Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walgreens Deals 10/11-10/17

Weekly Register Reward Deals

Buy $10 worth of Quaker products=$5RR
Quaker Instant Oatmeal 2/$5
Quaker Granola Bars 2/$5

Deal Scenario:
Buy 4 Boxes of Instant Oatmeal $2.50 each
Use 2 $1.25/2 coupons from the 8/30RP
Pay $7.50
Get back a $5RR
Final cost $0.63 per box!

Buy 8 participating Unilever products=$8RR
Bertolli Meal $5.99
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 2/$5
Ragu Pasta sauce 3/$5
Skippy Peanut Butter 3/$5

Deal Scenarios:

Buy 8 Skippy Peanut Butter $1.66 each
Use 8 $0.40/1 coupons from the 10/4RP
Pay $10.08
Get back an $8RR
Final cost $0.26 per jar!

Buy 8 Ragu $1.66 each
Use 4 $1/2 coupons from the 9/13RP
(some areas received $0.75/2 coupons)
Pay $9.28
Get back an $8RR
Final cost $0.16 each! Stock up time!

Remember, you can mix and match the above deals!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (10.5 oz bag) 2/$5=$1RR (on 2)
Use 2 $0.55/1 coupons from the 8/23SS
Final cost $1.45 per bag!

Scope White or Outlast mouthwash or Crest Outlast Toothpaste or Crest Extra Whitening Plus Scope Toothpaste 2/$7=$4RR
Use 2 $1/1 or $0.75/1 coupons from the 10/11 or 9/27PG
Final cost as low as $0.50 each!

Select John Frieda Haircare $5.99=$3RR
Use the $1 coupon from the 10/11SS
Final cost $1.99!

Garnier Hairspray $3.99=$2RR
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 9/13SS
Final cost $1.24!

Select Nivea For Men products 2/$9=$4RR (on 2)
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 10/11RP
Final cost $1.50 each!

Ban Deodorant 2/$3=$1RR
Use 2 $0.40/1 coupons from the 10/11SS
Final cost $0.60 each!

Schick Disposable Razors (Slim Twin 10 pk, Xtreme 3 4 pk or 3 pk Quattro) $5.99=$1RR
Use the $2 coupon from the 10/11SS
Final cost $2.99!

Cover Girl Lash Blast Length Mascara $7.99= Register Reward for a FREE Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara on your next purchase
Plus, use the $1 coupon from the 9/27 or 10/11PG
Final cost $3.50 per mascara!

Buy 2 Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Training Pants or Good Nites $2/$18=$4RR
Use 2 $2/1 coupons from here: IE or Firefox or here or here
Plus, combine with the $1/1 Walgreens coloring book coupon
(will deduct $2)
Final cost just $4 per package!

Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer $1.99=$1RR
Final cost $0.99!

Buy 2 select DayQuil, NyQuil or Vicks Products $5 each=$5RR
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 10/11PG
Final cost $1.50 each!

Other Great Deals

Campbell's Cream of Chicken or Mushroom soup buy one at $1.59, get 1 FREE with the in ad coupon
Use the $1/2 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $0.59 for 2!

Progresso Soup 4 for $5 with in-ad coupon
Buy 3 and use the $1.10/3 coupon from here
(remember you ONLY have to buy 3 and you'll still be able to get the discount from the in ad coupon)
Final cost $0.88 per can!

Healthy Choice Cafe steamers $2.50
Use the $2/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.50 each!

Lindt Excellence chocolate Bars 2/$3
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 10/4SS
Final cost $1 each!

Revlon Foundation buy one, get one 50% off
Prices starting at $11.99
Buy 2 for a total of $17.99 after bogo 50% off sale
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 9/13SS
Plus, use the $4/1 Walgreens coupon from the October coupon booklet
(will deduct $8)
Final cost $3.99 per foundation!

Maybelline Lip color buy one get one free
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 9/13RP (exp.10/15)
Final cost ?

Renuzit Adjustables Air Fresheners $0.99 with in ad coupon
Use the buy one get one free coupon from here
(if you don't see the coupon, try zip code 44256
Final cost $0.50 each!

