Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walmart deals: Progresso, Bic, Febreze + More!

I've received a few emails from readers regarding some great Walmart deals, so I thought I'd go ahead and post a few:

Progresso high fiber soup on Roll Back for $1.50
Use the $1/1 coupons from here
(Keep refreshing the page until you see a Progresso Banner Advertisement!)
Final cost $0.50!
(Thanks, DealSquirrel!)

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce $2.22
Use the $2/1 coupon from the 9/27RP
Final cost $0.22!
(Thanks, AThriftyMom!)

The Proposal DVD introductory price of $16.72
Use the $5/1 coupon from here
Final cost $11.72!
(Thanks, DealSquirrel!)

Bic Comfort 3 Pivot disposable razors (4 pk) $2.88
Use the $2/1 coupon from the 9/20 or 10/18SS
Final cost $0.88!
(Thanks, AThriftyMom!)

Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra i-Motion Starter Kit $6
Use the $6 coupon from the 9/13SS
Final cost FREE!
(Thanks, CouponsAFamilyAffair!)

Febreze Noticeables Starter Kits $5
Use the $4/1 coupon from the 9/27PG
Final cost $1!
(Thanks, Keri!)

Also, the 3 packs of Rolaids are priced around $1.39. You can use the $4/2 coupon and get both FREE + make over $1 in overage! One of my readers, purchased quite a few and was able to use her coupon overage to go towards other necessities like diapers!

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Jaclyn said...

What date & coupon insert was teh Rolaids coupon in? I could definatly use some overage on some other items. Are these Rolaids found in the normal medicine section or by the cash registers? Thank you so much!!! =)

Anonymous said...

i try to shop these walmart deals but almost everytime i go it seems MY walmart out here in surprise, az isnt doing the sale or something, i was really bummed on the vegetables deal a couple weeks ago :( its not far tho so doesnt hurt to make a stop for 50c soup just in case i get lucky

Anna said...

I hear you on the different prices. That's just Walmart for you!! I have 5 of them within 10 miles of my house and generally all of them will have different prices!! Who knows the method to their madness. Thanks for all the deals!!!! I was just making my list.

Rebecca G. said...

While I was checking out at Walmart today, I noticed two carts full of babydoll strollers on clearance for $3!!!! I picked one up as a Christmas present for my 3-year-old that LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her babydolls and taking care of them. She is going to be so excited!

Anonymous said...

you know rebecca those would make a great donation to churches/angel baby programs this holiday season, if i saw something like that id buy a few up and bag em up for donation...i did that with the insane cheapo cereal deals btween target and kmart this month past

Anonymous said...

As a former Wal-Mart employee, I can tell you that the prices will differ according to the competition in each area of the country or town. If stores in your area have high prices (the cost of living is higher), your Wal-Mart will have higher prices too...

Anonymous said...

walmart doesnt let me use the movie coupons - i had an issue with the snow white one - because they dont have the big bar codes so they wont scan. anyone else have that problem?

Anonymous said...

Hi,went in to Walmart today,and tried to use 2 of my printed coupons,and they wouldnt scan,so cashier didnt let me use them..i have new ink in my printer ,just not understanding why some scan and some will not,,any one have these problems,or on what i can do about it??? Thank you

Mary Beth said...

Re: printing coupons. On another site someone posted that it's actually better to print the coupons out in grayscale and in fastdraft (or whatever your lighter setting is). Apparently if you print them in good or high quality, the UPC bars are too close together to give their info to the scanner. And ever since I've followed this advice, my coupons are going through much better -- including the Target coupons from the coupon generator!

Lynne said...

Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try the grayscale and draft settings!

The Skinny On Saving A Penny said...

After following your blog for sometime now, we have found that our prices are usually a little more... The thing that I love about your blog is that you have taught us how to get the most out of our money. Thank you so much for going into so much detail! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Got me some Progresso soup the other day..really good stuff! And don't forget the M5 razors on reset for me..but unfortunatly my coupon printer decided to say it wasn't installed and 2 tries to install it counted towards my limit so I didn't get my razors :(

Anywho..they are $5.88 at my larger Walmart in a larger town..with that $3.00 off coupon they are only $2.88. Get enough and they are a good stuffer this Christmas.

