Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Cellfire ecoupons to Load to Your Card!

... And More!

**The best thing to do is load all the coupons to your card. If an unadvertised sale or clearance deal comes along you'll be prepared! Plus, there is no penalty if you don't use the coupons.


Anonymous said...

Could you clarify how these card loadable/phone loadable ecoupons work? I've been reluctant to add them to my cards since I have worried that they would conflict with the paper coupons that I may present.

For example if I present a paper coupon that when doubled would make the purchase free, could/would these loadable coupons take precedence in the computer and supercede my paper coupon or do these coupons "stack" on top of the paper coupon?

I've checked card loadable sites to try to understand how card loadable coupons work in conjunction with paper coupons, but can find nothing.

A detailed blog highlight on this concept would really help.


Michelle in NC said...

How do you sign up for these if your cell phone service does not include texting service?

Amy said...

As of right now, the e-coupons come off in addition to your paper coupons. There is no conflict. I have wondered myself if in the future they will figure out a way to track it so that you can only use one or the other. But, for now, you can use them all.

Michelle in NC said...

To clarify my above question...

I entered my non cell phone number and the website refused to let me sign up saying my number was not a cell phone number.

Tori said...

you don't need to receive texts on your cell. I've been using Cellfire and Shortcut.com for several months(and it is unbelievable how much free stuff i get just from those coupons, plus you can use paper coupons with it), and i've never received a text from them. It really is a great thing.
The totals just add up and become overages so just make sure you have enough stuff to cover all of the overages.

Michelle in NC said...

Tori - Thanks for the info!

I was worried they would send me texts and my cell carrier would charge me $1 per text which would negate any savings I might possibly use.

Thanks again. Michelle