Friday, October 16, 2009

Toys R Us: Weekend Coupons & Deals!

Headed to Toys R Us this weekend?
Well, make sure to take along all these money saving coupons!

Coupon Highlights:
  • SAVE $5 on ANY purchase of $25 or more (Offer valid for Rewards”R”Us members only.)
  • SAVE $20 ALL Radio Flyer Soft Rock & Bounce Ponies
  • SAVE $3 ALL character-themed soft potties
  • SAVE 15% on your ENTIRE Clothing & Shoe purchase
  • TAKE an ADDITIONAL 40% OFF Clearance nursery furniture
Let us know if you come across any sweet deals!

For more Toys R Us Deals and Toys R Us Coupons visit the new


Anonymous said...

Went today and bought one of the medium Dino-Roars. When you use the $5 off $25 and the manufacturer $10 off coupon they're not a bad price. It ends up being $10 instead of $24.99:)

Anonymous said...

How do you become a rewards R us member??

Anonymous said...

You can sign up instore for the Rewards R Us loyalty card.

christinaprey said...

what are Dino-Roars? :)

J.T.@BigBabyBargains said...

This link will let you sign up for a Rewards R Us membership:

Anonymous said...

I know I am already a member, but not sure how I will verify this. guess I will look it up. I remember this coupon a year or two ago, and I paired it with the bogo little tikes deal to score 2 little tikes toys for $20. That is great considering both items were valued over $20 each. I will definately see about that deal again.

Unknown said...

When I try to open the PDF for the coupons it says file is damaged. Would someone email me an attachment of the coupons?

Baker Tribe said...

I am SO excited!! I had this in my inbox...!! I bought the Little Tikes shopping cart for $27.99 - $5 coupon =$22.50 plus tax...THEN b/c of the Little Tikes special this week...I got another one under $24.50 for I got the Tiger Xylophone!! I am sooo excited...2 toys for $24.50 (inc tax)...what a deal!! This now completes my Christmas shopping for my girls...just gotta get the remainder of toys for friend's kids and we're done! Thank you so much Hip2Save!

Anonymous said...

I found this to tell you about Dino Roars . has the ten dollar coupon or five dollar coupon I think. Hasbro and Playskool introduced Dino-Roars. A fun and exciting toy for all your younger explorers. Both soft and active, Dino-Roars are battery-operated plush dinosaurs that move, roar, and excite the imagination. Now your child can have the fun of a moving, active pet without the responsibility of feeding and taking it out. Dino-Roars comes in several “species”. Ankylosaurus that chomps its teeth, swings its head, and stomps its feet. Monty Rex is a powerful T-Rex that stomps, roars, and purrs. Triceratops and Steosaurus hatchlings are cute, moving baby dragons that let you pet and play all day long. All Dino-Roars comes with a fact sheet about their species making them educational as well as fun. The Dino-Roars even come with batteries included. Hasbro knows kids can demand a lot, especially around the holdays. Hasbro wants to help make it easier by offering a $10 off printable coupon.