And the Steamfresh meals for 2 were on rollback the other day for $4 something instead of $5 something. Use the BOGO in tomorrows paper. Theres also that $1.50 off that was out (I used mine already :( Can you pair them both up to get 2 meals for a real great deal?

Unknown said... coupon database indicated it was in the Smartsource 10/4 but I found it in my redplum insert for 10/4.

Unknown said...

I am talking about the Rolaids coupon Jaclyn was asking about.

Michelle Cochran-Wells said...

Regarding coupons not scanning at Walmart. Just ask the cashier to put her hand over the really long bar code on the coupon (usually to the right of the UPC on the coupon). The scanner is picking up both of the bar codes and they only need the UPC one. I've had to tell several cashiers how to do it. LOL. Then, they are like, "oh." Hope that helps!

Mom Who Cares said...

Regarding prices in Wal-Mart -
Here is something to know: Here is how Roll Backs work -
First they have a reg. price that beats competitor prices - let’s say Mountain Dew prices at .99, then they will raise the prices a little later to around $1.19.

Still a good price compared to competitors so no one really notices.

Then about a week or a week and a half later they put the price back to their regular .99 price and call it a roll back price.

This also includes some clearance prices; they will raise the prices slightly then lower them.

Ex. 1: a price from 9.99 raised to 10.99, clearanced at 9.99. This is so the tag they show will display a lower price than before.

Ex. 2: a price from 9.99 raised to 10.99 then lowered to 9.00 as clearanced.

This is legal - as long as the new raised price holds for a certain amount of time, about a week, then they can "clearance" it or "roll back" the items.

Play of numbers is what it is, and legal. Take note of some items you see right now and check them later. You will see this is true, we figured it out because of a few items we always buy, that happened a lot. They had a reg price, raised it and call the "lower price" which was the same price we paid before it was raised, the rollback price.

They do this in many stores at different times - so you will notice different prices. They just want to confuse the public from noticing, this way it just looks like competitor pricing strategy.

WahooABargain said...

I did the rolaids and found mine with the medicines. Also, mine will not take the printable movie ones either because it is sent to Del Rio and they won't even scan anymore. CSM told me they were fraud. But oh well I'm glad I get to use the others.
To the PP you can use BOGO free and another coupon. I do at my wal-mart! Here are some of my wal-mart deals I found.

Anonymous said...

i really like couponing but the good places, walmart/target/walgreens i jsut get so tired of the clucking and the snotty "JUST To let you know, i cant TAKE THAT if it doesnt scan" today doing the deoderant/body spray in target (uses 3 coupons per set) the lady is like..HUNNY. *exasperated sounding* i dont think you can just keep using these over and over ok??...they treat u like crap in front of people behind you in line..just venting sure everyone here has at some time

Anonymous said...

Tried the rolaids, no go for me, register beeped and manager said no because they were not pictured.

Kristen said...

Does anyone have scoop on the toys under $10 at walmart for Christmas? Like has it started already?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, IL Walmart finally had the i-motion in stock at $6. But got it home and it sounds like an old man sneezing everytime it sprays. Good thing it was free because I won't be buying more. The Glade one is WAY better!

Anonymous said...

my walmart wouldnt let me use the $4/2 Rolaids coupon. they said they consider the 3 packs trial size, even though they arent even with the trial sizen items...whatever the cashier was stupid and questioned all my coupons, im going to try to go back and try a diffrent cashier 2-marrow and hopefully i wont have any problems..IE NEVER had any problems there before...hmmm

Barbara said...

Rolaids a no go for me too! Register beeped, cashier called a manager over and she said because what I bought wasn't pictured (bogus excuse) on the coupon that I couldn't use it. I just returned them on the spot.