Sunday, October 18, 2009

Toys R Us Weekly Deals 10/18-10/24

Toys R Us has some great deals available this week! Go on over here to scroll through the weekly ad and check out all the bargains!

Deal Highlights:

Buy 2 Laugh & Learn Toys, get 1 FREE
Use the $20 off $100 coupon from here
Final cost ?

Buy 2 Fisher Price Trio building system toys, get 1 FREE
Use the $5/1 coupons from here
Final cost ?

Buy the Hungry Hungry Hippos game for $19.99, get the Hungry Hungry Hippos Travel size game FREE
Use 2 $4/1 coupons from here or here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $11.99 for both!
**You can use 2 coupons because you're purchasing 2 Hungry Hungry Hippos games according to the manufacturer.

All Halloween Candy that's priced at $3.49 is 50% off--now $1.74
Candy Deal Scenarios:

Mars Candy bags $1.74
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 9/27 or 10/11
Final cost $1.24 each!

Hershey's Candy bags $1.74
Use the buy 3, get 1 FREE coupon from the 10/18RP
Final cost $1.31 each!

Reese's Candy Bags $1.74
Use the $0.55/1 coupon from the 8/23SS
Final cost $1.19 each!

Nestle Candy Bags $1.74

Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.74!

**There's also lots of other great deals-- including a FREE $10 Toys R Us gift card for purchasing $40 worth of SpongeBob products! Also, you can get a FREE $15 Toys R Us gift card with any Barbie Pink Ticket purchase of $40 or more!

(Thanks, KCPennyPinchin'Mama, Andrea & Amanda!)

For more Toys R Us Deals and Toys R Us Coupons visit the new


Courtney said...

The Toys r us in Mansfield Ohio said its a company wide rule that they do not accept internet printable for anything. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm going to e-mail corporate.

Frugal in the Burbs said...

The Fisher Price link is not working. Anyone else having the same issue?

Leah said...

Courtney, I used a internet coupon for the Snow White dvd at Toys r Us in CO

Erica said...

I've use internet printables for free food items at Toys R Us before. No problem

Anonymous said...

I also used a printable coupon for Snow White purchase.

Anonymous said...

On the Hippo coupon it says "only applicable on one game in a multiple game purchase". Also, The coupon does not say for travel size. My Toys r us are such coupon nazi's. I hate that store.

Tara S said...

yes my toysrus are very strick as well. I would never be able to get away with the hungry hippos deal. I have walked away with nothing many times from that store because they would not take a coupon. luckily target is right next door so i just take the ad over there and they pricematch it!

JParris said...

I have had the same problem with our TRU not wanting to accept internet coupons!

Unknown said...

the Toys R Us where in KS accepts internet coupons. I used alot of them on the leap frod deals awhile back. Some of mine would not scan and the manger told the cashier to hand key them in. They were really nice. I would e-mail corp. and find out.

Anonymous said...

i went to toysus to get 4 bags of candy for $1.74 ea. i used 2 2/$1 coupons and they took off $1.74 twice instead of $2. lol.

The Coupon Junkie said...

My TRU takes IPs. I used 3 IPs for B2G1 Leapfrog deal a few weeks ago w/no problem! So far my TRU has been good...not too many coupon Nazi's!!
Last year [yes i know this is realllly bad but it was before i knew the "rules"] i used 17 Huggie Coupons on 1...yes 1 pack of Huggie Diapers!!! They all scanned -- no beeps! I did it a number of times and no one ever said a word!! Now i look back and wow id never get away with that now!

April said...

I used the the Fisher price $20 off $100 today. They took it although they needed a manager to enter some kind of approval code. She even asked me where I got the coupon! They were very nice and accommodating...I had several issues b/c I used the $20 off $100 MFR coupon, a 15% off 1 item, a $10 off $100 TRU coupon and a $10 gift card, I bought the wrong item on the B2G1 and had to void everything and re-ring. They were GREAT to me here in Austin, Texas!!!

Tarin said...

The link for trio coupons not working. Anybody else having problems?

Tarin said...

I went to fisher price site for the link and clicked on shop for special offers. They also have a play mat for the little people toys for $4.99 no shipping. you just have to send one upc with a print out to get it. Figured it was pretty good.

Unknown said...

For the folks that have used the Fisher Price $20 off $100 coupon ... do the "free" items count towards hitting the $100 or do they zero out so your total has to be $100 not including any free items? Example: let's say all toys are $20. Can you take up 6 (for $120 before free items are excluded, but actual total would be $80 since 2 toys would be free) and then use the coupon so OOP would be $60 OR would you have to buy 9 items at $20 ($180 total, but 3 items are free so it's actually $120) and then use the coupon which would make OOP $100. I hope this question makes sense.

Heather said...

I used the $20/$100 IP today and a manager had to come and approve it. Usually I don't have any problems with any kind of Q. Our TRU and BRU and connected and I get my J&J bar soap there with the $1.00 Q and guess what? NO Beeps!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to print Fisher price Tro coupon. The link is not working.

mashley said...

Anyone else not like Spongebob? We dont let our son watch it or have toys of it. It is frustrating that so many companys use him. I actually was going to buy toothpaste at CVS yesterday and didnt b/c what was on sale had Spongebob, same deal at WG with the bandaids. I just think he is crude and not a good role model for kids.

Anonymous said...

love spongebob!

Anonymous said...

Courtney, that is not true TRU takes internet coupons. In their last flyer they even printed the link to find the snow white DVD coupon on-line to get the extra $10 off with the coupon. They advertised the deal with the internet coupon. I would definately call corporate.

Courtney said...

That's what I thought. I have used the free coupons at my store in Dayton, Oh but was trying to show my friends some good deals over the weekend and they would not accept them. I am contacting corporate. Thanks for all the reply's.

Also, I love sponge bob. So does my son. We got him the 15 inch flat screen for christmas and his grandma is getting him the dvd player and the gift card :)

Julie said...

Don't worry Michelle, you're not alone with Sponge Bob. I'm not a big fan and I know several people who aren't (including my sister who is in child care and knows all the cartoons!) Fortunately my daughter is still too young to watch TV or have an opinion. I did buy some of the Sponge Bob and Barbie band aids at Wags because it was profitable but I probably won't when my DD gets older (plus I wanted to have something on hand for any boys who get boo boos, since they probably won't want Barbie band aids.)

Rebecca( MA) said...

Struck great deals at Toys R Us today- was able to use both coupons on the Hungry Hippos game!! Scored other great deals with the coupons too!!
Thanks to Hip to Save :)

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, What other kinds of deals did you get???