Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Coupons: Nasoya, Blue Bell, Fruit Bars + More!

Coupon Round-Up:

Save $1.25/1 Nasoya Silken Style Creations

Try zip code 33855 , if you don't see the coupon.
This is a dairy free, lactose free--Vegan product.
(Thanks, Tressa!)

Save $0.50 on one package of Whole Fruit Bars

The Proposal DVD coupons:
Save $5/1: IE or Firefox
Save $10/1 Blu-ray: IE or Firefox
Target has the Proposal DVD priced at $15.99, so $10.99 after the coupon. They also have the Blu-ray edition priced at $25.99, so $15.99 after the coupon.
(Thanks, CouponGal!)

Save $1/1 Blue Bell Half Gallon Ice Cream (Coupon Reset!)

Login or register to access the coupon.
(Thanks, FrugalRacingFanMommy!)

November Issue of Marie Clare
There are 2 high value Olay Quench coupons inside this issue! There's a $3/1 Olay Quench coupon and a buy one get one free Quench coupon! (Thanks, Tressa!)

Save $0.50/1 Family Size box of Hostess Cupcakes
This coupon is also available on Red!
(Thanks, PrintableCouponsAndDeals!)


Couponing4myTacoma said...

The olay quench ones are also in Family Circle and Better homes and gardens (I think) OR Glamour as well. I don't know - Check all your magazines for the olay ones. I have 4 copies of both Olay's from all my magazines. LOL

Sophie said...

My Walmart had a great deal on Blue Bell a couple weeks ago. The big sz was on sale for $3.98. $2.98 with the $1.00 off coupon. Hope it goes on sale again!

Anonymous said...

publix has the blue bell for $3.99 this week.

Anonymous said...

Kroger is having a 3 day sale (ending Thu) in the SE region. Bluebell for 2.98. I also found the Olay coupons in my mags. Think it was Real Simple and either Cosmo or Glamour.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Nasoya Silken Creations! (I've only tried the Dark Chocolate, but with these Qs, I'll try other flavors.) It's (like) a delicious pudding -- smoothe, creamy. I have eaten plain (as a pudding) and, also, used it as a filling in a graham cracker pie crust. (Wow!!:) Though I used chocolate for the first pie, I'm going to stack starwberry on top of chocolate next time for a layered (hopefully delicious) pie. (Add some whipped cream & fresh berries!)

Silken Creations sells for $2.99 at (our) Publix; I haven't seen it elsewhere. It, probably, takes two containers to fill a pie crust, so these Qs will be a help. Too, I think Publix had Nasoya products BOGO many months ago, so watch for that. (The coupons I have are good until 03/10, if I remember correctly.) ;)

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to copy and paste the link for the Proposal DVD in an email? I wanted to forward it to friends but it doesn't work when i send in an email.