Monday, October 19, 2009

New Coupons: Ore-Ida, Hormel, Dial + More! just released a high value Ore-Ida French Fries coupon: save $1.50/2 Ore-Ida French Fries! As I've mentioned before, the Ore-Ida Extra Crispy Easy Microwavable Fries (4.75 oz box) are priced from $0.75 to $0.99 at Walmart and various other grocery stores. Final cost will end up being as low as FREE after the coupon!

Another new coupon that's available: save $1.50/1 Hormel Refrigerated Entrée! This is nice value coupon and should make for a pretty sweet deal when paired with a sale.

**If you don't see the coupons, try zip code 90210.

Other New Coupons:

Classico Coupons
Resister to access these coupons.
(Thanks, Ulili!)

Save $1/1 Johnson's Baby Wash: IE or Firefox
This is a new link! (Thanks, Tressa!)

Dial, Hansen's and Triaminic coupons

Save $0.50/1 Dial Complete Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash Pump
Save $0.50/1 Hansen's Natural 64oz Juice
Save $1/1 Triaminic Product
To access the coupons, click on the link on the right side of the page- in the blue box that says, "Click here for money saving coupons for Cold and Flu Season". These are SmartSource coupons and will print immediately after clicking the link.
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Theresa said...

I think we have a Target q for Ore-Ida too!

Anonymous said...

Those Ore-Ida french fries were 1.25 at my walmart! what a rip off for as many as are in the box. I would never buy them without a coupon. But I must say, they were good.

Nicole said...

There are Meijer mealbox coupons that can be paired with the Hormel $1/2 and Ore Ida $1/3. If you bought three it would be pretty cheap to free.

Ulili said...

Target is having a sale this week on Classico sauce only $1.84 should make for a great deal when paired with the coupon

Debbie said...

I have the $1.50 ORe-Ida coupons from the insert - but they say "off bag" - so would they even take it on the small box? I'm wondering if the printable coupon has the "bag" language on it - if anyone knows could you please post? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I too have the inserts, I love their fries! I have only been using them on "bags" because I don't want to deal with a picky cashier. I did however print off these from, and it does not say bag. It says off any 2 ore-ida french fries!! so, this one will work on the little boxes. HTH

Anonymous said...

walmart would not accept the Ore-ida coupon. The register beeped and the cashier won't accept it. Nor for the Klondic ice cream bars too.

Anonymous said...

I used the coupon for 1.00 off klondike bars at Walmart...they were on roll back from 3.50 to only 1.50 for a 6pack of klondike after coupon...awesome! The oreo one's are sooooo good!