Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Simple: New $5 Cash Rebate!

Real Simple is offering up a $5 cash rebate when you purchase $15 of any of the following products:

Eucerin Calming Body Wash
Head & Shoulders
HoneyBaked Ham
International Delight Coffee Products
Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer
M&M'S Brand Premiums Chocolate Candies
Nestlé Toll House
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush
Uncle Ben's Long Grain & Wild Rice
General Foods International

**You can check out more details about this rebate offer here.

To sweeten the rebate further, pair the items above with coupons and wait until they go on sale. If you're in need of a ham for the Holidays, you can turn purchasing HoneyBaked Ham into a pretty great deal. First, go here and fill out the simple form to request a $10 off an 8 lb or larger HoneyBaked Ham coupon. After purchasing your ham, submit for the Real Simple rebate. That's a total of $15 off one HoneyBaked Ham!

(Thanks, CrazyOverCoupons!)


Anonymous said...

Can it be on separate transactions?
Thank you for all you do!

The Sewing Ninja said...

Wondering if the end price you pay needs to be $15? I looked at the website and see what I am going to do:

@ Harris Teeter
General Foods Iced French Vanilla Drink Mix - 2.39 x 3
Toll house Cookies - Ready to Bake - 2.00 (sale) x 3
International Delight Creamer 32 oz - 2.49 (sale) x 1

- 4.50 (3x 0.75 MQ General Foods doubled - HT doubles!!)
-3.30 (3x 0.55 blinkie Tollhouse cookies doubled)
-1.50 (0.75 IP doubled - International Delight)

=6.36 + tax
-5.00 MIR

= 1.36 + tax

Of course, I may wait to see if Harris Teeter has triples before 11/15 too...

Anonymous said...

That's what I was wondering does $15 have to be how much you spend out of pocket or how much the product is pre-coupon.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere else that it is before coupons.

Anonymous said...

rite aid has quilted northern on sale. you can use $1 coupon from or AY magazine and then a $2 coupon from ad perks. if you have some fillers you could use a $5 coupon too for some cheap toilet paper.

Anonymous said...

When I'm worried about whether or not the coupons will deduct the amount of the rebate, I make sure other things are on the receipts. Then they wouldn't know what the coupons were applied to (although my Giant prints the name of the coupon - but HT doesn't.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of new to rebates. I was wondering if you have to buy the exact product mentioned. I've bought several rolls of Quilted Northern toilet paper and I still have the receipts, but they don't say whether or not they're "ultra plush" and I don't remember what they were. Does that even matter or will I get in trouble if I send them in and they turn out to be the wrong ones?
Thanks for any help you can offer me.