Saturday, October 10, 2009

Walmart Deals: 50 Items Under $1!

Headed to Walmart soon? If so, you'll definitely want to check out all the deals Couponing To Disney put together! She has 50 Walmart match-ups available that are less than $1 after coupons! Plus, 17 items are totally FREE!

Here are some highlights:

Rice Dream Soy Milk $1.76

Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.76!

Success Rice $1.78
Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.78!

Playtex Living Gloves $1.88
Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost $0.88!

Rolaids (3 pack of original rolls) $1.32
Use the $4/2 coupon from the 10/4RP
Final cost 2 packs for FREE + $1.36 in overage!:)

Martha White Cornbread Mix $0.58
Use the $0.55/2 coupon from the 8/9RP
Final cost $0.31 each!

Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 5 oz $0.58
Use the $0.50/2 coupon from the 9/27SS
Final cost $0.33 each!

Fleishmann's Yeast Strip $1.08
Use the $0.40/1 coupon from the 10/4SS
Final cost $0.68!

Star Brand Vinegars $1.76
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 9/20SS
Final cost $0.76!

**Make sure to check out her post for the full list.

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Shannon said...

I have not been able to find the playtex gloves in my Walmart at all. Are you finding them just by the cleaning supplies? My walmart carries the Mr. Clean gloves but don't see any playtex gloves at all.

Mom Who Cares said...

Shannon: I have them in all my walmarts - they are over by the cleaning supplies - go to where the brooms and mops, sponges, scrubby pads etc.. are and they should be hanging with other like items.

Monica said...

I can't find the rice dream coupon on is it specific to certain zip codes only?

Michelle said...

I just wanted to say how helpful all of the comments are. Someone posted in the comments that Gerber sleepers were bogo 50% off. That was super helpful to use with the coupons that I had printed off. It was also very helpful that someone noted that these Gerber items ran small. I checked them in the store and sure enough I had to buy 18 mo for my 9 mo old. Anyway I bought 4 packs of 2 sleeprs so eight all together and they were 12.99+6.49+12.99+6.49; I paid about 4.50 per sleeper. These were the blanket sleepers and they are pretty expensive. The Carter brand were also bogo 50% off and they were $20 each. So anyway I just wanted to say thank you and help someone who needs sleepers if they have this deal tomorrow. The 2.50/2coupon worked for the sleepers even though it said 2 underwear or onesies; FYI!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I forgot to say the sleepers were at BRU.

Anonymous said...

I've tried random zip codes starting with 9 and down to 1 to try to find rice dream coupons. Did not have any luck.

mclovin2save said...

i cannot find the rice dream coupon! :( i am vegetarian and drink only rice dream and have yet to find a coupon for it! i was so excited to see the coupon but cant find it :( which zipcode? does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

With the way Meijer's and Kroger's has been looking I amy may have to hit up Wal-Mart this week.

leaannz said...

I was at Walmart today and they had Kashi Go Lean Crunch on sale for $3.00. I ran out to the car to grab my 2 $3.00 coupons that I received from Vocalpoint, and got 2 boxes for free!

Emma said...

Rice Dream coupon?

I don't see it either.

Anyone have a zip that works?


Anonymous said...

I found the Martha White Cornbread on clearance for .25 a box. With the coupon it would be free!!!

trash2cash4u said...

Wal-Mart wouldn't accept my coupons for the Rolaids. =( I tried to purchase 6 of the 3 pack boxes using 2 of the $4 off 2coupons and 2 of the $1 off 1 coupons. The cashier took the coupons and product to Customer Service and they kept insisting that I was supposed to buy the pictured bottles. They decided I could use ONE $4 coupon for the whole transaction even though they "weren't supposed to do that". So I just nicely said I would skip it altogether. Sigh!