Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Coupons: Renuzit, Skinny Cow + Lots More!

Printable Coupon Round-Up:

Buy 1 Renuzit Adjustables Air Freshener, get 1 FREE
There is also a buy 2, get 1 free coupon and a buy 5, get 2 free coupon available! Use zip code 44256. (Thanks, Tressa!)

Save $0.55/1 loaf of Aunt Millie's Early American Bread
Use zip code 44256.

Save $0.55/1 Aunt Millie's Spreadables Mini Bagels
Use zip code 44256.

Save $1 on any one Thai Kitchen Product
The Thai Kitchen noodle bowls and small cans of Coconut Milk are priced around $1, so possibly FREE after the coupon! Use zip code 44256.

Save $1 on Delightfully Skinny Ice Cream Cones: IE or Firefox
These are yummy-- guilt free treats! (Thanks, Beth!)

Save $0.75/1 package of No Yolks
Just register to access this high value coupon! This should make for a very sweet deal when paired with a sale!
(Thanks, PrintableCouponsAndDeals!)

Save $0.50/1 Bachman Popcorn or Lite Popcorn
Use zip code 01089. (Thanks, Tressa!)

Save $1/1 bottle of Arbor Mist Wine
This is a RARE coupon and great for the holidays!
(Thanks, Tressa & Cindy!)


Anonymous said...

There's a no yolks rebate from the 10/4 SS.

Anonymous said...

The $1 coupon for the Arbor Mist product is not a coupon but a rebate for $1 - factoring in postage and your time, it may not be worth it. Unless someone is seeing a coupon that I am not? Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thai kitchen did not reset for me. Still shows print limit reached. :(

Anonymous said...

Anon - I got an actual $1 off Arbor Mist coupon not a rebate. Check on the right bottom corner of the webpage and it says something like get $1 coupon.

Debbie said...

I also just got a reabte for the Arbor Mist and I tried on 2 different computers. Maybe it depends on the state you live in, it might not be allowed in some states. just a guess.

Anonymous said...

I had a coupon for $1 in Wisconsin. I never get the good Target deals Collin talks about but Arbor Mist worked. LOL

Anonymous said...

OMG! I put in Wisconsin and it printed the actual $1.00 coupon (which will be great on Weds. when my Farm Fresh doubles!) However I guess other states just automatically print you rebate. So use Wisconsin as you state. Now they are great for cheese and wine...LOL! Charli from VA

Abby said...

It says Washington state does not allow them to let me print the coupon for wine. Bummer!

Mrs.Litz said...

No wine coupon allowed in Alabama either. *pout*

Abundant Life Church Blessings Project said...

No coupon for Indiana either! SNAP!

Anonymous said...

I got the rebate not the coupion in NY but when I did wisconson I got the actual coupon and was able to rpint two!

Anonymous said...

Arbor Mist doesn't work in NC.

Keri Lyn @ She Saved said...

I saw the Renuzits on sale at Albertsons for $1 each!!!

Jaclyn said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the others who previously posted. I am in California & Arbor Mist printed a rebate form & i ws kinda bummed (after adding the postage, etc- not really worthy it!). Then I changed it to Wisconsin & whala a coupon came out (I was able to print 2)! Whoo Hoo! Maybe pay with the $1 off & send in for a rebate? The rebate forms don't seem to exclude any states. =)

Anonymous said...

The reason why you may be getting a rebate form instead of a coupon is because it is NOT LEGAL to redeem a manufacturer coupon for alcohol in certain states. Virginia is one, for example:

Doing a little Google work would have made some of you understand why you're getting a rebate form and not a manufacturer coupon. Geez, stop putting in Wisconsin as your state.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, since the URL was cut off in my previous comment, here is the link:

The important part says:

"We have discovered some wholesalers are distributing manufacturer instant discount coupons that are not approved for use in Virginia. In some cases the coupons state they are legal in Virginia, but they are not.

3 VAC 5-20-90 allows manufacturers of alcoholic beverages to use only refund (by mail), not discount (at point of sale) coupons. The refund coupons may not exceed 50% of the normal retail price and may not be honored at a retail outlet, but shall be mailed directly to the manufacturer or its designated agent by the customer. Such agent may not be a wholesaler or retailer of alcoholic beverages."


"Any manufacturer coupons that are designated for instant discount to the consumer and reimbursement from the alcoholic beverage manufacturer to the retailer must be removed immediately to avoid charges against the manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer."

This is a document at the site for anyone who thinks it might not be legit.

Anonymous said...

Indiana does not allow it either...but I live on the Indiana/Kentucky line..and Kentucky does allow it. So I think I am perfectly legit to take my pretty little coupon across the bridge right? I just buy it there and come back :) Not like we don't go to the mall there anyway.

The Sewing Ninja said...

Don't forget about the Upromise no yolk coupon too