Arm & Hammer 2x laundry detergent buy one at $6.99, get one free with in ad coupon
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 9/13SS
Final cost $3 each!

Band-Aids Character bandages (20-25 ct) $1.99 with in ad coupon
Use $2/1 coupon from Walgreens Coloring book
Final cost FREE!
**Remember, you can buy more than one of these and both coupons will still deduct the correct amount--even though you'll be using one of each coupon.

Halls Lozenges 2/$2 with in ad coupon
Use the $0.35/1 coupon from the 9/27SS
Final cost $0.65 per bag!

Monthly Register Reward Deals

Buy 2 Trident Layers Gum 2/$2=$1RR
Use 2 $0.75/1 coupons from here
Final cost FREE + a $0.50 moneymaker!
(Thanks, PrintableCouponsAndDeals!)

Travel Size Johnson's baby powder $1.19=$1RR
Final cost $0.19!
(Thanks, Danielle!)

Chapstick Fresh Effects $2.99=$3RR
Final cost FREE!

Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion 6.8oz $6.99=$7RR
Use the $1.50/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Or the new $1.50/1 coupon here: IE or Firefox
Final cost FREE + a $1.50 moneymaker!

Gillette Fusion MVP Manual or Power Razor System $8.99=$6RR
Use the $4/1 coupon from the 9/27PG
Final cost FREE + a $1 moneymaker!

Buy 2 Crest Baking Soda and Peroxide Whitening Toothpaste (6.4 oz.) $2 each=$2RR
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 9/27PG
Final cost FREE!

Dentek Dental Care $2.79=$2RR
(Floss 55 yards or Floss Picks 35 ct pack)
Use the $1 coupon from previous issues of All You mag.
Or from here
Final cost FREE!

Oral-B Advantage 1-2-3 Toothbrush $3=$3RR

Use $0.75/1 coupon from the 9/27PG
Final cost FREE + a $0.75 moneymaker!

Emergen-C Booster $3.49=$3.50RR
Final cost FREE!

Robitussin DM To Go 2 pk $2.49=$2.50RR
Final cost FREE!

Halls Refresh Sugar Free 20 ct $1=$1RR
Use the $0.75/1 coupon from the 9/27SS
Or the $0.50/1 coupon from the October issue of All You mag.
Final cost as low as FREE + a $0.75 moneymaker!

**Check out a few more October monthly Register Reward deals here.

Have questions about Walgreens?
Check out this Walgreen's Q&A post!

For more Walgreens Deals and Walgreens Coupons visit the new


Megan said...

Will Walgreens always accept 2 mfq's on a BOGO?

I'm worried to try it with our grumpy cashiers!!! LOL

MomDG said...

I have done it before but like you said depends on the store/cashier.

I have a $10 RR from the Dove deal I did before. Going to try the use with the Unileaver products and see if I get the $8 RR back.

Bethany said...

Are all the Walgreens deals nationwide? I haven't seen ANYthing about the Johnson's baby powder at my Walgreens or in ads...I didn't want to bother buying it if I didn't get my register reward. Thanks!

Mom Who Cares said...

It works I did it, it doesn't say anywhere either that i saw- But, i recieved my $1.00 RR. So, now I use it as a filler.

Mom Who Cares said...

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OPKs and pregnancy tests.
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Tracy Kosofsky said...

Here's another Unilever scenario - not quite as good as yours, but I only use online printable coupons and I'm very happy with this!

Buy 8 participating Unilever products=$8RR
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 2/$5
Buy 6 Ragu Pasta sauce 3/$5
Use 2 $.60/2 coupons from
Buy 2 Hellman's mayo 2/$5
Use 1 $1/2 from
Final cost $12.80 - $8RR = $4.80 or $0.60 per item!

Rochelle said...

I'm so excited about the Huggies deal. I was already planning on using my expiring RR this week on diapers so this makes it even more exciting!

Rachael said...

Just went on ebay and bought the skippy and ragu coupons. Spent $3.25 (shipping included) and am getting 15 ragu coupons and 10 pb coupons. Fun!

Anonymous said...

