Friday, October 9, 2009

Walgreens: SaturDate Neutrogena Event!

Visit Walgreens Beauty Department tomorrow, Saturday, October 10th from 10:00am-5:00pm for their SaturDate with Beauty event! You'll be able to sample Neutrogena's Moisture Wrap Body Lotion--and possibly get some coupons too!

(Thanks, FreeSampleFreak!)


Mom Who Cares said...

Yeah, the cashier told me about this sample thing last time I went. I think she said they will be doing a sample thing like this every saturday. I believe I emailed you about the last one I saw - I picked up two samples of lotion.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget there is a coupon from All You $3/1 Neutrogena Cosmetic Product, exp. 11/9/09. I believe both of these items are included in the buy one get one 50%off.

Anonymous said...

This is kinda off subject, but has to do w/ checking out at the beauty counter. They always had a ton of coupons there for you to look thru. Well, the District Mgr of our Walgreens came this last Monday and told our girls that they were not allowed to have the box of coupons anymore. He made them throw them all out and they are not allowed to share anymore. When the Fashion Bug coupon printed out, I told my cashier that she could have it if she could use it and she said that they weren't allowed to accept coupons from us anymore either. That's ridiculous. I told her that since she's my friend, the coupon is going friend to friend and he has no control over that:).

Mom Who Cares said...

Anony 3:32p: I think I understand what you're saying and it is up to any store policy to not allow ourside advertising in the stores. Which would be advertising that is not paid for by a company. That would include having a box by a register that people can put and take coupons out of.

It can be seen as unprofessional or make the counter to "busy" or full of things.

However, If you want to give a cashier a coupon or she has one in her pocket she'd like to share with someone, what is wrong with that?

The only thing I can see about a cashier not being allowed to give a coupon to a customer, even if it's a friend, is another customer may get upset and see that as favortism to other customers. But, yeah - it was a nice idea to have a coupon box, but I can see a company not allowing it.

Hope I understood what you meant

bellsmommy said...

This may also be a little off topic but did any of you see all of the coupons in this months Marie Claire? They are Manufacturer coupons that say Walgreens at the bottom. I can't find the page # but they are about midway thru the mag. coupons include: $1/1 aussie, $2/1 biore, $1/1 covergirl exact eyelights mascara, $2/1 got2b fantastic product, $1/1 olay regenerist, $1/1 rimmel glam eyes, $1/1 sally hansen treatment, color or la cross item, $1/1 pantene shampoo/conditioner or styler no trial size & $1/1 secret flawless (excludes trial). They all expier 12/31/09.

Anonymous said...

we dropped by this morning: the lotion is nice + and you get samples of the lip gloss even my three yr old got her own sample:)