, etc. Being persistent and just stating what you know to be true are often all you'll need. Sour grapes are everywhere! ;)

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to shop at a Target that had a sign up - at every register - that says they accept manufacturer's coupons. Obviously not a surprise. The bonus was the fine print - and I mean fine print - "we accept one manufacturer coupon AND one target coupon per item." Cashiers shouldn't give you a hard time - they have the signs hanging next to them at every register!

Patty S said...

I saved a ton at Target today & loaded up on snacks! My kids needed it the cupboards were getting bare. Target Richfield(?) MN had Klondike Ice cream sandwich's, Kemps Ice cream, Breyers Ice cream items plus popcicles for just $1. Klondike coupons expired today. I got cheap ice cream treats!