The link for the second vaseline coupon worked for me (again)....more lotion to get me through the long winter! The first link said no available any longer.

Kristin said...

The Revlon foundation is not Buy One Get One FREE, it's buy one get one 50% off.

christinaprey said...

Is it really going to be alright to use 2 walgreens coupons for the character bandaids (one in ad Q and one activity book Q)??? What is policy on this?

Julie said...

Can anyone confirm that the Dentek picks (not floss) are generating a reward (within the past week)? I tried a couple nights ago and it did not work (and I didn't have RRs that would cancel it out because I swapped it out with floss and the floss generated RRs). I have read that other people have not gotten them too and that the manufacturer pulled the RR on the floss picks (I assume because there was a coupon out making it a big loss for the manufacturer).

Renee Richins said...

Wow, thanks for posting these deals. There are a lot of really great deals that I overlooked and I totally forgot about using the Huggies coupon out of the coloring book too! Cheap diapers!

Michelle M said...

I'm thinking the 2 Walgreens coupons (1 from in-ad, 1 from activity book) for the Bandaids won't work.

Tressa Card said...

Just an FYI for anyone that gets huggies from Costco. I just did a comparison and Costco's huggies are about 22-23 cents per diaper and the Walgreens are about 11 cents....This was for size 3 because that is what my daughter is in. I pretty screaming deal on diapers so I am excited to get stocked up!!! Thanks
Colling for all you do to help us save LOTS of cash!!!

Anonymous said...

For the Vaseline Sheer Fusion, the Reinventing Beauty mag sold at CVS has $1 off coupon. My CVS had extra copies laying around, so I've been using them for the monthly RR at Walgreens.

Amber said...

I have used 2 WAGs Q's on 1 item before so unless they have changed their system it should work. Guess we will just have to try it tomorrow. ;-)

Also, I signed up a long time ago to get Huggies coupons and I have 4 $3 off coupons... woo hoo!!! $3 diapers.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Free mascara RR will print if I pay with a P&G RR?

Gina S. said...

I didn't get the RR for the Dentek either. The manager didn't understand why I didn't get it, so she just gave me the difference. I paid $.99 for the Dentek instead of 2.99 get 2 RR. I was fine with this.

Anonymous said...

The Dentek Dental Care RR has been cancelled.

Rochelle said...

Also don't forget that if you do the Huggies deal, you can submit your receipts to the Caregivers Marketplace to get an additional $0.75 back on each package.

Evan and Amber said...

you can use two different Walgreen's coupons if the bar code numbers are different...I've done that in the past at more than one Walgreens with no hassle from any of the stores

Anonymous said...

wondering if anyone knows.... if I use the RR from the dove deal last week to pay for the unilever products this week, will get the RR from the this weeks deal?? I have heard if it is the same co. even if a different deal, you won't get the RR....

Bonnie/AR said...

Don't believe when you use a Unilever RR to pay for a product, that you will get another Unilever RR, even if a different deal on a different week. But I could be wrong on that.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a Skippy coupon in the 10/4 RP?

Amber said...

The 2 bandaid Q's worked fine. We are stocked for life now!

Got the Renuzit airfreshener even cheaper as they did the BOGO Q first and took off $1.79. Then the WAG Q took of $1.02. Paid only 19 cents for 2.

Also, I paid for the mascara with a P&G RR and it still printed the free RR.

Anonymous said...

I used both coupons on the bandaids with no probs. Loved my Walgreens trip today. Spent $11 on $60 of stuff and got $20 in rewards back. WooHoo!!! I have discovered which lady NOT to be rung up by. I have had an issue with her twice before. She just looks for a reason to deny a coupon. Today she had to unlock the case so I could get my razor and she said I could only get 1. Then she said "be sure to check out at the cosmetic counter" which is her register. I was glad I didn't because the coloring book diaper coupon wouldn't work and the nice guy who checked me out just adjusted the price of the price of the diapers.

Anonymous said...

Bought 8 character bandaids and both walgreens coupons worked fine. Each took off $16. They rang up at 3.99

Also not all Redplums had the skippy pb coupon. I get coupon inserts from several regions around Chicago and only about 1/3 of my stack had the skippy coupons.

nicole from ohio said...

I just got back from walgreens and bought 8 skippys used 8 .40 on one coupons and also used the 10.00rr from the dove deal last week and all I paid was .31 because of my filler and got back $8rr. yeah!!!

leaannz said...

The cashier at Walgreens today told me that if I used my $4 coupon on the Gillette Fusion Razor, I wouldn't get a RR. I told her to use it anyway. (I know RRs print out with coupons, and I made sure not to use any other P & G RR's). Well, I got the $6 RR!

Chris said...

It's good to know you can use 2 Wags coupons! I was a little worried about that! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

the oral b toothbrush deal does not work anymore this month

Ashley B. said...

Just got back from the 3 boxes of bandaids and used both WAGS Q's with no issues! BUT I bought the fusion razor and one bag of halls refresh and I should have gotten back $6 RR for razor and $1 for Halls and NONE came out! I told cashier who called mgr and mgr told me b/c I only paid $0.45 total (i had bought some other stuff), but I told him I do this all time and just b/c I used coupons or RRs doesn't mean they won't print out (plus I made sure I didn't use any RRs on the same brands). So he had to go back and look at the signs (b/c they weren't listed in the ad) but he came back and said there wasn't a sign for the halls but there was for the razor. I told him the halls is a monthly deal, but he said well I'll just give you the $7 RR you used to pay. I asked him if it will still work, even though it was scanned already and he said it would. If it doesn't, I'll be back looking for HIM! =) I'm a little unhappy b/c when you get a RR you have 2 wks to use it but the one he gave me exp 10/18! UGH! Have NO IDEA why the RRs didn't print in the first place though??? anyone got any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Ashley- I don't know why your RR wouldn't print for the Fusion, however, I noticed that the RR for the Halls has been removed, ditto on the Oral B toothbrush and the Theraflu:(. Bummer! Also, I got BOGO free on the Revlon at my Wags earlier today on foundation. I went to another Wags 20 minutes away and didn't pay much attention, just did my deals, and noticed the price was higher. Found out that it was due to B1G1 50 percent off??? I'm totally confused. I don't know if it is a difference in 'region' or if they changed the ads? That doesn't make sense though. Does anyone have an idea? I did get 11 Wags coloring books on clearance at .49 cents/each! Yeah!!! Also, ref the diapers, go to and get back money for 5 or more packs of diapers-woohoo!! Fill out the form and send it in. Thanks-Melissa

Anonymous said...

I'm confused? Some of the "month long" deals are no longer working?

I don't want to get messed up...

Dentek, Oral B and Halls Refresh are no longer good? IS that correct? Were these deals advertised somewhere as month long?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering same thig as anon 08:35AM.I also didn't get RR for Halls Refresh. Mgr didn't even know about this deal. Any other Monthly deal still good ?

Charlene said...

I used my Wal Huggies coupon 3 times (different stores), then the last cashier said I couldn't have it back b/c it was from the booklet you have to buy. Bummer - I guess I'll be buying another booklet. Anyone else have to give up their coupon?

Anonymous said...

How do you find out which RRs are a month long? Is there anywhere online that lists them? I went to Walgreens today and the Oral B and Halls didn't seem to be working but some of the others were.

Anonymous said...

I went to do the Arm & Hammer BOGO and noticed a peelie on the items that was a mail in rebate for the dryer sheets. So I did not do the deal because I know there is a $1 coupon for the dryer sheets on the arm & hammer site. You have to buy detergent and dryer sheets in the same transaction. Now I'm gettin me some free dryer sheets too!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Huggies Diaper deal is rolling? Now that I have a few $4 RR I would love to use them on more diapers, but hate the thought of missing out if it does not work.

Is the only way to see to try it out & then be out of luck?

- newer to Wags

Melissa said...

The Hall's is still working for the monthly RR's. There is also another one . Buy one Dentek floss at $2, use $1 q from last week's paper and you have yourself a $1 moneymaker.

Melissa said...

I forgot to say you get $2 RR back for the floss...oops

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if the gillette fusion is still rolling?